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Mitsubishi Outlander Push Bars

pattenpatten Member Posts: 2
hey folks
i have been driving my much-loved outlander on the busy streets of brooklyn for six months now. the tight parking here is starting to take its toll on the front and rear bumpers. does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes push or bull bars for the '07 outie? i have searched the web, but no joy. cheers.


  • marty009marty009 Member Posts: 3

    Do you have the cost for a full set.....where can I purchase it...

  • pattenpatten Member Posts: 2
    thanks for the info. does that supplier also do a set for the rear or the car? the photo's only show the front.
  • 20vcq20vcq Member Posts: 82
    Push bars? Isn't this a "BUSH" bar? Or am I mistaken? I doubt the attachment by bolts would hold up to much "pushing". :) Never the less this writer will be ordering them for the same reason as our Brooklyn buddy.
  • klasklas Member Posts: 22
    I don't see prices on zontrath website. Also, how easy to install them. Does it have to be done by a dealer?
  • 20vcq20vcq Member Posts: 82
    I am looking at a web site www.wooddashexperts.com showing Westin Safari Light Bar. Is this the item that was installed as a push bar or ...? The price is right at $147. at least.
  • cheech73cheech73 Member Posts: 14
    sorry for bringing back and old thread but i too am interested in knowing about the different types if any A bars and push bars. i seen one in the carID website but 500 for a push bar is a bit steep for me. if anyone has links or can provide website can you please post them, thank you in advance.
  • modachemodache Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2010
    Don't know anything about A bars but I got a push bar for my Outlander from AutoAnything for less than $450. That was the cheapest price I could find: http://www.autoanything.com/grille-guards/61A3743A0A0A2521788.aspx.

    I also bought a universal rear bumper protector from AutoToysUSA.com: http://www.autotoysusa.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1. That cost $100.

    And since my Outlander doesn't come with a hitch receiver, I had to buy one for $160 on ebay before I could install the universal rear bumper protector.

    The whole kit comes close to $1000 if you don't do the installation yourself.

    If you want the cheaper route, you could buy the clear protective films on eBay or get those ugly rubber bumper guards from AutoZone.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    CariD offers bull bar for the Outlander 2007 to 2012

    ROMIK® - 2.5" Bull Bar

    at $435. I have ordered one set. The clamps was ordered from PIAA and the driving lights from PIAA.

    DIY installation said the web page and no drilling. I will put on my comments when I receive the kit and installed it.
  • the_grocerthe_grocer Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    In UK best "bull bar" I found was supplied by Autostyling (Birmingham) see link....cost 289GBP including fitting, but this was made in Italy so I guess there are importers dealing with the manufacturer for most countries....

    Looks good with specialist OUTLANDER name on cross piece.
  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    For US customers that would like to order “bull bar” for their Outlander with European specifications (i.e. EU approval) may be done by clicking: http://www.europeantoysshop.com/. This is 1-man Company with very good connections in Germany.

    In my opinion the best “bull bar” in the market is manufactured by: http://www.cobra-sor.de/. This lick will help you to choose the proper “bull bar” for your car model. For example “bull bar” for 2007 Outlander has different part# than the 2012 Outlander part# and so on. There are small details that need to be aware off. This link also provides a pdf file of DIY installation instructions.

    The link: http://www.autostylinguk.co.uk/ is an agent or representative of Cobra in the UK. However the UK Company also represents other European companies.

    Mitsubishi Australia offer an OEM “bull bar” accessory for the Outlander and it is Australian approved to be use in Australian territory. There is a justification for this because the number of kangaroos in Australian roads. However in the majority of European countries the “bull bar’ is just an adornment to your Outlander and it needs especial approval by the manufacturer that the “bull bar” will collapse before killing a person.
  • the_grocerthe_grocer Member Posts: 2
    Some good links there, whilst Cobra is good I still like:-

    http://www.misutonida.com/outlander/accessories/medium-bar-mark-omologato-inox-1- 729.html

    worth considering...............
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