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I saw that they closed down the 3 other threads but wanted to be able to post about my 07 WRX wagon. So I'm going to see if they will let this one fly.



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    The other threads were closed to to eliminate the broad spectrum posts and organize the topics. What would you like to post about? There are a lot of specific threads started from interior to engine. Also check the M & R area too for subtopics.
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    Could someone please tell me whether or not the clock brightness is effected when using the instrument dimming control?
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    It was on my RS02 until my clock died last year ......
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    I broke the latch on the front center armrest compartment in my husband's 2003Impreza WRX wagon. This car is his baby and I feel TERRIBLE. How can I get a replacement, can't seem to locate one on the internet - or is there someway to just fix the latching part, it looks like a piece of the plastic broke off. Thanks for any help.
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    You will probably have to go to a Subaru dealer. Most likely they will have to order the part, as it's probably not something they keep in stock.

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    Try that or visit 1stsubaruparts.com and order the same piece, if you can find it.
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    This happens every so often. If you can find the part, it's probably somewhere in the car, you may be able to fix it. It just snaps back into place. Then again, without actually seeing the damage, maybe not.
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    My son has an '02 WRX sedan purchased used with 107,000 miles on it. We just discovered an exhaust leak near the turbo; either the turbo housing itself, one of the gaskets, or in the downpipe. From above and below we can't tell where it is. How hard is it to pull the turbo to inspect the unit itself and the gaskets? We don't have a shop manual on the car, but do have a pretty complete set of tools including flexhead ratchets, torque wrenches, deep sockets, open and box-end wrenches, etc., etc.

    And does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? The OEM uppipe costs about $350 because it includes the front catalyst. We don't want to order the part until we are pretty sure that is the problem. [Aftermarket uppipes are much cheaper but none of them include catalyst AFAIK. I'd be afraid to use one of them and find the car failing inspection.] The local dealer says they have almost never ordered the uppipe before, either because they seldom fail or because folks are just installing aftermarket pipes.

    Help, anyone?

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    when i checked exhausts during my time at sears auto was to put hold a towel over the exhaust pipe and listen for the exhaust leak to get louder. this worked some of the time and better if the leak was close to the back of the car. since you suspect the leak to be around the turbo area, it would involve using two people. one to hold the towel and one to listen by the turbo. i don't recommend doing this on a hot exhaust. if nothing else, it may help find the leak.
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    Help! I need to find a dog crate that will fit into an '02 Impreza wagon. I expect the puppy to grow to about 70 cm (27.559") and 47 kg (103.4 Lbs.). Ideally the dog crate would fit with one rear seat up. If that can't be done, both rear seats can go down. If the dog crate can slide in and out from the tailgate all the better. I do understand that the dog crate might have to be constructed and de-constructed from within. The measurements displayed for dog crates on the internet suggest a tight squeeze. I'd love to hear from those with actual experience. I'd hate to have to pay for extra shipping and re-stocking fees.
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    I've got 60,000 miles and the standard service (done every 30) is about $1200 without the timing belt change. It's another $500 for that. Some dealers say to change it at 60,000 even though it isn't recommended to do so until 90,000. I was shocked at the service charge for the 60,000 mile checkup. The last one (30) cost me half as much 3 years ago. Do I need to change the belt now? Are they having problems with the timing belts? It is a turbo issue? Anything else I need to be aware of? There isn't a dealership in my town. Closest one is over l00 miles away. I've had no problems with this car. I just love it. Thanks
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    Check the owner's manual, it may even be longer than 90k.

    For my Forester the interval called for an inspection at 90k, and replacement by 105k miles.

    Worth a look.

    If the other belts in the engine bay look badly worn, then I'd do it, else I'd wait.
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    Unless the belt is obviously worn, I'd wait and follow the manufacturers recommendations. If the dealer is recommending more service than the manual recommends, the dealer is more likely looking out for his profits more than your needs. Same old bleep, these tactics never seem to end. No wonder the public doesn't trust them.
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    I have the exact same issue with my WRX. What was the solution to your problem?
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