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Tucson vs Santa Fe vs Scion XB

gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Kinda odd discussion but those are the cars I am looking at. They are realitiy close in price.

For some reason I do not trust the hyundai MPG, that is the only reason I may doubt those?


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    pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    If price is your only comparison and mpg is more important than your personal safety, the Scion is the way to go. Personally, I am willing to give up a few miles per gallon to be safe. The xB got a Marginal rating for rear impact and a Poor rating for side impact. ( 2006 model ). I would wait and compare for the 2008. Many new safety features promise to increase the safety ratings...
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    sduff68sduff68 Member Posts: 52
    I traded in a White 2005 Scion XB in for my silver 2007 Santa Fe SE.

    My only regret is how little I received for my XB, I could have got significantly more if I would have sold it myself.

    Positives about the Scion XB were the incredible amount of passenger room for it's size, cavernous storage space with the seats down, good gas mileage, multiple storage nooks, and unique novel looks.

    Negatives were it's lack of cruise control, hard plastic interior, noisy interior, small storage space with the back seat up, relatively large turning circle, and the poor safety test results. Since this was our second family vehicle complete with two car seats permanently affixed to the rear seats the safety test was a major concern.

    The Santa Fe is luxurious, quiet, and attractive, has the macho looking dual exhaust, free XM radio, good amount of storage space with the rear seats up etc. The only minuses are gas mileage, and the lack of an IPOD/MP3 jack.

    However, I still wish I would have driven the new 08 XB before I got the Santa Fe. I personally think the Santa Fe looks better, and is more luxurious, but I would have liked to give the XB a look just to see how much of an improvement it was in ride quality and features.

    I probably would have still bought the Santa Fe, but I wish I would have had the chance to check it out.
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    gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    Yes you are right about the XB prior to 2008. But every one of my issues I had against the XB prior to 2008 have been addressed with this new model. speed comfort suspension even an arm rest included now. Cruise on wheel as well.

    As it is we looking at a new 2007 rav4 against the santa fe 2007. We discovered that that tucson was a little too small for the 1500.00 difference between it and the santa fe. One of the Hyundai dealers said theres a 1000.00 rebate on the santa fe. But look forward to a 2500.00 rebate coming soon. I can't confirm this but it sounds like what hyundai does a lot of this in the past. In that case we will get more aggressive in our study.

    We are just about ruling out the XB the price is about 3000.00 less then the rav4 but the ground clearence is a little worrying to me. Since it has been raining very hard in FL the past 2 months and I see a lot of 1 foot+ puddles very scary not knowing where the high point is.

    Santa FE has better standards then RAV4 and is a V6 not a V4 like the RAV4. But there are positives/negatives to both. Very difficult. Just hope the Sante FE can last 7+ years with no issues. Specially ones that dealers can't seem to find when you complain about them.
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