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Dodge Dakota - Quad Cab



  • peb2peb2 Posts: 12
    Ok, I'm sold. I just called the dealer and revised the order. They ordered my new truck yesterday and will be calling tommorrow to put it on the hot sheet. He does not seem to think it will be a problem including it. For a price of course. I responded by, Yea invoice RIGHT! So I will keep my fingers crossed. The general manager at this dealer is not liking me right now. Who cares. Anyhow, bookitty, any more ideas on the rebate issue, or just assuming I am entitled when I pick up the truck be the end of it. Finally, the Dodge website calls it cash allowance. Is this different than a rebate? I am really unclear on how to approach this when it comes time. Where would the $1000 come from, the manufacture or the dealer. Remember, I paid cash for the truck, they have my money!
  • danodwdanodw Posts: 63
    Haven't read all that you said about your problem. They are giving you a new truck because of paint problems. Is that right. Now since you had to order a new truck and have already paid cash for the one being returned, I feel you should have gotten your money back and contract tore up. When new one gets here thats what it will be, a new truck with a new vin # and a new contract. The contract wuld have to be re done if you had a loan. When I ordered my truck they would not guarantee the rebate, said it was a chance I had to take and said if rebate went up I would get what ever it was at the time I picked it up. I think since your truck was not right and you had to ordered a new one and have to wait on it then you should get the knew rebate when you pick it up. I would ask about this now and not wait until it comes in. Contact dodge about this. I don't trust any dealers. If they can pocket this rebate then they will but if they can't then you might not get it. Good luck. I'm begining to worrie about dodge. I switch from Nissan to Dodge because of size, power and comfort. Never had a problem out of Nissans and have had 4 with over 150,000miles.
  • I too have been reading different forums on different trucks and have found problems with most makes but after reading all of these forums it seems to me that the people in the Dakota forums help each other out with their problems they encounter. I for one really appreciate all of the effort bookitty, steve234, and several others go to in solving these problems. In fact, I am looking at a 2001 QC because of the support group in this forum and the $2000 rebate doesn't hurt either.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (pikeamania) I have been following the Dakota since mid 1999. I still follow all of the Dakota forums here at Edmunds as well as at several other sites. The 4.7L V8 Hemi has been almost infallible since its inception in the 1998 JeepGrandCherokee. As for the chassis itself... the reported problems have been well within what is seen on other vehicles.

    Lets look at your own words...

    "Everyone seems to have the same problems..."
    Please tell all of us what these "same problems" are.

    "It's obvious that Dodge does not stand behind their vehicles..."
    As far as I am aware the problems have been addressed by DC. I can NAME at least 5 problems that were identified and corrected by way of TSBs. Is this not "standing behind" their product?

    "Given that it is a beautiful truck,,,"
    It sure is...

    "I'm convinced that it does not hold its own..."
    Against what? What convinced you of this? Have you done much trucking? It is better built than the GMC small truck or the Ford Stranger. (Not even in the same league.) The body will not rust out like the GMC products. Chrysler has had the most comfortable seats for YEARS.

    I wonder just how much "research" you have really done...
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Michael, now you've done it! You have aroused the ire of bpeebles. Bruce is one of the smartest,and intelligent guys that I have encountered. You can recognize that by the level of logic that he utilizes, and he is well respected by everyone on this forum as well as others. He has mastered the BOB and I'm certain that his copy is very well "dog-eared" from use. He is also the only one with enough knowledge of HTML codings to be able to post in various fonts and styles. I certainly can't do that although I have tried and failed. Bruce, how do you do that?

  • Boy,,,you seem a bit uneasy...take things for what they are worth...I never said anything to disrespect all at the forum...As a matter of fact,,,you people have been very helpful over the past year and a half..(In other forums as well) As far as GMC vehicles go,,,,They are more reliable than any Dodge i have had..I had a full size Silverado Blazer 350 that i had put 180,000. miles on.I took care of that rig...NO RUST!!!!(actually a little starting near the fuel housing)As in all things considered and reconsidered,,A matter of opinion...If you would like to bash someone,,,find someone else...I Come In Peace!!!!It is sure tough to distinguish the type of phrasing by whats on paper...Dont be mislead...You do not want to sail uncharted waters
  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99
    Richard & all reading,

    I read your post on the "bucket" seats in the new QC. I too, am very displeased with the seats in my truck. I just received my truck (2001 QC Sport, 4X4, cloth interior, 5 spd, etc..) and the only complaints I had were:
    1.) The keys hit my leg while driving when they are in the ignition
    2.) The bucket seats that I ordered are horribly uncomfortable and lack support, not to mention the lack of a headrest.

    I looked at the Dodge website and there really isn't a big difference between the "bucket" seats and the bench seat. I paid an extra $200 for these seats that have the "high-back".
    High-back??? I can't even hit the back of my head on the headrest unless I am looking up at the ceiling!!!

    Not cool.

