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Honda Accord Coupe Transmission Problems

I bought a 2007 Honda Accord Coupe with the 6-speed manual trans about three months ago. It generally shifts very smoothly, but occasionally malfunctions going from 2nd to 3rd. You feel a notch or stop that makes you think you are in 3rd. The gears grind and the trans throws the shift violently back to neutral and the engine revs high. This only happens every 100-200 miles or so, usually when the car is cold. The Honda service manager says it is designed that way and therefore not a defect and the warranty does not cover it. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • You're not alone...I have an '06 6-speed sedan and it does that same exact thing with 3rd gear. I also noticed it usually happens when it's colder out or when the car hasn't warmed up yet. I've gotten to the point where I'll feel it catch before I release the clutch and grind it, but it's still annoying when it happens. I haven't brought it up with my service department yet mainly because I keep forgetting to. The other 99.9% of the time, though, the shifting is terrific.
    A test drive of the civic Si earlier this year (on edmunds i think) also mentioned that they noticed this problem on the Si's 6-speed gearbox.
    If it's remains what it is without doing any damage, then I really don't care about it. But, if my gearbox blows out at 40K miles or something, I might be slightly bothered!
  • count me in...but i noticed my car does it only when the oil life is about to run out...i always warm up my engine for about 3 mins in the morning or whenever it gets cold just as you would on turbo'd/sc cars and that helps a lot.
  • Don't be too agressive shifting for the first mile or two until the fluid warms up. If it really gets to you, try changing out the fluid with GM synchromesh FM, it works awesome in my S2000.
  • I am having a similar problem shifting from second to third with my 07. It feels like something is blocking it or it is at the point where it is in gear then kicks the shifter back to neutral. I don’t think it has too much to do with the engine being cold because I have experienced it several times when the car was warmed up and living in Miami does not produce too much cold weather outside. I do notice that when it happens and I make sure to push the clutch pedal all the way in it does not happen again. I have not brought it to my mechanics attention but probably will. It looks like some sort of internal mechanical design flaw. Otherwise this has to be some of the smoothest shifting I have ever experienced.
  • I'm due for an oil change this week, so I'm going to bring up the 3rd gear issue and see what they say. Hopefully, they'll have some good insight into it...I'll keep you posted.
  • i have the exact same problem with my 07 6speed 4 door. i have the "notch" problem going into 3rd gear around 25% of the time whether it's hot or cold. also, it slams/grinds into gear when i'm over 5K RPMs going into 2nd and 3rd gear almost every time. sounds like this has been going on over at least a couple of model years. i won't accept from honda that this is normal. if this keeps up, i won't have any synchronizers or gear teeth left !! i've had two 91 mustang 5.0's and this is exactly what would happen when the synchronizers wore out -- requiring transmission rebuild or replacement. This is why honda won't touch it -- they would have to open up the tranny or replace it which means big commitment. i will be contacting honda customer service soon b/c i simply will not accept the dealership's answer.

    this is a major issue so if anyone else has their own story, please post it here so we can print these comments and show them to honda !!
  • I have a 89' honda accord lxi. Where do I put the tranny fluid in at?? I got an oil change and they said my tranny fluid was low.
  • I'm another 07 6speed 4-door who is experiencing this problem.

    It also happens whether it's hot or cold.

    I can now recgonize the feel of when it's not really in 3rd, so I don't grind the tranny anymore. But it is annoying to have to reset, and attempt to shift into 3rd again.

    I'm going in for my first service at the Honda dealership. I'm going to bring it up.

    And otherwise the transmission is a joy to use.

    If found a post on the Honda website indicating they had addressed the problem. But they said it was addressed for all 2007 models, so I don't know why I'm having the problem.

    Honda Genuine MTF: It’s Even Better Than Before
    In case you haven’t heard yet, Honda Genuine MTF has been improved. It offers better overall shift quality in cold weather (especially in freezing tempertures), and it’s got better friction reduction for improved fuel economy and longer
    transmission service life. This new MTF (P/N 08798-9031, H/C 8429094) is
    the factory-fill on all ’07 M/T-equipped Honda models, and it’s backward compatible with older models. It comes in a 1-quart bottle that wears a new label and a white cap.
  • Another tidbit I found:

    The transmission is commonly overfilled at the factory and that can result in some of the 3rd gear problems.
  • I have an automatic transmission on my 2004 Honda Accord Coupe.

    When I am parked on a hill, facing downward, and put the car in reverse, if I don't have my brakes on, my car will roll forward on down the hill til it runs out of momentum.

