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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Aftermarket Upgrades

electricianelectrician Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Hey guys , i am starting this thread to help everyone mod their new 08 C class. I myself am trying to find a piece to override the break so i can watch my dvd while the car is moving. and ideas and inputs on this matter will help


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you are going to watch DVDs while driving please don't drive in my neighborhood. :mad:
  • There is not but one Capital Crime..... it is stupidity... more people die from it than any other crime......

    And please don't drive in my neighborhood either

    Guess we will be reading about you in the next Darwin Awards!
  • Yeah.. i have a solution that works for you.. i just installed the DVD bypass switch to watch DVD's while in motion.. its from and they have a solution that works.... to activate the switch you have to hold the hang up phone feature on the steering wheel and it will activate it on/off. there are a couple of things to keep in mind... 1) MAKE SURE TO DISCONNECT YOUR CAR BATTERY , FOR IT TO WORK!!!! TRUST ME(im saving you 4 hrs) if you dont. the system must be rebooted for it to work. if not it wont actuate and you will be blowing fuses- 15 amp. to be precise... ( dont go higher than that- it will damage your COMMAND system....2) place the modules in really neatly and carefully as the fiber optic switch connector is fragile and you will disengage your sound for movies.Getting it back in is a pain!!! 3) make sure the ipod intergration wire is replugged in.. or you wont get the ipod to work....4) when you have the the DVD in the Navigation will not work properly...I REPEAT THE NAVIGATION WILL NOT RESPOND PROPERLY!!! so you have to hold the hang up phone feature for 4 seconds and the satellites will readjust.... and then it will work if your on a long trip you have to switch between the Nav and the DVD... sucks.. also some switches will not work if the car goes past 30 miles and hour but the MBdoctor switch works fine....check the connectors they give you because the one i had was defective... i had to go to BROOKLYN NY to have the MBDOCTORS themselves install it for me.. ( it took 3.5 hrs however) but i can now watch DVD's and drive... so ill be crashing near a neighborhood near you..... JUST KIDDING...!!!!!!! they told me that my BENZ is the first C300 2008 to work successfully....

    have fun and if you have any questions reply to this and i will do my best to answer your questions or comments.
  • I didn't spring for the upgraded ICE system, so sorry if this is off-topic. Since this topic is aftermarket upgrades, I clicked. I need to ask a question. Has anyone installed aftermarket coil springs? Do you have pictures? I want to install Eibachs and was told by a rep from the company that the car will sit 1/2" lower and not the advertised 1.2" since it already has a sport suspension. BTW, the OE shocks will work with the springs. That is how Eibach designs them. Thanks.
  • Look at Renntech's website in a few months they'll have a lot of upgrades.
  • Does anyone think that those grilles like STRUT or ASANTI grilles would look good on the new 2008 c-class?
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