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Jeep Liberty Warning Lights and Gauges

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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tidester, host
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  • I've had the engine light turn on in my 04 Liberty probably about 8 or 9 times already. Everytime I bring it in, they diagnose a different problem but the symptoms remain the same. The car idles roughly and will even sometimes shake. It also seems to be lugging. I've had new ignition coils installed, new spark plugs, sensor reprogrammed. fuel injection software replaced, etc. I'm, wondering if I have a lemon or if this is a common problem -and if anyone has a solution?
  • My take - you need to find a new dealer. One who doesn't just replace parts, but one who can diagnois first, then, and only then, replace the defective part. Your guy is just throwing parts at it.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    My Malfunction light is stuck on. Anyone have this before, and what did it take to clear the light?

  • Does anyone know how to clear the check engine code on the 2006 Libery Diesel
  • bip1bip1 Posts: 1
    :confuse: 2003 liberty . my check engine light comes on when gas gets low quarter tank. put it on my scaner code came up small edmission leak bad gas cap changed it good for a month now its back again. brought it to dealer said nothing wrong. any one eles had this problem ?
  • I've been having that recurring problem for over a year now. I keep bringing it back to the dealership and they always diagnose a completely different problem, so I'm still stumped. Elsewhere on this forum someone posted a great link to download a table that allows you to diagnose what the malfunction light means by turning the ignition key on and off - it'll get your odometer to read the specific error code the sensor is responding to. Try that and then bring it to the shop.

    good luck.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    I don't know to what extent all DC products are similar but my brother had a similar problem on a Dodge Stratus at 140k miles. It was worse in damp weather. After spending $250 a pop at several dealers he finally went to a dealer that found the problem. They replaced the wiring harness that feeds the coils on the spark plugs saying those wires are subject to "carbon tracking". This may be way off. It just sounds similar. If the new "ingnition coils" that were installed included new wiring then this is not the problem.
  • By pressing in the odometer reset button and by moving the key to run , you can see what problems the computer has
    seen also watch your gauges jump around . this fix
    my tach and speedometer which both read 0 while driving.
  • I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited. I noticed that there is a light for part time, and 4 lo but no light for full time 4WD. Should there be?
  • Yes, there is a light for full time. I believe it is green. It's location is right next to the Part Time light. Its location is also detailed in the owners manual.

    Hope this helps,
  • hankkhankk Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a problem with the swicth not caming on or going off.
  • jcbuxjcbux Posts: 2
    i have an 02 KJ with 93k miles and has recently been giving me headaches. the extent of my mechanical ability stops at changing fluids and plugs. check engine light comes on and i lose power. i pull off the road, turn the key off for a while and start up down the road again. it seems to happen going uphill, when i'm on the throttle. my garage (not a jeep dealer) has had my rig 5 times over the past month. their computer diagnostic has been the same every time - misfire #3 cyl. they replaced the coil and plug, but the problem remains and is getting worse. the local dealer can't get me in for 2 weeks. i've read the similar postings and i understand now the problem could be many things. this is my only vehicle and i'm limping it to and from work every day. unfortunately the warranty expired after 5 yrs. any advice?

    thank you in advance,
  • madisclmadiscl Posts: 4
    i recently had a similar problem with my 2006 Liberty and it worsened to the point that it felt as though my Liberty was going to stall (both while idling and while accelerating); eventually, my "check engine" light came on so i took it in to the dealership. it turns out that there was excessive carbon deposits on the valves and all of the valves had to be replaced. and this is not the first time my dealer has had this problem. luckily, mine was covered by warranty. i suggest you ask your dealer to check your valves.
  • madrockmadrock Posts: 2
    Hi, I am new to this forum, and I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before. I tried searching for it, but didn't have any luck.

    I bought a 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport for my wife about 2 weeks ago. Everything has been great thus far (other than the stained seat problem). As I was going to drive it last night, I noticed that the instrument panel would not light up when I turned on the parking light and/or head light. I thought it may have been a blown fuse, but I could not figure out which fuse it was from the owner's manual. The closest ones I could find where #13 and #34, and both checked out okay. I also tried adjusting the interior light lever but it was to no avail. All other interior lights work just fine.

    The only change I have made is the aftermarket CD player I installed last week. I don't know if these two correlate because I have not had to use my head lights since I installed the CD player. Since this all occurred late last night, I have not had time to troubleshoot any further. I will attempt to backtrack my steps by removing the CD player and placing the factory unit back in, and then manually pull all the fuses to check them when I get home from work.

