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BMW X5 New vs. Used

harry28harry28 Member Posts: 29
edited March 2014 in BMW
While shopping for a new 2007 X-5, a pre-owned salesperson got my ear about the earlier models, '04-'06. He was tauting how much better they were.

Any opinions on the older ('06) model vs the newer '07 X-5?

Thank you


  • dan12dan12 Member Posts: 114
    We have an '01 X5, which is the same model as the '06. The car is great. Some may think it's too bumpy for an SUV, but I really like the ride. It's just the right size and it handles very nicely for an SUV.

    I test drove an '07 a couple of times. If you just sit in the '07 I think you will find too many improvements to mention. I would say that it is better in most ways. However, what I like better about the previous model is the size. The '07 feels bigger and I noticed that in turns. On the other hand, the '07 will be more comfortable. The only other argument in favor of the old model is that the '07 is new and more likely to still have new model problems. Of course cost is also going to be an issue. Either way you go, the X5 is a great car.
  • ricardwricardw Member Posts: 18
    If you read some reviews about the ride of the new X5, you will see more than one journalist critisize the new X5 ride on the highway.
    Squirrely and unnerving are terms used. Also I think the new X5 comes with RFT's ..you do not want that.
    I will soon be in the same boat....test drive both cars on a not-perfect stretch of highway.
  • anon3anon3 Member Posts: 147
    Most journalists are lucky to spend an hour behind the wheel before they write their reviews. Some of us have been driving the new X5 for almost a year (which I suppose would make it not so new any more) and we can give you opinion based on real experience. The new X5 (with sport package in this case) rides very nicely on the highway. It is much, much quieter and smoother than the old X5, although its ride doesn't quite measure up to the numb feel of a Lexus. You will have some road feel that you can reduce by turning off the sport suspension setting. The X5 does ship with run flat tires on the base wheels and the sport package. I have a fair amount of respect for the X5 after I drove it through more than 20 inches of water and at a 45 degree angle with one wheel off the ground at various times on a test course, yet it still manages to ride like a luxury sedan on the highway.
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