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Recommended Changes in Santa Fe ...

curtamouscurtamous Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
I have an 07 SF Limited. Some recommended changes.

1. The seat belt buzzer as I previously ranted about.
2. The stereo controls on steering wheel...the MUTE should be at the top and the MODE on the bottom. instead of the other way around..
3. The manual shift should be the opposite... when you shift DOWN it should UP-Shift instead of down-shift and vice versa for shifting UP.. make sense?
4. Driving/Fog lights should be able to be turned on separately during day/dusk driving.
5. Front Seats should have slightly longer cushions under legs..
6. Better/Stronger brakes ... the seem a little weak in emergency stopping situations.
7. IPOD connection
8. GPS
9. Hybrid option
*** other than that, I love my Hyundai! ... never thought i'd say that about a hyundai!


  • if you have something to hide out of sight & reach, on the front drivers seat between the leg & back supports ... in the crack. there seems to be a large pocket in between.. BUT it can fall out behind the seat if you press it in too far.. check it out if interested. I'm going to test my concealed handgun to see if it fits and stays in place :shades:
  • mcq1mcq1 Posts: 103
    I love the Santa Fe and I don't even own one just yet. I am waiting for the 2008. I love the style of the car. I am hoping that some of the bugs of the 07 have been worked out. I am holding out because I want the navi and top of the line stereo.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    "3. The manual shift should be the opposite... when you shift DOWN it should UP-Shift instead of down-shift and vice versa for shifting UP.. make sense?"

    I don't see the logic of this suggestion. I equate a "forward" movement with a shift "up" to a higher gear. Maybe I'm just strange.

    My suggestions are:

    Complete the interior lighting by illuminating the power mirror control, moonroof buttons, trip computer buttons, and HomeLink buttons.
    Provide an auxiliary input for an iPod or MP3 player.
    Provide turn signal repeaters in the outside mirrors or on the front fenders.
    GPS! (supposedly coming later in the 2008 model year)
    Xenon headlights (even if optional)
    Memory function for driver's seat and outside mirrors
    Rear parking assist (with camera)
  • Agree with 'mpuzach'... Upshift - push up / Downshift - pull down.

    Hyundai should have installed a mechanical device to lock the shifter while in the 'Shiftronic' position. I find that in the manual shift position while turning a corner, my hand is forced to the left, moving the shifter over to the fully auto position. Just a tad annoying!

    Anyone else notice this?

  • I agree with curtamous that the MUTE and MODE buttons on the steering wheel are backward. I also agree with mpuzach that there are some buttons that need to be lit at night (especially the Homelink buttons!). Turn signal repeaters would be nice, too. They are already offered on the European versions, so it would be easy to put them on the U.S. versions. And we ALL would like an AUX input for an iPod or similar device.

    As for in-dash GPS, I don't see the need. You can always get an aftermarket one if you want it. Pioneer, Panasonic and others make in-dash GPS head units that will play DVD's, interface with your iPod, etc., and they fit perfectly (standard double DIN). Or you can buy a portable GPS like a Garmin or TomTom. That's what I did, and I'm quite happy with my $300 Garmin Nuvi 250.

    A few other things I'd do differently:

    1. Allow the cruise control master switch to stay "on" instead of having to manually turn it on every time you start the vehicle.
    2. Provide auto-down and auto-up for all windows.
    3. Allow the driver to control power windows even when the lockout switch is engaged.
    4. Add remote engine start as an option (perhaps standard on limited)
    5. Brushed aluminum switch panels on the doors (the same ones they use on the Euro versions)

    Most important, though -- I want a diesel! I'm getting about 17.5-18.0 mpg around town in my 07 Limited AWD, and 22-23 highway. A diesel engine with torque output comparable to my 3.3L gasser should be able to improve on those numbers by 20-25%.
  • 2. Provide auto-down and auto-up for all windows.

    Yeah, that would be awesome!

    Actually there are aftermarket control units for some cars that give you the ability to auto up/down all windows. I installed one on my 2001 Camaro SS Convertible. It was awesome! Just before getting on the highway, press two buttons and both windows were in auto-up mode... Very cool... :shades:

  • yep. Been there.
    Also, I use the sport shift so much when I am alone that when I have the kids with me I forget I am not usin the sport shift but push it up every now and then. My wife gets a good laugh when the rpms jump and the motor screams from being placed into neutral. lol...
  • Your first item reminds me of a question I have had since getting my SF: what is the purpose of the cruise control on/off switch? In my previous vehicles there was an engage button, which automatically turned cruise control on, and a resume button, but no on/off switch.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    The question has been asked here before. I don't know that there's ever been a definitive answer. My best guess is that the on/off button is intended to make it less likely for the driver to unintentionally activate the cruise control. I can't imagine anyone doing that, but it's the only thing I can come up with.
  • Why in the world they didn't make the center console at least 8 inches deeper is beyond me.It's not like there is a periscope or anything under there.
  • Are you referring to the center console storage bins?

