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Infiniti G35 keys, door locks, security system

mrkeltonmrkelton Posts: 8
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
I have a 2003 G35 Coupe. The driver side door does not lock or unlock with the remote. The passenger side still works. Any idea how to fix?


  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Does the driver's door unlock with the use of the lock button inside the car?
  • Yes and it also unlocks the old fashioned way by inserting the key in the keyhole on the door. It just doesn't lock or unlock with the remote. Issue is only with driver door. Passenger door works fine.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, so your confusion is shared with me as well. LOL
    If the car receives the signal, all doors should be unlocked, not just one.
    Once the signal is received, it's like hitting the unlock button inside the car.
    It's not like each door receives it's own signal.

    Have you attempted to pair the fobs to the car again?
    Does it happen with both fobs?

    Very weird issue! :confuse:
  • I was in the car today and tried to lock and unlock. I noticed the lock on the driver door tries to move, but doesn't. It seems it's sticking. Is there a way to lube it.

    I did recently replace the window lift motor though that was a few weeks ago. The lock didn't start sticking until a couple of days ago. Maybe something is restricting it.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    That's gotta be it.
    There's a lot of linkage and stuff in there, and something little may be in the way.
    You'd be surprised at how something very small could cause it to hang up.
    As much as it sucks, I'd consider getting back insode the door and double checking for restrictions.
  • pkay6pkay6 Posts: 1
    The driver door on my 2006 G35X on occasion will lock itself when the car is left unlocked and unattended. The other doors remain unlocked. It has happened in 2 different locations approx 8 miles apart so it is not from a random signal It has happened both with the fob in the console and when I have the for with me. The dealer says no one else has complained of this problem. Am I the only one?
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Don't suggest you try this but I was checking my brakes on my Firetruck when my Infiniti key fell out of my pocket in front of the dual tires. We got an emergency call and had to leave code 3 after returning I saw the key on the apparatus bay and said a few ungodly words. I exited the Truck and to my surprise the key wasn't damaged and still worked. Infiniti should use the same materials in the key to make their cars.
  • I've been reporting this problem to the Infiniti dealer in Raleigh, NC, for 3 years (2004 G35 sedan). Likewise, they say no one else is reporting the problem, and that their techs can't duplicate it in the shop.

    Mine self-locks, on average, about 3 times a month, but sometimes twice in the same day. Sometimes it locks when the door closes, sometimes when the door is partway open. In every case, the other doors remain unlocked.

    The local shop replaced the lock actuator a couple of years ago, with no effect. I suspect the problem is more widespread, but that many people don't recognize it and assume they've unconsciously locked the door. Infiniti & its dealers seem in no hurry to diagnose the issue.
  • patjg35patjg35 Posts: 1
    My 2004 G35 coupe started having the sticking driver's door lock problem yesterday. It won't lock or unlock with the key fob or from inside the car with the lock / unlock button. Moves a little bit but not all the way. Did you find a solution other than replacing the actuator.
  • mrkeltonmrkelton Posts: 8
    I have not acutally had this fixed yet. I have a buddy who is a manager for Enterprise car sales. He check with one of his mechanics and tells me it's the plastic gears that Inifiti uses in the cars. The gear in the actuator in the door is worn out, doesn't completely ingage and cannot unlock the door. It has to be replaced. I have the same problem with my CD player. I took it too a car audio dealer and he said the plastic gears in the CD changer are worn. I have to have them replaced too.

    Funny how all this stuff happens after warranty.
  • thomas78thomas78 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 G35X with 30,000+ miles. I recently started having problems with the key fob and door button working intermittently. A new battery did not fix the problem. On occasion the doors won't lock or unlock and sometimes I can't turn the ignition key switch. I'm wondering if the problem is associated with a door switch. The car is still under warranty but I'm concerned that the chances of the problem actually occurring in the shop are remote--no pun intended. Any suggestions?
  • mrkeltonmrkelton Posts: 8
    That sounds different than the problem I'm having. My passenger door unlocks fine. My driver door attempts to unlock but the gear in the lock mechanism is stripped so it cannot. From the sounds of it, there may be a problem with your FOB. I've never had this problem. Take your chances with the dealer since it's under warranty. Do it before the warranty runs out because if your car is like mine, things will start breaking AFTER the warranty runs out.
  • thomas78thomas78 Posts: 3
    Thanks, I'm going to try my other fob and see what happens.
  • thomas78thomas78 Posts: 3
    My spare fob seems to be working fine (after replacing the battery). I wonder if I can get a replacement for the "worn" one under warranty? While I love the key less entry, it's a shame that these things don't last longer--only 3 years... Thanks again for the tip.
  • sea2seesea2see Posts: 1
    Most (2003+) Infiniti models have an automatic door lock feature that is rarely explained at delivery. Apparently it is for safeguarding against leaving your vehicle unlocked if you happen to accidentally hit the unlock button on the fob while walking away.

    Simply put, if you unlock your vehicle via remote and do not physically open the door within a few minutes, it will re-lock itself automatically.

    To avoid this issue, be sure to open one of the doors after you unlock it via remote.
  • Hey ,

    Did you manage to know what the problem was?

    Even 'm facing the same problem

    Only the driver side door does not work properly with the remote.

  • Lock mechanism in the door had to be replaced. Suposedly Infiniti used plastic gears and get stripped over time. I'm having the same problem with my CD changer. Plastic gears are stripped and do not rotate carolsel.

    If it's the same problem as mine, you have to replace door lock mechanism. An you have to replace the entire thing. It's all one piece. Conveniently they don't just sell the replacement gears.
  • G35xG35x Posts: 2
    Did you ever solve this problem? I've been dealing with it for a couple years and just found your post.
  • G35xG35x Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue with my '04 G35x. Does anyone have a solution?

    "The driver door on my 2006 G35X on occasion will lock itself when the car is left unlocked and unattended. The other doors remain unlocked. It has happened in 2 different locations approx 8 miles apart so it is not from a random signal It has happened both with the fob in the console and when I have the for with me. The dealer says no one else has complained of this problem. Am I the only one?
    Does anyone have any suggestions?"
  • Still driving my '04, and the driver door still locks itself. I quit taking the car to my local Infiniti dealer for any sort of service because they refused to address the lock problem unless they could replicate it -- and they weren't willing to open and close the door long enough see it happen.

    Dealers apparently aren't sharing information about this issue among themselves, or with Infiniti, possibly because they don't think it's real. So everybody who has this problem is "the only one". It's a small problem, apparently affecting only a small percentage of owners, but it certainly affects my willingness to commit to another new car that they'd service.
  • Yes. Had to have the entire door lock mechanism replaced. Apparently there is a plastic gear that wore out in the lock. Can't just replace the gear. Have to replace entire mechanism. I had a buddy do it for $250. I'm sure it would be at least $500 at dealer.

    Plastic gears seem to be the norm for Infiniti. My CD changer is also not working and was told it's the plastic gear in the changer. Between $300-600 to repair.
  • scrowescrowe Posts: 1
    The new Infiniti G35 has an auto lock feature that engages when the car is starting to go forward.This is a good feature.
    Can previous year(2008) models be programmed to do the same?
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    I picked up my new 2008 G35xS back in October 2008. Its got 9K miles on it so far. Today when I got in the car, the "low battrey" warning light came on at the center display indicatinig its time to change key-fob battery. Is this normal after a short period of ownership?
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    yeb, that's normal. This key needs to emit the signal all the time. That's why it eats a lot of battery. You can get a pair of this batter at walmart for a bout $5.
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