2001 Jimmy with leaky seals, check engine light

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Can someone guide me through this? My 2001 Jimmy just had the differential seal replaced in the back..it was leaking pretty bad. A second seal was replaced at the same time, apparently a transmission seal (??...I am no good at this).

The day after this happened, a new leak occurred, at a fast pace, closer to mid/front on the passenger side. Seems like the same type of oil. Dealer told me it could be the same seal he just replaced, and that maybe it was faulty. Any opinions on that? I mean that second seal was replaced due to a leak that was apparently small enough to not ever notice, and now there's a small puddle after a couple of hours.

So, on the way to have the dealer check this new leak out today, my check engine light comes on. I have it read at AutoZone and they tell me P1416. Air system bank 2 fault is the definition. How huge of a problem and cost is this? Is replacing the air pump usually good enough, or is it way more indepth? I would appreciate any input.


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    disconnected the cable and dropped pan, changed oil, re-install new filter and pan, cable, now i have no rpm, mph, or fuel level or coolant instrument readings, can someone help,,, my friend said he will have to reload these things back in the computer.

    thanks mike
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