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Hyundai Santa Fe Steering

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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tidester, host
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  • cmmakercmmaker Posts: 1
    I'm used to driving a car, so I know there's a difference with driving a SUV. Just test drove the new Santa Fe. Love it! However, I was wondering how stable the Santa Fe really is. I know it has traction control, but it feels so top-heavy when making turns. Should I be concerned, or is this more of a feeling than really a problem?
  • I have the 07 Limited AWD. I've had the old Blazer and still have an Explorer. Believe me, this SUV drives more like a car. There is no lean in turns what so ever. You get that feeling because you are sitting up high. You will get used to it, plus you will begin to like the better visability of sitting high.
  • tidalwavetidalwave Posts: 25
    I had the same feeling when I recently switched from my sporty car to a Santa Fe. The Santa Fe does have a good (4 star) rollover rating from NHTSA. I would suggest exploring the NHTSA vehicle rollover site at Especially, look at the vehicle class comparison page at

    The comparison page shows that SUV's with 4 star ratings have a rollover chance that is equivalent to the higher end (worse) cars. Still, I think this is pretty good. At least the Santa Fe is toward the better end of the scale for SUV rollovers.

    There appears to be a wealth of information on how to interpret these ratings at the sites above. They also offer some tips on ways to drive that minimize the chances of a rollover. Hmmm, most of that seems like common sense however. Maybe not.

    It is nice to see that the Santa Fe has such good crash and rollover ratings. It also received good safety ratings from the IIHS at

    PS. The NHTSA rollover site has a section on electronic stability control and how important that can be in helping to avoid rollovers. Of course, the Santa Fe has standard ESC. Note that this is different than traction control. The Santa Fe has both a stability control system and a traction control system. :)
  • deanov6deanov6 Posts: 13
    You get used to the feeling in the corners and you get a bit more confident once you have spent longer behind the wheel and get more of a feel for what it can and can't do.

    I went from an MG Sport Saloon to the Santa Fe and had the same experience at first but I quickly got used to it and grew to much perfer the higher position. I was borrowing a friends car a few weeks ago whilst my Santy is being repaired and it felt much more horrible being back down on the ground again with a low roof after being used to the Santa Fe.
  • tjk850tjk850 Posts: 13
    I agree with the other responses to this topic, and I also found the new Santa Fe to be very stable in high and gusty winds. The vehicle seems to have a firm ‘foot print’ on the road.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    With any SUV nothing beats common sense and safe driving habits. I tend to push my Santa Fe Limited. My only issue is the OEM tires. They could have done much better. I am in the process of replacing them with Nokian Tires. Otherwise a very agile and stable machine.

    If your looking for serious cornering capabilities in an SUV platform I recommend the X5 or the Cayenne.
  • I have heard multiple things about what to use to top off my power steering fluid on my 2005 Santa fe. I have been advised to use everything from ATF to off the shelf power steering fluid to only the new "special" power steering fluid only sold at Hyundai for $15 a pint. What are you using?
    Thanks in advance.
  • I used regular power steering fluid for my 2005 Santa fe,you can buy it from any auto parts and cost you under $3.00 a pint.,do not use ATF.,some car can use ATF for Power Steering,but not for Santa Fe.
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastPosts: 1,712
    If your vehicle is under warranty, then it is in your best interest to use PSF-3, which is what Hyundai calls for.

    There is a reason that they specify PSF-3.
    The same reason Honda's require Genuine Honda Power Steering Fluid.
    Their systems are designed for that specific fluid.
    I know that sounds like garbage, but I have seen many systems where folks have used standard PS fluid and caused themselves a bunch of headaches, not to mention some warranty problems.
  • August 18 2007 , My family and I where on Vacation in Las Vegas NV. we where heading east on I-40 returning home to New Mexico we where about 80 miles from Flagstaff. the road was wet it rained that early morning, also that part of I-40 is all incline about 6% grade there are some times 3 lanes for slow trucks. you are going from 1000ft elevation to 7000ft ok. I was going up a step hill, cruise control was set at 78mph, when on my right there where two semiTrucks one decided to cut me off to pass the slower truck I had to slow down then I heard a big explosion it was a tire from the passing Truck, as the Tire came apart in front of me a swerved to avoid it my ,Stability control came on ,Traction control and it controlled me from over steering and keep me straight I could feel some traction slip because of the wet road. but it being awd I could feel the transfer of power that kept me in control the Abs slowed me down to a safe speed to where I could pass the truck on the next hill. My Santa Fe that day saved and protected my family that day I am glad and so is my wife,That we own a Santa Fe Se AWD touring package.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You should tell KC your story over in the comments his recent trucking blog. Glad you had a happy ending!
  • Hi There,
    I bought a used 2010 Santa Fe V6 Limited AWD in August 2011. It drove like a dream until a few weeks later. The power steering started to make excessive noise (whirring, whining) when turning at low speeds. I checked the power steering fluid and it was fine (no leaks). I then took the vehicle to my local Hyundai dealer to have them inspect it. They fixed a recall (some spring related issue) and said that there was nothing wrong with the steering - that is is the normal sound for power steering. I know it's not the normal sound as people turn their heads and stare when I turn corners. ... especially in my underground garage.

