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I want to replace the jump seat in my 2007 tahoe with the titanium center console. Where can I find one in good condition? Have already checked ebay.


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    Is it the price on e-bay or you can't find the item? I just did a search for "2007 Tahoe center" and had 4 hits (about $300). Hope that helps. G
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    I am looking for the front center console (titanium). Ebay has two listings for second row center console (ebony) plus a listing for the front jump seat console, which I currently have and trying to replace.
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    I know exactly what you want, here is one of the item numbers from e-bay Item number: 200151960504. The add reads - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe light gray (Titanium) floor console. Color code is 83D Will fit many trucks, SUVs and vans. Console is 14" wide, 16" high and 34" long
    These are new take out consoles.
    The picture is of a FRONT SEAT OEM TITANIUM CONSOLE. The current price on this unit is $225 Buy it now. I am not connected to this seller, just tying to help. G
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    I saw this one also, but it is incomplete, missing the section of the console that goes under the dash. I do appreciate your help however.
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    I am replacing the center jump seat in my 2007 LS Tahoe with the factory center console from a Tahoe LTZ. The console is equipped with the radio controls and power outlet at the rear of the console. It also has the wiring harness, which extends the length of the console.
    My question is: Can the radio and power outlet be connected on the LS model and what is needed to accomplish this?
    Any information or visual diagrams would be appreciated.
    Please send any wiring diagrams to me at [email protected] Thanks
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