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Mitsubishi Outlander Engine and Performance Problems

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If your 07 Outlander was built before July 07 there are two TSB's that fix throttle lag. The first one re-flashes the transmission, the second re-flashes the ECM.

I took mine to the dealer and had them do the TSB's, it drives much better now.

TSB 07-13-007
TSB 07-23-006



  • I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander, about 2 weeks after I bought it I started to hear a valve tapping sound. The valve noise can be heard going from 0-38 MPH So really gears 1-5 when it hits 6 gear it's gone. Also noted this noise only starts when the car is HOT! Can anybody else hear this noise? Mitsubishi said it's normal. Please leave your windows up and stereo off when you go to listen, mine is actually noisy enough that I can still hear it with the radio on.
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    I don't have that in my Outlander. Are you still within the 500m break in period or past it? All I hear is the regular engine noise, nothing out of the ordinary.
  • I have 2300 miles on it now. It just sounds like valves are tapping. So you don't have a light knocking noise at all? Does your engine sound smooth. Just with in the last couple of days I start it in the morning and I hear a really load knocking noise for a sec, almost like the oil is not getting to the valves fast enough. Mitsubishi is telling me all Mitsubishi's are noisy, so I am hear to find out. I tried to have them take it back and they gave me a bunch of crap.
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    "Noisy" is a relative term. It really depends on who's listening. What I can tell you is my GF's Honda 03 CRV is noisier than my Outlander in idle. Are you sure it's the engine? There is a lot of things in the engine area causing noise and clicking sounds, and that's not the engine at all. ASC (Active Skid Control) for one, causes a whining sound when "initializing" during start-up, which is normal. Yes I do hear clicking sounds in the hood at start-up, but in my case I'm sure it's not the engine.
  • Yeah I have normal clicking sounds but this is a valve knock, As I give it gas, the harder I push the louder it gets. Going up hill sounds like im driving an old car with valve problems. But once I pass 38 mph its gone. And I want to stress this point the noise only starts after the car gets hot. And only a few seconds when the car starts. The noise that happens when I first start the car in the morning is best described as metal little balls bouncing through out the engine. It's not a light sound it's very loud. When I bought my car it was smooth no noise at all, I could only hear the nice grawl of the exhaust. At about 400 miles it started lighty then just grew into what it is now.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I think you need to go over to your dealer and have it checked. Looks like you got something definitely wrong with your SUV.

    Mitsubishi is telling me all Mitsubishi's are noisy, so I am hear to find out. I tried to have them take it back and they gave me a bunch of crap.

    Who's the "Mitsubishi" you're referring to? The dealer? or MMNA? What steps have you taken so far to rectify the problem? Because if I have a problem like yours, I would definitely ask the dealer to have it fixed, and no amount of crap talk will make me walk away with an SUV with that kind of a problem.
  • When I took it over to Luzzi Mitsubishi of Lake Havasu AZ. They drove it all day and said it is normal sound and that is what they do during break in. Well I have 2300 miles on the vehicle now. Sound is still there, so now I am to the point where I will be taking this more serious. That is why I am here. To reach out to the other Outlander owners.
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    Oh I see, yes, dealerships will talk you out of it when they can. I can understand your frustrations. Sorry if I sounded apathetic in the previous post, I certainly didn't mean to. What I suggest though is that you write to MMNA directly about your problem. Here's the address:

    Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.
    PO Box 6014
    Cypress, CA 90630-0014

    Make a legitimate complaint (include name, address, tel #, VIN, dealership involved, etc). MMNA has been very serious about complaints with their product, so I think it's better talking to them directly. By "talk" I mean the snail mail, not the help line via phone.

