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What kind of wax should i use to protect the paint? We drive on rural highways a lot so we get a lot of dead bugs on the fender and whatnot. Any specific brand or type of wax i should look for?

Thanks in advance.


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    I went to the local car wash today to get some bird droppings cleaned off my car. After going through the wash once, half of the droppings were still on my car. I asked for a free rewash. What a mistake that was! The guy dragged and grinded the brush all over the hood of my 7-week old CRV, causing serious scratches. I will need to have the hood repainted.

    Should I have the repair done at a Honda dealer or is it ok to take it to a local body shop? I have a black 2006 CR-V SE. The black paint actually has blue specks in it. I have no idea if local body shops would have the paint color available.

    Needless to say, I am mad as heck about this. I just want my car to look the same as it did when I left the house this morning!

    p.s. I've included pics in my "My CarSpace" photo album.
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    The first thing is you get the car wash to admit fault (get in writing) & confirm they will pay for the repair. You stand your best chance of a color match using O.E.M. paint, fortunately for you it is black this a a very easy color to match. Not sure what things are like were you are from, but around here most dealerships sublet (farm out) body work & painting to local body shops... A suggestion would be for you contact some of the local high end dealers (ie: M/B, BMW, Lexus etc.) & find out who they use for painting & pay that shop a visit. GOOD LUCK!!! :mad:
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    Mot dealers don't have their own body shop. They just outsource the work to a local body shop guy. So, if you plan on dropping your car off at the dealer, see if they even have the body shop. If not, you might as well bypass them and deal with the local shop they use.

    As to bird droppings removal, you need to pre-soak them before going through the car wash.

    When I owned a black car, I NEVER used carwashes. Black requires special attention. It is almost always has to be hand washed. It shows swirls and other imprefections better than any other color. Oh, and it does not stay clean for more than 15 minutes.

    Buy a bucket, soft sponge, and a jug of mild car wash soap. Make sure you wax and seal the paint at least once a year if you want black to look good for a while.

    Good luck.
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