    Most cars, you put it in reverse, it might roll a little, but then the transmission catches and you stop.

    I took the car into a local dealer, and they told me the car was designed that way.

    I've been driving now for over 25 years and I have never put an auto in reverse and had it roll forward 50 feet downhill.

    Is is because I'm a woman with a warrenty about to expire?

    Or is this just a dumb design?

    When I go to pick up my car I expect to test drive some others on the lot to see if this is true, but honestly, it's just seems like BS to me.
  • I too have an '07 4dr. with a 6-speed that 3rd scares the hell out of me when it's cold. I think it's in 3rd and then let go ....grind or pop out of 3rd!!

  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ..........this 2-3 gear sometime glitch seems to be for real. 6M coupe infrequently feels ropey going into 3rd gear also.....

    The GM Synchromesh goo solution appears not only here, but also on DA and TOV.

    I reckon nothing is truly perfect.............

    best, ez....
  • Yes, I've seen those solutions, but is it really the solution?
  • hi i live in austin tx ihave a 97 honda accord coupe se my automatic transmisson is slipping sometimes when it hits the all to 4th it revs the rpms hi after it [non-permissible content removed] through the gears sometimes other times it will be fine oneday i was driving ihit the gas pedal it was in 4th d when it the gas the rpms reved when it was in 4d itook my foot off it was fine does anybody know what could be happing the car has 144,000 on it i like the car it has its quirks
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    A cheap fix could be to drain and fill the transmission fluid. You must use the HONDA brand of fluid. It makes a shifting difference. Good luck.
  • I own a 2006 Accord EXL V-6 Coupe 6 speed. I am relieved to know Iam not the only one experiencing the problem with the 2-3 upshift. Soon I will bring it to my dealer service department for a check on this issue. Iam not surprised by the standard answer "This is normal" or "Problem cannot be duplicated" It's important that anyone reading this forum with the same problem should post their experience so proof can be submitted to Honda. My car recently started having the shift problem, the car only has 11k miles on it. My problem matches many of the other concerns posted by members. At first I thought the floor mat was getting under the clutch pedal but I checked that and found it not to be the cause. I leased this car and not sure if I want to purchase at lease end because of other issues with the car. I will list them:

    Both doors have rattles in them.

    Drivers door has a serious rattle when driving with window partially down.

    Drivers seat squeaks and groans.

    There is a fingerprint in the clearcoat.

    I know no car is perfect but I expect better from Honda especially with only 11k miles on it. My previous car was an 03 civic Si (made in England) and this car had no rattles even at 20k miles and shifted fine. Iam wondering if it has something to with the fact that it is assembeld in America not Japan. Are the parts U.S sourced? I say this because everyone knows the american way of doing things is "O well thats good enough". Often I wonder if this car were assembled in Japan would I be having these issues at such a low mileage.
  • After taking the car to my dealership, they changed the fluid in the transmission as the TSB said. I still had the problem, but less so shifting from 2nd to 3rd where it would pop out grind etc. The issue also turns out shifting from 4th to 3rd. This happenned on a regular basis when I took the service manager out after Honda could not reproduce the second to third gear problem again. After some nice investigation on the service manager's part over at Joyce Honda in Denville,NJ, he told me that Honda was now redesigning the parts to get rid of the issue once and for all. He told me that they are scheduled to be availale at the end of February. You may want to follow up to confirm it for yourself.

  • 2007 honda accord 4 dr ex 6 spd manual. It missed third on first drive after purchase from Honda in August 2006, and continues to be unreliable. Otherwise, the vehicle is quite nice. But the second to third shift is really annoying. Check out videos at, which actually shows shifter popping out of third. Mine has not yet "popped" out; problem is that it sometimes takes extra effort or nudge to get it into third. When I miss, the gears grind. Dealer so far "can't replicate" problem. If they don't take care of this time (2/12/08) I'm taking it to the dealer's Pres. who has said I "should not have to put up with it". Honda must be aware of the problem by now. I suggest that everyone who is aware of the problem to apply maximum diplomatic pressure and influence on Honda. The shifting problem is also a liability issue for Honda. Missed gear shift and not being able to get into gear timely could great road hazard and accident, especially for drivers who are not familiar in dealing with the problem. Would appreciate anyone who knows more about Honda's plans to deal with the issue to post that info here. Thanks.

    This is one source. The issue also revolves around any six speed from Honda. S2000, Civics, TL, TSX, RSX. Plug in 6-speed and Honda into Google and you will see that all 6-speeds seem to affected.

