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1968 Lincoln Continental Hood problems.

ford_lover1ford_lover1 Posts: 6
edited April 2014 in Lincoln
I have a 1968 Lincoln Continental and I cant get the hood open. Ive pulled the hood lever under the dash and nothing happens. Any idea how to get the car open without breaking something?


  • I wonder if you can reach the hood release threw the grille you might try that.
  • Thanks for tryin to help. Lol a 68' Lincoln Continentals hood opens opposite of regular hoods. :) I finnaly did get it open I just had to pull the hood handle really hard. It was tuff. Now I have a new problem. I put a new battery on it. Put good gas. And tried to start it and it wont try to turn over. Lights on the dash will come on like (OIL) and some others and the radios :) which is always a good thing lol. Any ideas what the problem could be with starting?
  • have you tried the starter solenoid and checked the starter and the batt cables and wires.I had to put a starter button on my 67.
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