    If someone has experienced this before and could spare me all this trouble, I would greatly appreciate it. I called the dealership for some possible pointers, but they just want me to bring it in. BLAH.
  • I have a 2003 liberty that I slipped into 4wd the other day to get our of my soft yard when the wheels were spinning. Now, I shift back into 2WD, the Part Time 4wd light stays on. When I shift into 4wd, the light goes off. I seem to be able to shift between 2 and 4wd fine, the light has just reversed itself, so it is on when it should be off and vice versa. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I think your transfer case position sensor got loose. Here is a drawing of the thing:
  • There has been a safety recall on all jeep liberty vehicles 2002 through 2006 on the lower ball joints. That is what is causing your car to shake and if they are not replaced the ball joints can detach and you will lose all control of your steering wheel and may cause you to get into an accident.

    The number to call is 18883274236
  • I have almost the same problem,gas cap spark plugs vacuum hoses have not fixed it yet mine is a 4 cyl
  • my 2004 jeep liberty runs rough when cold-- had the spark plugs changed at the dealership and eprom from the computer flashed with the latest tuneup info- also had fuel injectors cleaned. seems like it runs rougher now than ever- runs fine when warmed up but very rough when cold- no codes or service engine light- what could possibly be the problem?? frustrated in ny
  • Back in 2005, I bought my wife a used 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited. She's loved it and currently has 89k on it. Periodically since we've had it, the check engine light comes on. 1st time took it back to the dealer and they chalked it up to the gas cap not being on correctly. So, we've been able to clear that with taking the cap off and putting it back on. Over the past weekend, I used it to take the trash to the dump; check engine light was on. When I got back, one of the bags had leaked and it smelled so I left all the windows open to air it out; including the back window. I also took off the gas cap and remounted it. My daughter went to go use it and the battery was low; the front interior lights stay on when the back window is up. I fiddled with it for a while and eventually got it started... however, it would not idle. After cleaning the airfilter and checking everything, I tried again and it started and would idle... check engine light was out. My daughter borrowed it to go out that night and filled it up; it previously had a little over a quarter of a tank. It ran fine all night. Since her Kia is dead, my daughter borrowed it again and was going to use it until the Kia is fixed... she was on an interstate on the way home when she lost power and it stopped. We had it towed to a local shop (owned by family). This morning they tell me the engine is shot and it will be $5300. to fix it! I've maintained it religiously with regular oil & filter changes. I expected the air filter to be changed last time but Midas didn't do it. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Sorry I don't have more info on the problem because the wife has been in contact with the garage this morning. Just checking things out. A new Jasper engine is about $4k...
  • I have an 04 Jeep Liberty with a 6 cyl. It stopped on the way home the day before yesterday, stalling at stop lights . I would have to put it into neutral and keep the engine revved to get it home. This occurred after it was running for about 20 minute. It also would not let the engine get over 2000 RPM, if you stepped on the gas it felt like it was choking out and would start bucking and acting up. We got it home , and noticed a clicking sound coming from under the hood. I traced it to the fuse box, the ASD rely was clicking in and out. (Automatic Shutdown) It is actually the same rely that runs the blower motor, so I switched them and it did fine , and I was able to get home. The next day it ran for twenty minutes and acted the same way again. Does anyone have any ideas? Unfortunately this is my only vehicle
  • Well, the dealer called me and said I need a new engine because "something is broken in the engine and is loose". A new engine installed and out the door is $7000! Has this engine had problems? I was assured by the dealer when we bought the thing that the engine was pristine and had been cared for. My wife was religious with the oil changes... WTF? Is there anywhere in Northern Virginia that fix it for less than the dealer, or other shop's price? I'm still making payments on this thing! :mad: :lemon:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    "something is broken in the engine and is loose"

    That's too vague. Press your dealer on exactly what is broken and what is loose.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    For the sake of curiosity I checked the cost of a rebuilt VM engine, DOHC 2.5 Liter CRD:
    "Cherokee, 2.5 CRD DOHC 16V VM99B, 4790 Euros"
    This comes to ~6700 USD not accounting for labor. And this is not a new engine, this is a rebuilt engine!