    There are 2 separate storage bins on the center console. It's quite possible that you are only looking at the top one which is 1 1/2 inches deep, for smaller items like a wallet etc... The bottom one is 5 1/4 inches deep, which IMHO, is more than enough space to store larger items. ;)

  • Well bust my britches Bambew,i'm gonna have to check that out.Just got mine last Fiday and other than driving to work at nite have'nt had the chance to check it out.
  • Lol, sorry that is funny right there, I don't care who you :P
  • I believe that a diesel SF will be available in the 2009 model year. I rode in a couple of diesels recently on vacation in India. A Hyundai and a Tata. I was verry impressed with both cars.
  • I loved the overhead clock next to the sunglass compartment on my 01 SF


    the half window in the cargo area. I have dogs and it was great to be able to open just the top half of the cargo door to give them air.

    More options for accessories such as a custom pet guard divider like the Nissan Murano

    Air conditioning vents in the cargo area even when third row seating isn't part of your package.

    Can you tell I have dogs that need to travel in comfort???
  • Oh my, my last post got deleted... Guess I'll have to tone it down a tad for those 'faint-of-heart'....


    Both you and huckleberry need to grow up dude! I was only trying to help out.

    The bigger of the two center console cubby holes is over 5 inches deep. Seriously now... who needs a 14 inch deep storage bin? FYI Huckleberry... larger items go in the rear stowage area. Bwahahahaha... :P

  • Why? Is laughing against the law in your world? :surprise:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Both you and huckleberry need to grow up dude!

    We're supposed to be discussing changes in the Santa Fe - not changes in people. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    yeah - i would give it independant fog lights that worked with or without headlights. also make the rain sensor standard with the option to turn off. make the second row be able to move forward and back
  • tjk850tjk850 Posts: 13
    Independent fog lights would really be nice to have and a movable second row seat would be very convenient.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    "Why? Is laughing against the law in your world?"

    No, but don't you think it a tad rude laughing at someone at their expense.

    It's not very becoming...

  • Good Grief Bambew,why are you busting my chops?Now that i'm aware of the 2nd bin,i agree with you it's plenty of room.As far as growing up,at my age i seem to be shrinking.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43

    It sounded like you were being very sarcastic (post #13) in response to my post about the two separate storage bins.

    Then came skierbri10 saying "Lol, sorry that is funny right there, I don't care who you"

    I took offense to the two posts... However, if I am wrong about your intentions... I apologize dude... I guess I took it the wrong way... So sorry! :blush:

  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    ok- and back to the topic.... would be nice to have the option of having the map lights stay off when you want them to if the door is opened. we had so much problems getting the maplights to work in the 1st place i guess that would be asking too much...
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    "...would be nice to have the option of having the map lights stay off when you want them to if the door is opened. we had so much problems getting the maplights to work in the 1st place i guess that would be asking too much..."

    I'm curious - why would you want that?
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 335
    I will definitely drink to that....somedai1... I still cannot believe we got er fixed and going back for seconds would surely break something else...Murphy is still lurking there somewhere!!!

    As it gets darker and darker these days, I for one am VERY happy to have light up front!!
  • I know that Hyundai builds some of their own automotive diesel engines (including a 3.0 V6 which is available in overseas versions of the Veracruz) but I'm wondering what they might have in mind for the stateside 2009 or 2010 Santa Fe. The 3.0 V6 would probably be too big. What might be the chances of the new 2.8 4-banger which Cummins will be producing? All that has been announced, so far, is that Cummins will be selling their new 5.6 V8, 4.2 V6 and 2.8 I4 to Chrysler. Would also selling the little 4-cylinder to Hyundai be a stretch? Shipping charges from Columbus, Indiana to Montgomery would be a H... of a lot less than from the ROK, and offering a Cummins engine could sure get the attention of diesel-savvy customers. :blush:
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    i just like to have options - almost every car i've ever owned had these options fro the dome light:

    constant on
    on only when door is opened

    and since the dome light was poorly positioned by design - too far back to effectively illuminate the whole car - i opted to get the maplights redone to act as a dome light -
    so i wish it had the full functionality of a dome light...
  • crowartcrowart Posts: 25
    I think they'll copy Lexus RX (the Veracruz clone), which went from a 3.3 V6 to a 3.5 after a couple years.

    Maybe Hyundai would do a 2.8 I4 Santa Fe, but the 4.2 V6 sounds like overkill to me. Maybe the Veracruz could use it, which has a 3.8 at the moment.

    Heck, put the 3.8 in the Santa Fe, give it six gears, and you'll have a trade-in from me.

    (Naaah.... I'll just wait for diesel.)
  • (Naaah.... I'll just wait for diesel.)

    Same here. (And pray for a Cummins!) :)
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