AVEO LT Sedan Interior Door Handles

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The 2007 Aveo LT Sedan has silver painted plastic interior door handles that has been wearing off. I think there's a service bulletin on this. I've been advised that GM is about to release into their part's inventory, newly improved door handles so this won't happen again - hopefully. The bad news is - I've been waiting almost a month to be told that the parts are now backordered due to improvements. The problem also is with the door handles in the Cobalts.


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    It seems that Armor All protector spray is the reason the silver metal finish was being removed. I discoverd this recently. Luckily the new handles came in last week and both have been replaced under warranty. DO NOT spray any cleaners or protectors onto any metal finishes in an Aveo or Cobalt since the metal is a painted finish.
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    Well now the two rear interior door handles are loosing their painted silver finish. I had the two front ones fixed and asked them to replace the rear and they refused until they did the same as the front two. Well it seems that it is likely not the Amor All spray since the rear two never had an issue until now.

    I'm surprised that nobody else on here has this same issue? It's only going to effect the 2007 and newer LT and RS sedans.
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    I know what you mean, I also have a 2007 but mine is coming off on the drivers side only I just ordered a new one yesterday. It appears it just wears off as my knee rubs against it. The plastic should be molded with the color through it.
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    Good to hear that i'm not the only owner with this problem.
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    is this coverd ???
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    Has anyone have there door handles come loose even after dealer repairs to fix the problem. How did you fix the problem? Other than the obvious.
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    I had the same problem. I had them fix it so I would not damage the door panel and of course they scratched it all up. It has not come loose again.

    Try a lock washer if there isn't one.
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