    I guess you're lucky to get a new one put in for 'just' $7000.
  • Yeah... but they want to charge more than the diagnostic fee to tell me more... I would think the dealer would be able to give me more information. Ponderous...
  • I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty. From past and current history with mine, did you guys know that the engine light will go on when your gas cap is not on properly. When that happens, still have to take to dealer for them to reprogram the computer chip associated with it. And.....wanna here something bizarre that I just got nailed for the other day???? My Warranty did NOT cover the expense of having it at the Dealer or the car rental....because.............wait for this....the gas cap was NOT a Chrysler product! This vehicle does not come with a locking gas cap, so I put my own on after I bought it. (price of gas going up, didnt' want theft). So, I had bought a cap somewhere that they were cheaper. Go figure..........and Yes, I am writing a letter to Jeep.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    None OEM gas caps are a problem. Sometimes just replacing the cap will clear the check engine light after a few driving cycles. Not sure if that's true with the Liberty.
  • My 2004 Liberty has had the ck engine light come on intermittently. I had it diagnosed by a local repair shop and at the dealer and was told it is the 5th cyl misfiring, because the rotator isn't working as it should. (the local shop told me that) The repair is pretty costly to have both heads removed for replacing them all just to be sure.
    Anyone out there have the same problem? I have complained about a rough idle since the get go also.
  • zeta1zeta1 Posts: 5
    Hi - I bought a 2007 Jeep Liberty - has 5000Km on it now. The ESP and ABS lights both come on everytime I drive it -- goes 5-10 Km and on they come and remain on until I stop and shut off engine - now the cycle starts again - 10 Km - or so and on they come again. Chrysler service is hopeless - they have replaced a brake switch, replaced some computer part - still no luck -- any ideas??? Thanks. Sadie
  • I had trouble with my CE light last year as well. While still under warranty I took it in to have it looked at and the dealer had a hunch it was something to do with the engine, but stated that Chrysler requires to have all kinds of other stuff like new spark plugs and fluids changed before they can repair the engine. So I had to pay $600 in non-warranty work only to have the light come back on 2 weeks later and then to take it back in and have to take out the engine to replace whatever was wrong (heads or something) and it took 5 days!! The second time I took it in they didn't even consult my previous record to understand what was wrong.

    Now my air bag light is on and I'm not looking forward to whatever song and dance they have to fix that one.

    This is my 4th and last Jeep - my car experiences have grown worse with each vehicle and the quality and service have gone down the tubes.
  • i just bought a 06 liberty and the part time light stays on. that aint right is it?

