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Hyundai Santa Fe Indicator Lights and Gauges

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • I've had the 2004 Santa Fe for two years and I've never been happy with the brightness of the headlamps. Not only are they not bright enough on normal, but the high beams seem even dimmer (it seems as though the same number of lumens are just diverted over a greater area). Anyway, I've been planning on replacing the OEMs with something brighter. Does anyone have recommendations? I think the headlamp size is H3, but if you know differently let me know. I'm not enthused about spending the money and time to put in xenon lights with the extra stuff necessary. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  • You might want to purchase a Sylvania SilverStar High Performance lighting. (Bulb type 9003ST)
    Any other brand will be bulb type (9003) for you high/low beam not H3.
    You can go to and look it up under Consumer Products then to Automotive Lighting. Hopefully this will help you.
  • When I have my lights on everything lights up except the "reset and trip" buttons on the trip computer. I wasn't sure if these do light up or mine are not working. I can't see those buttons at all in the dark!
  • I don't think they light up. At least mine don't either. I just realized they didn't light up the other night. Wanted to see my Avg MPG and couldn't tell which was trip and which was reset. They thought of a lot in this car including the lighted cup holders I can't believe they forgot to light up the trip and reset buttons. I've got an appointment at the dealer on Friday morning because my trip computer no longer displays the outside temp, I'll ask them if they are supposed to light up or not.
  • How is the bulb behind the Speedo, Rev Counter, Fuel Gauge etc on my 1994 VW Passat accessed? Mine has gone out and it's not a faulty fuse.
  • I have a 2005 santa fe lx i had to refill the coolant 3 time since i,ve had it. i have 20,987 miles on it there are no leaks. took it back to the dealer they said that this is normal for the santa where is it going? if its not leaking out is it going in to the engine? or what help. :confuse:
  • Your dealer is full of it. Take it to another dealer or call the Hyundai rep for your area.

  • I agree. Your dealer stinks. You most certainly have a leak. All engines have a coolant jacket. Yours is leaking. The most commonly leaks into the cylinder and is burned. If this is happening you will begin to notice white smoke from the exhaust and a sweet smell. You could also be leaking into the oil itself or a combination of the two. In any event GET to another dealer soon! Good luck.
  • Every time I take my Santa Fe through the car wash, the check engine light comes on. Any ideas? Thnx
  • nv_0411nv_0411 Posts: 1
    im a 2007 hyundai santa fe owner,i noticed this buttons dont light up either on mine,i went to dealer and ask about it ,they said this 2 buttons does'nt light up. :(
  • mpalacolmpalacol Posts: 14
    They're correct and I'm surprised Hyundai didn't think about this because they thought of everything else.

    I also wonder why the temperature gauge doesn't appear sometimes and when it does, it's never accurate.

    The biggest instrument light issue I have is that the dimmer control doesn't work during the day when the headlights are off. I'm amazed that very few SF owners complain about this, nor the brightness of the lights at night. The more conscious I am that they're bright, the more distracted I am by them so I'll turn my headlights on just to dim them.

    Anyone have this gripe?
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I have no complaints about my instrument lights. I like that they are bright enough during the day to actually see the readouts. At night with my lights on, I can adequately dim them to an appropriate level using the dimming control. Nope, no complaints from me about these lights.

    Also, my temperature gauge is always accurate and does a very good job of indicating the outside air temperature. There is a common malfunction with the temperature sensing system where it doesn't read the correct temp and often gets "stuck" on 68 degrees. There is a technical service bulletin out on it and it is easily fixed. See the 2007 Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair thread for the details.
  • mpalacolmpalacol Posts: 14
    Thank you for the temperature gauge info.

    I'm hoping I will adjust to the brightness of the blue lights during the day. The blue was a big selling point when I decided to buy the SF. The indigo/periwinkle shade is actually my favorite color, I just noticed my eyes felt strained and sensitive after driving my new car for a week. Hopefully it's due to something else.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    I had the "disappearing" outside temp gauge when my 07 santa SE was delivered.

    The poor dealer had no idea, nor does Hyundai consumer affairs to this day,that a TSB existed (got it here!!!...Thanks again). :)

    I have said this many times...the communication at Hyundai is VERY poor. reps are nice but are ill informed. the service departments are just embarrassed,,,especially when I had to give them the Temp TSB...they were told a fix was being developed but had no idea it was out...took about 20 minutes...that was in early FEB 0f 07!

