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Problems Starting Land Rover LR2

Is anyone having intermittent problems starting their LR2? I've had mine since April and have been experiencing problems starting the engine. The engine will crank, but not start. It will take a few attempts at pushing the start button before the vehicle actually starts. I first noticed this problem when the weather got very hot and my car had been parked in the sun (I live in Los Angeles, CA). The first time I took the car in to the delearship to try and fix the problem, they thought it was due to a recall - something to do with the fuel tank. The problem went a way for about a month, but ultimately came back. I brought the car in to the delearship again and coincidentally, another LR2 owner was having the same problem at the same time. I left my LR2 with the dealership for 3 days and they were never able to reproduce the problem. Everything checked out with the diagnostic and ultimately they thought it needed a software update and that would fix the problem. Unfortunately, four days after getting my LR2 back from the dealer, the problem has returned. The dealership has been in touch with the tech departments in the UK, but they hadn't heard of this problem before. Hoping someone out there can shed some light on the problem.


  • Hello, i also have a 2008 Land Rover LR2 that i leased brand new back in April and last tuesday it just wouldn't start, so they towed it to land Rover and as of Today 7 days later, they still don't know what is wrong with it...i have already contacted Land Rover Customer Service, and they are looking into it... But i will tell you I am going to press them for a new one...this could be a lemon.. and being a woman, I am afraid it will happen again and i will get stuck...there is 7,000 miles on went through all the diagnostics and they still don't know...can you believe this... they gave me a loaner car but i don't want it..i want my car back or another one...Bernice
  • I have also noticed starting problems. It has only occurred after my commute home on a hot day, shut the engine off for say 10 minutes and then restart. It trys to start and immediately cuts off. Will do this about four times then it catches. This has happened several times. Going for 7500 service in a few weeks and will let the dealer know about it.
  • Hello

    This is very simple problem and it can be fixed at the dealer. You need to tell the dealer to download warm restart software update download to your LR2. This software fix will fix the trouble trust me. I had this trouble with my LR2 and it is now fixed perfect. If your dealer can not do it find a new dealer.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    4100 miles, us spec, 45 degrees - took 5 starts to turn it over. 1st time that has ever happened. this was a cold 1st of the morning start. The only thing I did different today was put the key in the slot, jumped out of the car to get something out of the hatch, all of about 5 minutes. Then pushed the button. on the 5th try it finally started.

    I guess I'll see what happens tomorrow morning.
  • My dealer has told me they have heard of this happening and they think this may now be happening with my LR2. They've given me a software update which they should have fixed the problem when I was trying to start my car in hot temparatures. They said that sometimes we you leave the key in the ignition for a while (i.e. stop to get gas), sometimes the computer has trouble re-setting itself. Sounds like that is what's happening to your LR2. They recommended taking the key fob out and putting it back in again. I'm testing this with my LR2 now to see if that is the problem. If it is, the dealer should be able to fix it.
  • edogedog Posts: 4
    I only had teh problem AFTER the car completly died on teh hi-way last Friday. I've had it for 14 days and less than 1,400 miles. I had to be towed off as car would not kick over! Dealer still has car
  • edogedog Posts: 4
    Edog's update to LR2 , the dealer daid teh relay in the fuel pump was being comprmised and blowing the fuse, the repaired it and when returning the car to ,me, it did the same thing. They had to drag it back to the shop. Now they are telling me they need to replace the fuel pump, and maybe that will work! They have now had my car a feill working week.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    i trust they gave your a loaner?
  • I live in Indonesia, I had same problem, sometimes my Freelander 2 won't start except in the morning. Now I'm really hate this car. My dealer in Indonesia which is PT. Java Motors doesn't know how to fix the problem. I'm not recommend this car.
  • I have had the same problem twice and my car is at the dealership now. Did you ever have this problem resolved?
  • edogedog Posts: 4
    it was the fuel pumps that were blowing fues
  • Thanks - Have you had the problem again since the fuel pump was replaced? WHen was that done?
  • it sounds like these ignition problems are pretty serious. Anyone know if these are just isolated cases, or is there a recall in the works etc? I dont want to buy a vehicle that will be in the shop 6 times a year.
  • edogedog Posts: 4
    I have to admit there have been no repeats and no other issues since. I think my greatest dis-appointment was the dealer attitude about the problem.. It was total apathy, not once did any one express regret, or apologize. It was a let down from the way I expected to be treated.
  • edog,
    What's the dealership or where is it located? I'd rather avoid a dealership that has that type of attitude when I buy an LR2 which I'm 99% convinced I'm about to do. Thanks.
  • edog, did they fix the problem? Did they understand the problem when you brought them the car? I always give my dealer extra points when they can fix a problem that I bring to them. Unless, and until, my dealer can't or won't fix a problem, I always give them the benefit of the doubt, knowing that MY attitude will reflect back on me each and every time.

    I own two LR's, the LR2 and the Range Rover Supercharged. Had the "hot start" problem, which disappeared when the software update was loaded. We just ordered a new Range Rover Supercharged, and have our sights set on the Land Rover bio-fuel version when they launch it. :)
  • picard12picard12 Posts: 55
    is the problem of starting LR2 common in the winter or summer?
  • Having the same problem with a 2002 Land Rover, so problem has been around longer than the 2008. Won't start intermittently until motor cools off. Car is at mechanic right now; saw a blog about pressing accelerator before turning key to start and that seems to help one owner. Another owner had sensors replaced, but did not fix problem. Sounds as if it is fuel related.
  • The LR2 doesn't share a single component with a 2002 Land Rover. In fact the LR2 is mostly Volvo in the engine/ignition components.
  • Every once in a while the fob will not connect with the module. The fob unlocks the doors, but will do nothing else. I put the fob in the chimes don't come on, the signals don't work, the windows don't go down and the clock doesn't come on. At one time if you put the fob in and took it out a few times it would work, the last time that it did this I had to manually lock and unlock the doors with the key. Could this be a security problem? Have had it to the dealer but they could not duplicate the problem.
  • drover2drover2 Posts: 1

    I bought my LR2 HSE about 18 months ago with 55,000 miles on it. It's started doing this also. Has never stranded me, but it's unnerving. Has anyone found a permanent solution, other than trading?

  • aewishardaewishard Posts: 1
    My 2010 LR2 HSE has been doing this intermittently for years. It was aggravating and inconvenient, but I never considered a safety issue until it died WHILE I was driving in rush hour traffic. I was able to get it restarted and get out of traffic - but I'm not sure the car is safe any longer. What to do? Has anyone found a truly useful solution?
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