    Any thoughts to what might be causing this? Why would a dealer be reluctant to fix?

    Thanks in advance

    CanadianGal 1
  • I'm having the same problem with my 2004 Sante Fe. Seems once I hit the 100,000 mile mark this problems started happening. I eagerly await for someone with knowledge of this problem to reply to you! Wish I could help!
  • I would love to purchase this car but I have test driven it and even rented one. I love everything about it except for the steering. It really seems to "track" toward the left or right whenever a small turn is made to the wheel. I mean it feels like it could very easily send me into the rails with a slight adjustment to the wheel. It seems over sensitive. The salesman tells me it is called "torque steer" and that it is less noticeable at higher speeds. Well, I still notice it at 60 as much as I do 30 MPH. I have owned Honda's with variable assist power steering. But this Santa Fe steering makes me uneasy. Does anyone else notice this? Is it adjustable or can it be fixed because I really want one! Thanks!
  • I too had the same problem. I knew it was not normal when my wife pulled the car into the garage. Took the car to the Hyundai dealer who agreed the noise was abnormal.
    They replaced the steering pump reservoir. Apparently, so I was told, debris from somewhere in the engine makes its way to the reservoir screen. The Service Manager said in the past they cleaned the debris from the screen and all was okay temporarily. The customer would always return with the samed problem.
    They now replaced the steering pump, which is apparently one piece, insluding the reservoir. Problem fixed now.
    Unfortunately this has just been one in a string of problems we've had with our 2010 Sante Fe SE, purchased new.
    In our experience you just have to take the complaint higher. We've called the dealership owner a couple times to receive satisfaction. Good luck.
  • Hi there - I finally have an answer for this!

    So after visiting the dealer 4 times in the past 4 months the problem is finally (knock on wood) getting resolved.

    Here is the summary of the issue:

    1st visit - told nothing is wrong, replaced springs as per recall
    2nd visit - told power steerng pump is blown... replaced it ... sound goes away
    3rd visit - told steering filter is clogged. cleaned and topped fluid which was low
    4th visit (today) told steering rack is cracked and has been leaked fluid for 4 months. need to replace entire steering rack (thankfully I think under warranty for my car as 2010). The steering noise got so bad before today that even going straight was loud and people were turning their heads on the street as I drove by. :mad:

    Car is gone for 2 days. Why does this happen in a car so new with low kms!??!? Is it just a lemon?

    Good luck with you..hopefully it's not this problem because I think it's expensive to fix out of warranty
  • I believe this is common on this vehicle. Reviewers call the steering "light".
  • jfaronjfaron Posts: 1
    2012 santa fe does not track a straight line. Pulls left or right significantly. Dealer aligned front and rear, pressure balanced tires.
    also a constant vibration while driving.
    anyone else with these problems?
  • rie64rie64 Posts: 1
    Oh my gosh - yes! I have the same problem with my 2011 Limited!! I've had it at the dealership for alignment 4 times since I bought it in May (certified pre owned with 15k).
    Same symptoms as yours. Was starting to think I was losing my mind, dealer claims it is operating within manufacturers specifications. Uh no, there is something wrong. This is not the first vehicle I have ever driven - there should not be a vibration like this and 4 alignments in 10k miles is unacceptable. Just aligned again last week and 30 miles later a crack appeared at the edge of passenger side windshield (definitely NOT hit by rock) about 5 inches from bottom. Called dealer and with no hassle from them at all they are putting in a new windshield. Something is fishy about that - what do they know that they don't want to tell me?!?
    Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Starting to think about looking into Lemon Law :lemon:
  • dominiondcsdominiondcs Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    On the Resovior of the power steering, which is the return line? There is one line going to the pump that is bigger in diamenter that the other hose that connects to the power supply oil cooler assembly. Replaced the pump and both pressure and return lines and hope the noise goes away. Been having trouble with air in the line. Have not tryed it yet since replacing the pump.
    Oh, and what hose do you disconnect to bleed the system? The big hose or the small hose?
  • I have a 2007 santa fe with 76000 miles. has anyone had issues with the steering wheel making a popping sound when turned? i raised the hood and found the steering linkage and noticed a rubber boot covering a steering joint that is cracked.
    here lately i have been having a lot of mechanical issues with this truck. i really didnt expect all this trouble out of this 6 year old truck.
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