    After giving the dealer the TSB that I got here, all worked well...and still does. I find it pretty accurate so far.

    Only one small gripe. they put the "change computer function" button in a very inconvenient location and it is not lit at night.

    I also find the instrument lighting too bright at night so I have it dimmed way down for night driving. Nice color though....I like it...rather unique.

    I am a lucky Service manager goes out of his way to make me happy! BTW: someone ordered the towing hitch/harness pkg with the part# i mentioned in a previous post...looks nice but not for $400! (My dealer offered it to me for 10% over his cost but I am going to wait to see what happens next and if any third parties make the connector...i doubt it but can cost is about $240 for the pkg (he said there has been a lot of griping about the $1300 for the touring pkg and then being charged for the hookup as a pkg)
  • tuggles1tuggles1 Posts: 5
    I just got a 2007 Santa Fe as a loaner since my 2006 Sonata is about to get a new engine. Anyway when I got the Santa Fe (love it, by the way), it had 32 miles on it. Now it has 500+ and the check engine light just came on today. It's also running very badly. I've been a loyal Kia and Hyundai owner (also own 2006 Sedona), but I'm really getting tired of this. The Sedona was recalled and had many TSBs.
  • jcoug03jcoug03 Posts: 4
    Welcome to my TPMS nightmare. I have a 2007 Santa Fe (which I love) and the only problem I have with it is the TMPS light continuously coming on. It started about a week after I purchased the car.

    I went in the first time and they told me it was due to the cold weather. It came on again the next week (when it wasn't cold) and they said that I had 'over-inflated' the tires (but I never touched the tires).

    Of course, the next week it came on again and they said that a 'sensor' needed replacing.

    The 4th time I brought it in, they kept it for three days and then told me (again) that I must have 'over-inflated' the tires. Then, after the third day of having my car they said that the TPMS code had logged into three of the computer systems and that the past few times I was in they didn't clear the codes from all of the systems. They said now that they have cleared the codes I wouldn't have any problems.

    Two days ago, after encountering ANOTHER TPMS light, I took my car back in, where they (again) suggested that I might have overinflated the tires (I nearly screamed out of frustration) and received a loaner car. This afternoon the dealer called me because they had "conveniently" just received a Technical Service Bulletin from Hyundai stating the following:

    DESCRIPTION: This bulletin provides information regarding electromagnetic interference with the Tire Pressure Monitoringn System (TPMS).

    The TPMS malfunction indicator lamp may be illuminated if the vehnicle is moving around electric power supply cables or radio transmitters at police stations, government and public offices, broadcasting stations, military installations, airports, transmitting towers, etc. The TPMS malfunction indicator lamp generally turns off after the vehicle is removed from such interferences.

    If the TPMS indicator lamp is ON, and all four wheel sensors are checked and are working correctly, external electronic devices connected to the vehicle's power outlets (cellphone, notebook computer, seat warmer, massagers, coolers, etc.) may be the cause of this condition.

    Please request the customer to not operate external electronic devices that cause this condition.

    THANKS FOR NARROWING IT DOWN HYUNDAI! Considering that I live in western Washington (near Ft. Lewis, and an airport, and police stations, and radio towers) and use my cell phone, what the heck am I supposed to do about it?
    Furthermore, how am I supposed to know when there is a real problem with it, versus when I just so happen to be driving by one of these 'electromagnetic interference' areas?

    They still have my car over the weekend so that they can have a field agent look at it, but I am not holding my breath on the outcome.
    I called Hyundai of USA Customer Service who said that they haven't heard of this TSB, but that they'll "look into it..."

    If anyone else is having this problem please help! :lemon:
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    If the TPMS indicator lamp is ON, and all four wheel sensors are checked and are working correctly, external electronic devices connected to the vehicle's power outlets (cellphone, notebook computer, seat warmer, massagers, coolers, etc.) may be the cause of this condition.

    Now that is very disturbing news....I use a cell phone, radar detector and GPS which I have not tried out in my 07 SF yet. :mad: I hope they find a fix....Yes I know there are warnings about operating equipment in the vehicle but you don't find out until after you buy one and read it. I hope they at least they try to fix it!