    And yes, this forum is of course for all of us to share our problems. I hope your issues are addressed too.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    You may want to try gas from different station or even premium for few tanks and see if it will help. Remember, its winter and many cheap station use gas probably below specs. Just a thought.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    If "all Mitsubishi's are noisy," then tell the dealer you want to test drive a couple of other ones on the lot to compare their noise to yours. :shades:
  • I tried the gas idea already it never changed the sound. Also I did drive one but I can't really compare becuase when I first bought mine it made no noise either, so I would have to drive one with some miles. I contacted Mitsubishi Motors Customer Service today, they were very nice. And flat out told me they are not noisy and I should not hear a knocking sound with in the cabin. She told me to contact the owner. If he does not respond I then file a complant. So we will just have to wait and see. So if there is anybody else out there that has an 07 Outlander that has a Valve Clatter sound while you are driving, let me know.
  • I do get a noise from the engine in the following situation. Car in park (warmed up), fan on with temp set to +75, I get a loud click every so often (audible from outside the car). Taking it to the dealer on Mon to check it out. :confuse:
  • That would probably just be your fans kicking on and off that is normal. Mine is happening while im driving. It just chatters down the road.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Wouldn't that be the relays going on-off? I do have that too. And I don't think it's a defect. My GF's CR-V has that too. When I park after a long drive and engine is really hot, I can hear soft clicking sound from the engine bay too (after engine is shut off). I think these are but normal for modern cars and SUVs.
  • I'm not expert, but haven't seen suggestion here to check the oil, mileage sounds close to first change. I don't know rec oil change for break in or type or if that matters or use of synthetic. My 3.2L Isuzu uses 1qt every 700/1000 miles from day 1, haven't burned the engine up but keep a close eye on it. Also need to define or discern the old low octane ping it is a very distinctive sound under load up hills that nearly all cars made when unleaded gas was introduced..my Isuzu again retains this classic sound louder when gas formula changes from winter to summer, the sound only occurs under load - not while cruising at constant speed. Has Mitsu made this engine for awhile or is it new design too?
  • This noise is constent never stops until I hit 38 miles per hour. And this is not my first modern car. I have never had a vehicle sound like this.
  • Noise started not even a week after I got it. About 210 miles on the thing it slowly got louder. Now it's everyday after about 15 minutes of driving. And about gas ping that is more a tin kinda sound. The sound I hear is harder and accures even if im going down hill. No load. My 2002 Ranger had gas ping. This is not gas ping.
  • Agree with other postings here.. I know it can be frustrating if not normal, should be able to get tech or someone to ride with you to listen in, if it's not normal they need to at least recognize that even if no one knows what the problem is or where. I don't think my next suggesting applies to your case, but if it is something out of tune with the engine computer program you might be able to reset things buy disconnecting the battery for awhile and reconnect. Hope you find some help in this, if not satisfied with the dealership take to another one if possible. Keep us posted.
  • After bringing the car to the dealership, they mechanic said that the clicking was a relay for the fan and that the loud click every so often was normal. I hope that it subsides as the car breaks in. Currently have only 250 miles on it.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I thought so. Good it was not the engine. As for the relays, I doubt the clicking noise will subside, because they are electromagnetic switches, they are expected to make a clicking sound during normal operation.
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    I second this. If the noise is coming from a relay, it will never go away. I have the same clicking noise on my 05 Mazda3 from day one and there is noting wrong with it.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Any updates on the engine noise? Still there?
  • I just purchased an 07' outlander. That clicking is usually the relay, usually when the fan defrost is on. I havent tested but if you change to a different fan without defrost symbols it should go away. My jeep libert always did that while in the defrost mode. I'll test tonight...It is relay that click fan on.(type of clutch assembly). shouldn't need to worry
  • This Outlander review appeared in the local newspaper:


    On quote that caught my eye was: "One thing I noticed, however, was a tendency for the car to surge unexpectedly -- push down on the gas pedal and there's a momentary lag and then the car lurches forward. It may be something in the translation from foot to pedal to engine, and if it were a new car under warranty it would be under the warranty surgeon's knife soonest."

    Has anyone noticed this problem in their Outlanders?
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    was a tendency for the car to surge unexpectedly -- push down on the gas pedal and there's a momentary lag and then the car lurches forward.

