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Buying a used ES 350

Some dealer "Golden Valley" is selling 2007 ES 350 and says that these are the 350's that Lexus bought back and put in a new transmission. They come with a certificate from Lexus with the date and the work done.
Is this a good vehicle to buy?
Any issues with buying sight unseen for a unauthorised dealer?
With Nav/Mark Levinson package and 4000 miles $36K.


  • Any issues with buying sight unseen for a unauthorised dealer?

    Huh??! You must like to play Russian roulette!
  • Since such buy-backs sold with new transmission are not many, there is no direction on price. It all depends on your comfort level and risk you are willing to take. May be the car you have in sight is as good as new, may be it has flaws you don't know. What is discount on that chance, only you can decide. For me, I wouldn't pay $36K. I might consider $32K, but if it is a good car, seller won't accept that.
  • shakmshakm Posts: 3
    Need help in deciding to buy extended warranty - Last week I bought Certified pre-owned Lexus ES350 - 2007 model w/Nav has 23000 miles. Comes with 3yr/100k miles bumper to bumper coverage from Lexus. The dealer is trying to sell extended warranty for $2500 which will cover 6yrs/125k miles. Is it worth? any advice from existing Lexus 350 owners will be great.
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    You can buy an extended warranty until the orginal warranty runs out. It might be more expensive then but there are pluses to waiting. What if you don't keep the car? What if you total the vehicle? What did you pay for your car?
  • I am thinking to purchase a used car from Lexus CPO, they have 2007 IS250 with navigation and 2007 ES350 without navigation, they are same miles about 43K, IS250 $23000 and ES350 $21000, which one should i get? i am a 31 years old mother with one kid. i think IS250 looks more modern, and ES350 looks more luxury. i like both, which one should i choose?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    two totally different cars here. one deifintely in the sport class...not as comfortable a ride but if you want to feel the rd and get quick burst good choice or if Nav is imp great choice. 350 on other hand provides you great comfort & luxury--sedan remember. be careful the 2007 was 1st edition of es350 and there were issues...transmission, and couple others...never had one..have es350 -2010. but have read several forums on it...CPO should eliminate that. again your age and all being equal color taste ..I would go with is250 you can get es350 later in adult life. good luck !
  • spoon2spoon2 Posts: 1
    es350 came with the touch of gold package. want to replace with chrome emblems .
  • Just purchased 2007 ES 350 in great condition with less than 30,000 miles. It drives beautifully on smooth surface, but oh my word, on uneven road / poor pavement, I can feel everything?

    This is my second Lexus and I just don't believe a luxury marque should be this rough a ride on average roads. In fact, if this were the norm, the car would be a sales disaster and have significant comment on the web, of which I see nothing.

    I've checked tire pressure and it is fine.

    Trying to get some thoughts / info so I can have educated discussion with dealer. It is a certified model.

    Any help appreciated. - Thanks
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