    I am currently in search of a Durango seat that I can put in there in place of my expensive "bucket, high-back" seats. I was told by the dealer that they should interchange easily. I was amazed at how comfortable the Durango seats were. Why didn't Dodge use the same damn seats???

    Anybody know where I can find one or two?
  • I just purchased a loaded quad cab factory order . . . Tow package,HD service package, sport package plus, power conv., delux conv., 4-wh. antilock, anti spin diff., leather seats, leather steering wheel,4.7 v8, skid plate, power seat, rear window defrost,cd player 8 speakers,3.92 axle . . . all for 25,825 . . . including the $2000 rebate . . . was this a good deal? OR avg.
    Help!!! The claimed they gave me invoice subtracting rebate . . . I believe they still made about $1000 off me? :(
    what are the advantages of the 3.92 axle . . . only towing?
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    I just wanted to clear up some terminology with you. I think we are on the same page in thinking but since our background and applications have been different we may be using different terms for the same things.
    -LSD- I think we're OK on this one, diff with clutch packs that slip as the vehicle goes around corners and loss of traction.
    -locker- this is where I think we separate. I was taught a locker (aka Detroit Locker) was a diff that has a mechanical assy that keeps the two axles connected while traveling in a straight line, but unlocks as the vehicle goes around corners. A very noisy clunking as the unit locks and unlocks. I belive this was actully an option on Mustangs in the 60's. great for street cars that do alot of racing. Can also be a manually engaged lock on off-road vehilcles called an "air-locker"
    -spool- A device inside the diff housing that allows no slippage at all. Basically makes one long axle whith a wheel on each end. When a vehicle with a spool turns a corner, one wheel is actully dragged as they can't turn indpendantly.

    Now I'm going to check under the bonnet for petrol leaks.
  • Been some time since I posted last. The following is my 10,000 mile up-date and "laundry list":
    Truck: 00 AC 4.7,auto,2WD,ST
    Manufacture Date: 8 May 00
    Problem: Rear end whine during deceleration between 49-45 MPH.
    Fix: Dealer replaced entire rear end.
    Problem: While driving at night, lights (head & dash lights) would flash on and off-intermittent
    Fix: Dealer found a loose ground wire and tighten according.
    Aug MPG: 16.5 - 17.5 (no interstate driving)
  • Spell check changed a few words.
    00 Quad, SLT; Avg. MPG
  • HTML is a snap . . .


  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Harold, I used the word "locker" as a generic term
    indicating an actual locked differential. In the case of 4 wheel steer equipment, a fully locked differential is not nearly as critical for turning
    and maneuvering. I believe that your terminology is correct, and your examples as well. I was trying to clarify the basics to someone who did not understand the initial concept and may have inadvertently confused the issue. The point I was trying to make was, with open differentials, there could easily arise a situation where a 4WD would be totally incapacitated should both wheels on either side be sitting on a surface that defeated tractive effort. Probably, I should explain LSD as Tarzan would: "LSD, good! No LSD, bad!" By the way Harold, your statement; "Now I'm going to check under the bonnet for petrol leaks." may contain a crucial error. I believe that British petrol, "seeps" not "leaks."

  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    I thought they made it out of those green leafy vegetables
  • I always thought a locker was where you put your smelly gym stuff.

    Seriously I think "Locker" has become generic in use like Xerox. I've heard people call Auburn units called lockers and they are "clutch pack" units too! Locker to the, ahem, older generation means "Detroit Locker"
    I believe your description is right on regardless of whatever Boo says. Don't let him sell you half a bridge, I know he has the whole thing. Rick
  • Just checked status of Quad yesterday. It is on the train!!! I also just got a copy of my full invoice from the dealer, and it brought up a question. The invoice listed an ANTI-spin differential. I didn't even know this was an option when I ordered. I thouhgt the only options were standard or LSD axle. I called directly to chrysler customer service to see if there was actually another option or if it is just listed differently. The said that there was a difference and I got the "locked" differential. Based on my new knowledge from bootkitty, I don't know if this is the "spool" type, or the actual "locking" type. Has anyone got this or heard of this option for the Dakota? Also, is this better or worse that the LSD? More wear and tear?

    I am probably going to get a spay-in liner. I have checked around my area and both line-X and Rhino go for about $330. I am thinking about using the Rhino because it feels like it has a tackier surface. Anyone had good or bad luck with the Rhino lining?

    I was also going to get the Husky floor mats? Do these match the slate gray interior very well? Do they fit pretty good in the Dakota?

    Can't wait till it gets here!
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    WOW! you"ve got a real special option there. It's a special security device that prohibits the wheels from spinning no matter what. Let see the crooks steal it now!

    Seriously. that is the LSD that we've been talking about. there are lots of synonyms for it:
    posi,LSD,no-spin,anti-spin, and the old Chrysler standby, Sure-grip. Dodge does not offer any kind of locking diff despite what we say; less than fully competent individuals at the call center say.

    I had a Rhino liner in a previous rig and found it to be a great system. I had it put in about 1990 and when my cousins sold the truck last year, the liner was in near perfect condition. The truck was rusting out around it though. I currently have a Line-X in my QC. I felt that the harder compound and increased abrasion resistance would hold up better in the long run.