    All I can say is, this SUV drives differently from a Honda CR-V. On first gear, it takes about 2000rpm to get about 80% of the torque from the engine, and it needs a little more push on the gas pedal to hit 2000rpm. I think it's the way the gear ratios are configured. I would agree to that statement above ONLY IF you stepped hard on the gas then it will lunge forward. Not if you do it smoothly. Any SUV will do the same thing if you step hard on the gas pedal. SUV from different makes drives and handles differently. You just have to learn how to operate it smoothly. And it's NOT a problem. It's the SUV's characteristic. For those wanting to buy one, do a test drive so you have the feel on how it handles and drives, and see if that suits your taste.
  • I have noticed this also, but I don't think I'd necessarily call this a problem. When starting from a stop there is a noticeable pause before the vehicle accelerates. This is especially evident if you lightly push down the accelerator. When I first got the Outlander my instinct was to push harder on the accelerator when nothing happened, then when it kicks in there was a sudden lurch. The key is to smoothly and gradually push down on the accelerator. It is an annoyance to be sure but I am getting used to it. My service department said something about it being an computer controlled accelerator or something like that. Not sure if there is or will ever be a "fix". Although if they came up with a tweak to the computer that took care of it I'd probably go ahead and get the update.
  • yes, it will surge if you step on it with 220 hp engine. If this is a turn off for people maybe they had best go get a yugo or something.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    This advice should take care of those complaining about roof rack noise, clicking sounds here and there and passing cars problems as well.
  • All cars w/ CVT transmissions move off with a pause. That is why Honda won't use a CVT on the US Fit/Jazz. I have a Fit that moves-off like a bullet. Mitusi has added a hydrolic/software enhancement to the box vs. Nissan/Toyota, but you can tell, once the belt is engaged, it is engaged 100%. After that, serges only come from 'fake' changes in the 6 steps in gear ratios. Drive it like you are driving a CVT, because that it what it is- Push the pedal down slowly.
  • I can hear the valves clatter away doing their thing- normal on my Outlander. On my new Fit(Jazz), the sound is even louder (20,ooo miles later). I test drove a Cr-V, and decided to buy the outlander because the Honda was too noisy too.
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    As far as I know, Outlander has a traditional auto transmission not CVT. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 2008 Lancer will have the first Mitsu CVT (in NA at least).
  • The Outlander does NOT have a CVT transmission. Please do not confuse people by posting incorrect information.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    If, by any chance, you live in Canada and you read "The Globe and Mail" newspaper, I hope you did not get this information from there. On Thursday's February 15 issue of the Auto Globe section, they had a review of the Outlander and the author, along with other idiotic statements, was saying that the Outlander has a CVT transmission. Later on, they corrected the article online by removing the references to the CVT, but they could not remove the rest of the non-sense originated from the CVT idea. Useless review in any case.
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    I have a question about timing belt. I was almost got tricked by a mechanic at the dealer. All I wanted is to have a key made and he tried to tell me that I need to change my timing belt and almost didn't let me have my truck back. I told him that I was only here for a key. I'll take it to another mechanic that I can trust and I was told the key had to be made at the dealer. Costed me $150 which I think it's extremely ridiculous. The mileage is 61,000 and I know that I need to get it change as soon as I can but I have a very busy schedule. I know where I'm going to take it, I have to make an appointment and I don't have another transportation. Any suggestion?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    You can get an idea of what the timing belt service should cost for your zip code using the Edmunds Maintenance Guide.
  • wllmtwllmt Posts: 2
    What does this mean?? 50,000 to 74,999?? It'll be next week before I can take my truck in to get the belt replace, what chances am I taking?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Click on the 60,000 service at that link - it should show the timing belt replacement in the list of factory recommended services.

    I personally wouldn't worry about going over the mileage a bit (say, 1,000 miles or so), but there's always a little risk I suppose of a belt breaking "on time."
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    What is the fialure mode of the timing belt breaking while you are driving? I had a Dodge Neon and when th timing bel broke it caused damage to the pistons in the engine.
    Is anyone familiar with a possible outcome of the timing belt breaking while driving?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    You didn't say what year your Outlander is - I checked at Gates for the 2003 and Gates says it's an interference engine.

    Maybe another owner here can confirm, since Gates is occasionally wrong (they are wrong about my '99 Quest fwiw).
  • :confuse: I have a Toyota Camry (97) I have had less than a year... bought it from a client of the law firm I work for... great car...very reliable...doesn't leave me hanging...yet. I am paranoid that "her" timing belt's gonna go and I am going to be screwed...I went on some website to find out warning signs but then someone else told me when it goes, it goes...you basically can throw the car away after that...I dont want to go that extreme...I'm at 78,000, need an oil change and query whether or not its just in need of a tune up...seems kind of sluggish lately...any advice?
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    This may help: Maintenance Schedule

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  • Thank you, but no, that site didn't really...I've already consulted with my mechanic who I trust - we take all our vehicles to him...and he's local and very fair priced but I just cannot seem to afford to be without my car and to bring it to him and the sluggishness lately has me concerned...I just thought I'd throw out the posting to see what I got for bites? :)
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    I'll rename the discussion to help avoid confusion - this one lives in the Mitsu Outlander group, so you'll probably get better results in a Toyota Camry board.
  • Did you move my message to Toyota Camry discussions? I meant to put it in there myself...didn't know if you did. Thank you if so. If not, please let me know so I can figure out how to do it...I'm new to this... Thank you! :) Maura
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    Here's the link: Toyota Camry - Timing Belt/Chain Questions

    You can copy and paste your original message.

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    Is there an actual delay when you accelerate from a stop? I haven't noticed this on mine. The throttle is a little touchy but a lot of manufacturers do this make the car feel faster.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • biscuit! hi my outlander was built january '07. any other TSBs that you know of that i should have my outlander be done at the dealer? i'm in western canada. thanks!
  • The delay is most obvious when you make a rolling start, like at a yield intersection where you never come to a complete stop. In those situations the throttle does nothing for a moment which makes you press the gas more, and then everything kicks in all at once with more throttle than you really need.

    Those are the only two TSB's that I know of other than the wind noise fix.
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