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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Tires and Wheels

1fastc230k1fastc230k Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Has anyone purchased the Hankook Ventus Sport K104 tires for their C-Class? I have been using the Michelin Pilot Sport for years on my C230K and think it is a great tire. I'm a little low on $$ but I don't want to take the chance on something I will regret for the next 15,000+ miles. I do alot of freeway and street driving that includes two lane roads with tight curves. The Pilot Sport handles great on dry and wet pavement. I have read several reviews on the Hankooks, but not many from MB owners. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. :)


  • If you're on a budget, I recommend the General Exclaim UHPs. I do not have personal experience with these tires but I've read tons of reviews that praise them. I would have bought them if I didn't find a good local deal on some Michelin Pilot Primacys. I suggest you check out the reviews for them on Several C class owners have left reviews of this tire.

    Good luck.
  • jcf4jcf4 Posts: 26
    Any suggestions?
  • gotgt3gotgt3 Posts: 85
    Guys looking at the C300 2009, what is the main difference between the AMG wheels vs what comes standard? Is it just the name and the look? Or performance? How is tyre roar for one vs another?
  • I just bought a set of Falken FK452 for my 2005 C230K and so far am impressed. They cost about as much as the OEM Pilots, have a 50% higher treadware rating and so far handle about as well while riding just as quietly.

    I haven't had a track day or a run up Angeles Crest with them yet, but I am optimistic.
  • joannawjoannaw Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Mercedes C230. 3 weeks ago I got a flat tire, passenger front. I took it in and it was unrepairable. I bought a new tire and the tire company put it on. At the time, I did not know it was the wrong size. My fronts are 17’s and my backs are Profile 19’s. They replaced the passenger front with a 19. So I was driving on 3 19s and 1 17. Yesterday on the freeway going 65mph, my steering wheel started to shake for about 6 seconds, as I began to slow and bank a bit as the freeway curved right, I observed my drivers front (the 17) fly off my car. It wasn’t until I got to another tire store to replace the tire I just lost that they told me that the tire that was just replaced weeks ago was the wrong size. They removed that tire and I ended up replacing both front ones.

    Could the passenger front tire being the wrong size have caused the older, smaller tire to fly off the car as it did? I keep hearing it is dangerous to mix tires sizes on the same axle, but I want to have my answers before I go in to the original tire store.

    Thank you!
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