    I am beginning to really question whether any car company tests their vehicles at all. The standard answer at Mini Cooper for oddball troubles..."It's a Mini thing"...sold it!
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    I run a laptop, Nextel, Cingular, GPS and I constantly drive on the NJ Turnpike within 100 feet of high power lines. Unless my Santa Fe was built with a lead liner I would not pay any attention to this TSB. If it actually exists since I just looked and can not find any reference to EMF Interference. I personally had an issue early on with the system and it turned out to be a bad transmitter.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    Thanks Pelican19....that is a bit more reassuring. I plan to do a bit of testing myself and will report if needed. Problem is I just don't drive the SF that much yet

    Thanks again
  • gwillygwilly Posts: 51
    Of course your "loaner car" does the exact same thing when driving around strong EMF's.........I'm sure it does not!

    They always just say that your the only one experiencing this problem ;)
  • bkirk1bkirk1 Posts: 21
    it sounds like hyundai doesn't know what is causing the the faulty signal. Sense its not the sensors it must be the receiver that is faulty. It could the frequency that the receiver is on. I assume that not every Santafe your dealer has sold has this problem.
  • My TPMS light came on about 10 miles after leaving the dealership. When I got home, I checked the tire pressure and it was 45 to 49 in each tire. (I had asked them to check the tire pressure before I left the dealership, but they didn't). I reduced the tire pressure to the recommended level but the TPMS light continued to stay on.

    Recently took the car to the dealer for an oil change after 1000 miles. They reset the light claiming that it showed a code for over-inflation. The light came back on during the trip back home from the dealership. I checked the tires again and they were all around 30 (the recommended pressure).

    I'm going to take it to another dealership next week to look at the light.
  • I'm not so sure I would dismiss the "outside influence" theory entirely. Whenever I am driving along Interstate 80 around Stroudsburg, my TPMS light comes on. I wait until I am about 20 miles down the road and hit the reset button, the light goes out and all is well until the next pass by Stroudsburg, PA.
    I have a 02 Sienna
  • Re: my post #8. I forgot to add that I am waiting for the 08 Santa. I love the 07's but I just have this thing about buying a "first year" vehicle. Looks like I am wrong this time in consideration of the number of extremely satisfied 07 Santa owners but I am committed to wait now.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323

    The Hyundai models do not have a reset button for TPMS. The system checks every 15/30 seconds and update the cluster. ( In theory ) :)
  • jcoug03jcoug03 Posts: 4
    The saga continues. I picked up my car today (finally) and they told me that a Hyundai Field Mechanic was flown in to look at this problem. After looking at the TPMS problem at hand, this 'highly specialized mechanic' suggested that they rotate the tires. They discovered that the error is only occuring on the back tires, so they switched them to the front hoping that it won't cause anymore problems. Um...okay.
    Seeing my complete and total frustration they took the approach of "Hyundai of America would really like your help on this since it's a new vehicle and this is a new if you could keep a log of when/where/whattime/howfast etc you were when it goes off that would be great." Nice. I'll let everyone know what happens! ;)
  • I took the car to another dealer last week and they looked at the TPMS system. They discovered that one of the rear tires was not properly "registered" with the system and that was causing the TPMS light to stay on.

    Now it seems to be working OK.
  • rvanremorvanremo Posts: 3
    I've seen a few references to the light intensity on the 2007 Limited's instrument panel and screens... as for me the lighting is way too bright at night, it's a real distraction out on rural roads away from the city. My plan is to temporarily cut some pieces of dark window film and affix them to the screens and turn the dimmer control to the minimum setting, that is until I can come up with a more elegant solution. I'm thinking that it would be great to replace the controller with one that allows about 50% of the current intensity (wattage?), if that's possible to do with a reasonable amount of effort. Anyone have other ideas? In every other respect our 2007 AWD Ltd Santy is a total champ and we love it. Thanks!
  • I have a 2002 Santa Fe and the light behind the radio went out. My dealer said they dont service the radios (lost my biz). Does anyone know how to access the bulb so it can be replaced?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This guide may help until another owner comes along with the answer:

    Hyundai part lookup on Hyundai Parts Online
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