  • When my Honda EX-L 6speed was a month old it started popping out of 1st gear. I took it to the dealer and they changed the fluid. The problem continued and the 2nd time they replaced 1st and 2nd gears. Now I am having a similar issue with 3rd gear, difficult shifting and popping out. Recently I was told by the dealer that there is presently no fix and that they are “researching the problem” and will get back to me.
  • I have an '07 6 speed coupe and started experiencing the 3rd gear problem at about 12K. It didn't seem to matter whether the car was hot or cold. Somedays it didn't happen at all, and other days frequently. It only happened going into 3rd gear and from any of the forward gears - upshifting or downshifting. Usually it shifted with no problem, but sometimes there was a "notchy" feel -it took a little more effort, but it went in. I didn't get the "notchiness" in any other gear. The dealer was unable to replicate the problem, but drained the transmission fluid and did not find any metal filings indicating internal problems. They refilled with a different fluid and lubed the shifter linkage. For two weeks afterwards it was perfect (I don't recall about the notchiness). However, in the two months since the "fix" it's happened 3 times and the notchiness is there. The dealer is in the process of checking with Honda.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ..........However, in the two months since the "fix" it's happened 3 times and the notchiness is there. The dealer is in the process of checking with Honda.

    Let me be the first to point out that over at AcuraZine, the word is GMSFM to cure all your 3rd gear 6M problemas..................

    best, ez.....
  • mzagarmzagar Posts: 1
    Honda actually did issue a TSB to fix (yes, really fix, not just change the transmission fluid!) the 3rd gear issue by changing out the entire 3rd gear set. It's Honda Service Bulleting 08-020 dated April 12, 2008. My local Honda dealer fixed my '07 Sedan 2 weeks ago and it's like night and day!

    Hope this helps those who've had issues with this.
  • mdebritomdebrito Posts: 12
    My car is already in for the TSB next week!!!!! I made the appointment earlier. YES!!

  • mppedersenmppedersen Posts: 25
    I know this is not exactly the same issue, but very similar.

    I have a 2008 Accord EX-L I-4 MT. I am having the exact same problem shifting. When the car is "cold", when I shift from 2-3, I feel like I have 3rd gear "in", but when I release the clutch, I get a grind, then a slip back to neutral. Second try I force it into 3rd gear, it works fine, then when I shift from 3-4, the 4th gear engages fine, but when I release the clutch, the car lurches. My local dealership cannot duplicate the problem, along with the dealership where I bought the car from. But the problem is definitely there.

    I was wondering if the 3rd gear parts from the 6MT are similar to the parts for the 5MT, and any advice from people in this forum to get dealerships to listen.
  • mdebritomdebrito Posts: 12

    I had the issue going from 4th to 3rd. Any dealership who recognizes the 6M problem should be able to recognize the same issue with the 5M.
  • mppedersenmppedersen Posts: 25
    The local dealership to where I live, not the dealership where I bought it, is aware of the 6M problems. They went out on a test drive and I could not get the issue to show up because it was 102° that day (which is unusually hot for Maryland) However they said they have not seen the 5M act up in the same manner as the 6M. They also said they would keep doccumenting the problem, so I have something to fall back on if there is a complete failure. However, this dealership sales percentage of MT models is very low percentage, even compared to other Honda dealerships, and I was the first '08 5M they have had to deal with, for any service, which may explain some of the denseness of the service department in regards to this issue. The service manager told me he would contact the regional rep to see if there are other similar complaints for the 5Ms. In the meantime however, I am going to take the car to another dealership in the area and explain the problem and see what they can come up with. :(
  • rogerb34rogerb34 Posts: 30
    Accord 2005 5 spd auto.
    This tranny has a transmission filter screen and not the standard mesh filter serviced at periodical intervals. Purpose of the filter screen is to remove large transmission particles.
    I service by removing the plug and draining fluid. About 3qts and cost $32.
    Replace the plug crush washer. Z1 fluid from Honda. Do not drop the pan.
    Test fluid color before service by a drop on a clean paper towel. If red with little dark at the drop point, fluid is ok. Dark or black is unacceptable. Check after driving 100 miles.
    Annually is cheap compared to overhaul.
  • Any update to these problems?! Looking to purchase a 2009 Accord Coupe 6M/5M but if the gearbox still has these problems, I may have to look further :(
  • I have good news for you, the new parts they put in the transmission works. Just check with honda for the vin#s affected in 2008....wait, you want a 2009, then the problem is fixed for the third gear popping out.
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