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Pontiac Torrent Stereo System Questions

Does anyone have any information on the pioneer factory system upgrade? Like where is the amplifier located? Is it adjustable? What is the model number of the amp, sub, and door speakers? How is the system wired?(RCAs to the amp from the cd/radio?) Is the amp powering all of the speakers or just the sub?

I just bought a 07 torrent with the sun & sound package. I'm not very happy with the audio system. I have my own amp and speakers from my old car which I'm considering replacing the factory stuff for. I was just wondering if any of the factory stuff is salvageable. Like if I could squeeze more power from the factory amp to send to the sub, then I could install my own amp to power the replaced door speakers.

Thanks for any help.


  • I dont have the answers to your question but I have an 06 with sun and sound 7 speaker system 6 disc changer and all I get are compliments on the sound system it sounds great.
  • Hi Pete ! Same situation as you, just bought a 2008 torrent w/ sun n sound, not satisfied with the audio system, I have my own sub and amp that I would like to install in replacement of original sound system...
    Did you found some answers ?!?
  • Hey I also have the 2008 torrent and I was thinking about putting a system i had in my previous car. Have you put it in or not yet?
  • jim287jim287 Posts: 13
    My son loaded a CD into the changer and I think it loaded onto an existing CD.
    It comes up error and will not eject or play any CD's. Anyone else have this problem and solved it?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    There's a collection of tips in the How to Remove a Stuck CD guide. Hopefully one of them will work.
  • bg3075bg3075 Posts: 7
    I had the exact same problem with my CD player...fortunately it was still under warranty and the Pontiac dealer looked at it, ordered another, and installed it for me when it came in. Have not had another problem with it since. The technician told me when I brought it in though that they do not play well with recorded discs.
  • I like the system and also get complements. I do have one problem in that it will cut out for 10 seconds at a time and the turn signal chime can't be heard when this happens. I told the dealer to no avail. It happens only once in a while and can happen whenever it feels like going off.
  • Hi, Just found this forum while I was searching Google for radio parts. I'm looking for a mounting bracket that I know will fit the car. I'm also curious about the wiring harness that I need to get so my chimes and what not still function and how it works. Going to be hooking up a 15" sub and anyone who has experience with stereo installations in this vehicle would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Zack.
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