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Hyundai Veracruz Heater and A/C Questions

mpvc07mpvc07 Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Hyundai
On high fan mode, the blower constantly fluctuates. Does anyone else have this problem? It is not related to the automatic temp. control.


  • Anyone else have an issue when the weather is raining and you turn your defroster on and it doesn't clear up. I tried going from hot to cold recirculate to non recirculate and even turning on the a/c. No luck. clean the windows then tried rainex defog. works for about a week then comes back % rather annoying. Asked the dealer about it and the manager says his demo does the same thing. asked service, no recalls.
    My wife had the same thing with 2004 camry But I couyld get around it by playing with the a/c to clear it and temp. Anyone having simular issues ?
  • Did you try defrost on hot with a/c engaged?

    I could never figure this out myself, not just with my Veracruz, but every car. I think that there is a certain temp range and humidity outside that makes this difficult since it only happens sometimes...At least for me.
  • hi. i purchased a repossessed veracruz. everything is fine, but the car is missing the manual. so now i don't know how to use most of the features in my car. but that is what the internet is for.
    i was wondering if anyone knows how to turn on the heating in the veracruz. its very confusing because there isnt a diagram going from blue to red in most cars (though it has that in the rear seats). i have a GLS.
    thank-you. any advice is greatly appreciated
  • If you go to Hyundai's USA website and register there, you can download the entire owner's manual in PDF format.

    Hyundai USA Owner's Page

  • My Veracruz came with a manual heater control box. does anyone know if I could purchase one of the automatic control panels that allows you to set a temperature and plug it in?

    Are all the connectors/wiring the same? the shop manual is not detailed enough to tell.
  • The past few days we had a burning odor (rather noxious) when the fresh air circulation was on in the heat mode rather than the air recirculate. When we went to the dealer they examined and determined that the odor was from the burn off of a protectant that was sprayed on the underside of the engine to protect it during overseas shipping and it could take up to 10,000 miles for it to burn off. Hmmm, Why does it only appear occasionally? He suggested we make sure the cirulation is on recirculate rather than fresh air for now. We're at 6000 miles and the odor appeared once about 2 months ago and most recently for the past 3 days, but only during fresh air circulation. Any others have this occur? Where is the fresh air intake located?
  • nyrjoenyrjoe Posts: 1
    Just took delivery on an 08 VC with manual air controls. I noticed that with the ac/heat/defrost off, that either air intake lights stay on. In other words, it seems like either the fresh air in-take or the re-circ in-take must be always be on. I'm unable to disengage both (would like to not have a green light on all the time) even when ac/heat/defrost is off. Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance
  • I am like the others posting. Its impossible to turn the VC limited system off. The control panel will blow hot or cold with a mind of its own. On cold mornings the blower fan is on right after startup with no engine heat. With all the green control lights off the HVAC unit is doing too much "thinking" and not enough "listening"!!
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    Your air input door has two positions, re-circ and fresh. It must be in one position or the other, hence, one green light will be on at all times.
  • On my 2007 SE, if I set the air to recirculate and the control to off, all air flow is shut off; not sure if it works that way on the Limited.
  • I'm just now hitting the 10k mile mark on my Veracruz and haven't had any major problems. Me living in Germany makes it hard for me to find parts for my car. I need to replace the interior filter that is in the glove box, per the owner's manual, but haven't been able to find it anywhere. Is there anybody out there that has replaced theirs?? If so, where did you get it and is there an online source that I can get it from??
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
  • I just changed my cabin air filter behind the glove box at 30,000 miles and BOY was it dirty. Suggest you change the filter every 15,000 or 12 months.
    Once you get the glove box off you squeeze the two tabs inward on both sides of the filter cover
    Here is a link:
  • gab5gab5 Posts: 3
    I recently took my 2003 Toyota Camry to the dealer to replace my left front headlight (dim light was burned out). As I was waiting the service bay attendent approached me with a filthy dirty air conditioning filter and recommended that I replace it along with the cabin filter. Not having the time, I did not have it replaced at this time, but will in the future. However, my question is this.

    Is this filter visible when the headlight bulb is being replaced? Where are these filters located?
  • Are you asking about a Toyota or a Hyundai?
    The "cabin air filter" and "air conditioning air filter" is one and the same on the Veracruz.
    Its inside the car behind the glove box.
    How to change instructions are in your owners manual.
  • It is possible that you are not getting sufficient fresh air in and are recirculating moist warm air. This could be caused by having your settings on recirc., or your cabin filter is dirty and it is unable to draw in fresh air. These cabin filters should be replaced every 12 months, they really get dirty! It is located behind the glove box compartment.
    Turning on the A/C should also take out the moisture since it should condense on the evaporator coils and drain out of the car.
  • nicmtlnicmtl Posts: 1
    I have a strange issue happening and wondering if anyone else experienced this... The a/c temp on drivers side is always on highest temp regardless of indicator showing differently. I can set the dual control on or off and changes nothing. I can control the passengers side and rear temps without any problems but drivers side always blows out heat.
  • eagle618feagle618f Posts: 2
    '07 Veracruz. Rear air controls.  Blower won't turn on, no lights on rear controls panel.  What is the likely cause or on what and where do I start diagnostics? 
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