    -older generation- To be politically correct, wouldn't that be "Chronologically Enhanced"?
    I guess even though my birth date might not show it, I may fall into that catagory as I was weaned on cars with points,carbs,and generators.
  • txqc2000txqc2000 Posts: 121
    I believe the gray Husky floormat is a little lighter than the Agate interior (the dark grey). It is closer to the "Mist Gray" interior color. I originally bought a black color Husky floor liner for my rearcab, which actually looked pretty good. Then I changed my mind and bought the Mopar rubber molded "Cargo Area Tray" instead b/c it is an exact color match to my Agate interior and is more of a custom fit. You can see an example of this on the Dodge website:

    After entering the info. about your vehicle, choose the "interior protection" section and the cargo area mat should come right up.

    The Mopar part ended up being roughly the same price as the Husky liners b/c the salesman @ my dealership sold it to me at his cost (around $65) and offers slightly more protection for the whole rear cab when your rear seats are up. Otherwise, I think both products are pretty good, with the Husky liners perhaps being a little more durable (feels like they use thicker rubber).

    Good luck.

  • Hi folks,

    I was just wondering if anyone had experienced sluggish shifting from the auto tranny. I've
    found when accelerating to freeway speed, the shift to 4th takes forever, even if I let up on
    the throttle to help it along. Any comments on this?

    Also, my bed is higher on one side than the other so that it looks a bit crooked from
    behind the truck. The dealer says it's "within spec" at a quarter inch difference, so didn't
    feel it was necessary to do anything about it. Is that appropriate?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance/comments.
  • Personally I think the multi auto shifting is a little rough around the edges . . . pun intended! I test drove a quad, and the shifting between 2nd and 3rd was sluggish . . . I feel that its not hurting anything, but is just a problem with the computer shifting/sensor system.

    ** X-line is easier on the knees and just as tacky . . . its more rubber like than rhino . . . Go x-line if you plan on ever putting your elbows or knees on the liner!!!
  • I'm in the market for a Quad Cab pickup. I'm considering the Dakota QC V6. Undecided on 4x4 vs 4x2 nor have I decided on Auto vs. Manual. I from Jersey so driving in snow is an issue. I won't be towing. I've been reading that 4x4 may not be "true 4WD" without certain options. If I decide to go 4x2 will I have trouble in the snow? If I decide to go 4x4 what option group(s) will I need to get "true 4WD"? Is the choice of transmissions impacted by any of these options?

    Also, does anyone have an insight of the overall comfort level of the benchseat in the QC vs. the bucket seat upgrade? I can't seem to find a QC with the bench seat up front.
  • danodwdanodw Posts: 63
    Couldn,t tell you much about driving in snow. We get very little here although I have driven on both snow and ice at times. wheather you get the 2WD or 4WD is up to you but which ever you get I would insist on the Anti-Spin Diff. With Anti spin I had no problem on snow but we don't get a lot. It makes the differance in traction but as far as I know there is no difference in gas. Read other post about it. I would also go with the 4.7L V8 even If you don't do much towing. I think with the weight of the truck gas mil want be that much diff. I haven't driven the V6 QC but what I read I would go with the 4.7, I have the 4.7 and I love it. Compared to other models I have had with v6 the V8 is a better choice.
  • The V6 is under powered for the overall weight of the truck . . you'll get worse gas mileage with the V6 than the 4.7 v8 . . . this is because the v6 will have to work so much more thus consuming more gas to power the truck. With trucks I find the 5-speed manual to be cumbersome . . . plus you'll have to factory order one in order to get manual.
    Concerning 4x4 or 4x2. Both should be purchased with the anti-spin differential to get true 4x4 like response. Other wise only one tire on each axle will be the drive tire. This is very important in snow and ice conditions . . . especially with 4x2 . . . dodge calls it various things but defiantly get limited slip/anti spin differential!
    On a 4x4 their will be a greater possibility of having to fix more parts down the road . . . but it's better than replacing the whole truck if you should happen to spin outta control and hit a tree. You can always disengage the 4x4 and drive in 4x2 when you don't need it. At that point it's only using a tad more gas than if it were only a 4x2, because of the 4x4 added weight. Bottom line it comes down to how much you want to spend. I live in wis. and find the 4x4 to be a real plus in the winter season . . . and when its rainy!
  • sorry danodw . . . posted my similar response before seeing yours!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    For the record...

    DC calls their LSD "Trac Loc"
    The name GM has for theirs is "Posi Traction"

    The operation of these units are very simular. GM has clutch 'plates' while the DC unit has clutch 'cones'.

    Here is some more info...
    Differential Differences

    4X4 ABCs

    Technical detail on rear axles
  • Recently read the 2002 Ram will have Chrysler's new 210 bhp V-6 replacing the 3.9. Good chance this will filter to the dakota, so if you're dead set on the V6 it may be worth the wait until the 2002 model year.
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