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Volvo S60/S60R Tires and Wheels

icebreaker3043icebreaker3043 Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Volvo
Hi Pals,

I would appreciate your inputs on 16" tires for my volvo S60 2.0T because my tires are due for change. My existing is using Pirelli Dragon.

Thanks in advance!
CS Goh


  • How much is your price range? I just replaced the 16's on my S60 AWD with Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S and they work great.
  • ted354ted354 Posts: 3
    link to has some good suggestions, a lot seem to like the Nokians, also recent mag articles suggest Bridgestone Blizzak m23, and depending on road conditions the m60's check it out
  • Hi. I need tires for my 2004 S60R AWD 17"wheels. What should I get? - Moderate use - Charlotte NC weather. My current Pirelli's didn't hold up very long.
  • I live in Wisconsin and had a ton of problems with my 18 inch pirelli's. I did get winter Pirelli's that have been very good though. I just bought some all season Hankook tires for it and I have been very more flats and fear of going over railroad tracks. I have not noticed a drop in performance with the change.
  • I suggest that you log onto the online forum dedicated to your car which is the newsgroup. There are a TON of discussions and specific reviews of tires for V70R and S60R at that site. I'm in Maryland and after EXHAUSTIVE research decided to "downgrade" to an all season tire going with the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season (PS AS) bought from Costco on their $60 deal for about $800 for the set. It will take you many, many hours just to read the comments there without even doing any other research but it will save you a lot of time and give you some very good insight from fans who own the exact same car as you.

    If you only want to see my extensive comments and summaries, search for the user ID and screen name "colnagotifosi" and you will get my comments.

    Your comment about tire life is important to address. Our cars came with P-Zero Nero from Pirrelli and like ALL other Ultra High Performance Summer tires, they are very sticky, handle great and wear very fast. It is a direct relationship between tire life and how much grip and performance you get. I got about 20K, some got as little as 12K on the P-Zero's depending on how much twisty road driving verses highway. The Michelin's seem to be doing better but I can't tell you yet as I'm only in the 30K's with just over 10K on them.

    You might want to go to Tire Rack and read reviews but you need to keep in mind that our cars have very little clearance so you must stay with the stock tire sizes and must stay with the factory wheels (with very few exceptions) due to brake rotor clearance issues. The comments on v70r will allow you to see summary info that many of us have gleened from very anal levels of research.

  • jgarnjgarn Posts: 1
    i am looking to replace the stock pegasus rims on my 04 s60r do you know of any replacements that will clear and fit? i am having trouble finding any. help would be appreciated.
  • bdoon51bdoon51 Posts: 2
    The problem with that website is what? I just joined and they will not let me search or post or even reply. I think perhaps only paying memebers can do these thing? Also many posters are Euros so I do not know their money rap.
  • bdoon51bdoon51 Posts: 2
    Why do they not let me post, reply or search on the website you recommend? Is because I am non-paying (read poor...I have to buy Volvo parts)? Also money rap is in currency I do not know...maybe Euros or something?
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