'07 CRV license plate frame scratching hatch

gc4autogc4auto Member Posts: 34
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I replaced the dealer plastic license plate frame with a metallic chrome frame and every time i close the rear hatch it hits the paint.. i just noticed this a few days ago and i already have a scratch underneath. :P If you are looking to use a metallic frame make sure you have some sort of cushion.


  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    some of those stick on rubber bumpers sold at hardware stores.
  • gc4autogc4auto Member Posts: 34
    i actually went to target and rigged my own with some self-adhesive cushion and some masking tape.. it works alright for now. ^^ I just want to alert other CR-V owners in case they're doing the same without knowing.
  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    I too - replaced plastic dealer frame with a polished stainless steel one. Here was my solution: I made a spacer out of 1/8" thick aluminum (so as not to rust)to fit behind plate to bring it out far enough for clearance to body. Cut 2 1" pieces of 1/2" sticky back all weather foam rubber insulation (readily available from home improvement stores) for contact & rigidity to body. secured licese plate to frame at bottom with polished stainless steel blind screws to prevent plate to frame rattles (availible at most hardware stores.) Mounted to CRV with polished stainlees steel button head allen screws (to thwart theft). Works great! no plate frame to body contact no scratches & looks nice too!
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