  • Hi all, my MIL keeps coming on every couple of months. I had the recall fixed for the ball A/C compressor fixed (3times) and supposedly during one of those visits they fixed whatever problem was associated with the MIL. It doesn't blink...just stays on. HOWEVER...right before it came on this last time, I was paused on a street, and when I pressed on the gas to go I thought I was on ice or something because I wasn't really going anywhere! I was scared to death that I would be stuck there...but finally it decided to go and I haven't had it do that hesitation stuff anymore (been about a week). Are the two related? The hesitation and the MIL?? Oh yeah...and periodically my dome light comes on and off...usually when i barely touch my turn signal. Lovely eh? Thanks for any words of wisdom! :cry:
  • liberty 02 oil light keeps coming on had oil changed 2 weeks later it popped on again. Now the sunroof wont close and am at my wits end, can someone please advice me. Help
  • My ex wife had the same problem with her 2003 Liberty. When she took it to the dealer, she was told that it must have been bad gas. Bad gas was right. She traded it in and never really found out the problem.
  • hartberghartberg Posts: 1
    2002 Jeep Liberty ABS and brake warning lights on with speedometer flucuations. I had a broken wire at the top of the differential on the rear axle. I had to replace the connector with a new one from the dealership. The part number for the connector is 05013995AA.
  • I am having very similar problems. I did not see what you did to fix this problem. If you don't mind please let me know.
  • zeta1zeta1 Posts: 5
    Hi - I tried everything and spent a lot of $$$$$ - finally found a smart mechanic who - removed the EGR value and cleaned it - very quick - replaced it and the car ran perfect - however, he also order a new EGR value and installed it a week later - have not had a problem since --might be your problems solver as well. Ronald
  • Thanks that sounds like a good place to start.
  • Same problem here - except check engine light comes on also (sometimes all sometimes two sometimes one light). Service has replaced computer (twice), anti-lock brake sensors, and who knows what else. Chrysler service has had our 2007 Liberty for about 6 weeks and are at a loss on how to fix it. I asked about the clockspring/steering angle sensor but didn't get much of a response. Did you get yours fixed? Thanks. :lemon:
  • zeta1zeta1 Posts: 5
    Hi Ndetello -- yes, I am happy to report that it is fixed - here is what they did -- well to start with, they replaced switch, for Parking Brake Warning lamp - did not work. Next guy replaced that switch with another -- still no luck. Final word from that dealer -- it is all normal!! It was not normal, so, went to another dealer. He also changed the same switch -- no luck -- anyway, This guy check the Brake switch again and found -- one pin of the brake switch spread and in backwards!!!! They repaired the connector and the Jeep has been running fine since - apparently this could have happened at the factory or when a recall part was replaced -- anyway, working fine now. Hope this helps. Zeta
    The recall repair was 18F50182 - safety recall no. F50- Regrog.
  • megrowmegrow Posts: 3
    i have a jeep liberty 3.7L 4x4 2002 with 119,000 miles had the transmission fluid changed 1month ago, just a couple days ago the check engine light came on so i stopped put the hood up and the fluid needed a qt of tranny fluid so i poured in went back into town went to local autozone and got more tranny fluid and filled it where it goes and the light still on i checked gas cap got gas were i always do put additive in just in case, checked hoses. i drove 100 mi with on seems to drive fine no noises or knocking change gears fine, stops alright no jerking but seems like it doesn't go as fast but could be my imagine nation cause i go at least 70mph and i drove 60-65 mph cause others at least go 70 im not use to going that slow but anyone expereance this situation oh yea autozone hooked that gadget to it and came up transmission pressure so i wasn't satisfy with so i went back yesterday and had him hook again and to look the code up and it wasn't for my car the code came up for some volts wagon my car didn't have one of those in it. well HELP!!!! :cry: i never had no trouble till now hope its an easy fix not a hard one , i'm praying!!!
  • megrowmegrow Posts: 3
    went to dealer to get light checked. they hooked to diaganoises said something about silanoid but they checked it and it was fine so they reset the light have not came back on either when i put the tranny fluid in that was problem or the wiggled or put something back cause it was loose. out 63.00 better then 635.00 which they could of took out my pocket for silanoid . so far so good while i waited for my car i applied for a loan for a new car , just in case but did'nt use the offer yet . ;) im still riden my jeep :shades: !!!!
  • I had a problem like that, it turned out to be that I needed a new gasoline float sensor. I changed it myself and have had no problems ever since. about $70. and the code will say something about fuel level indicator high output..
  • megrowmegrow Posts: 3
    engine light back on , came on in 3 days but runs ok i think it might be the converter cause it hissed when i bought it its a little louder then when i got it. i dont no the code is the same. im going to get rid of the jeep and be done with it after hearing what everyone else is going through . :mad:
  • drgumsdrgums Posts: 51
    I am looking to buy a used 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4...

    Should I avoid this vehicle?

    I could get the 2002 Jeep Liberty for $4600 with 78K miles?

    Any advice? It seems that most of the people on this forum are not happy???

    This used Jeep Liberty 2002 would be for my daughter.

    Please advise....

    thank you
  • Is the vehicle in good condition? Does it look like it's been well-maintained? Can you get warranty records? It could very well be a good car and a good buy.

    And understand that people don't post here unless they're having a problem with their car. And with so many Liberty's out there on the road it shouldn't be a surprise that some have had problems. For the record, I've been very happy with my 2006 Liberty and my neighbors have been happy with their 2002.
  • While driving home on the highway tonite the electronic throttle warning light came as well as the check engine light. Vehicle seems to run fine. Would I be able to use it tomorrow to comute to work until I can get it looked at?
  • My 02 Liberty oil light keeps comming on after I drive it a while. Had the oil changed, replaced 2 sensors, had it checked with a REAL guage and thr pressure is fine. Anyone else ever had a problem like this?
  • I have a 2006 Jeep Liberty 4X4, 3.7 liter engine. The oil light will come on when initially started after sitting for awhile. However, when the engine is cut off and re-started the oil light does not come on again. Any soluations to this little mystery.

    Thank you,
  • hbrobhbrob Posts: 1
    This just happened to me, did you find out what caused it? Also a 2007 Liberty
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