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Mazda CX-9 2008 GT vs. Touring with NAV

morley1morley1 Posts: 7
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The dealer tells me that after initially building a few Touring CX-9 (2008) with NAV, you can no longer get NAV unless you go up to Grand Touring. Mazda USA can't give me any info over the phone. Has anyone else heard this? Have to get the GT to get NAV?


  • ecs1ecs1 Posts: 2
    Just yesterday, I bought a Touring CX-9 with nav. My salesperson didn't tell me anything about the Touring no longer being made without nav. However, when I looked at the cars on the lot, I did notice that the Tourings didn't have nav. I simply thought it was a "flukey" thing.
  • I'm in the process of getting quotes from various dealers for a 2008 GT. One dealer just called and said that as of today, Galaxy Gray and Platinum (my #1 and #2 choices) are available only with a black interior. Has anybody else heard this?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Galaxy Gray and Platinum (my #1 and #2 choices) are available only with a black interior. Has anybody else heard this?

    That is correct! For 2008, Mazda is not offering Sand interior on the GT trim in the colors you mentioned.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Hmmm...that is just too bad, because our local dealership (Capital Mazda of Cary) took an order for a Galaxy Gray with Sand interior and I tend to trust *you* better.

    However, the brochure for the 2008 CX-9 GT still lists the availability. What gives?
  • Yes. Black was the only option when I purchased my platinum CX-9 GT. By the way, we love it.
  • I was told by two dealers that most of the silver and blacks come in with black interior. So we bought the copper red with sand.
  • I read somewhere that the 20" tires are noisy on the CX-9 GT. Just took delivery of one yesterday and the tires do seem noisy and am wondering if I should have dealer change to 18" wheels and tires. Bought the car BELOW dealer cost loaded with everything but rear entertainment--$37,852 plus the ridiculous doc fee, ($269) registration fee and tax. Can anyone comment on tires/wheels?
  • lanceflancef Posts: 8
    This is one reason why we leased an 08 Touring with NAVI vs the GT. The 20 inch wheels on the GT, at least to us on the test drives, seemed to ride a little firmer along with a slight increase in road noise.

    If you do have the dealer switch to 18 inch wheels ask how this will affect speedo and odometer.
  • I actually did extensive research on this exact issue before buying my 2008 Grand Touring. According to the information I collected, changing from the 20" to the 18" rims on the GT will affect the speedometer/odometer a virtually undetectable amount, if at all, because the added rubber satisfies all of the detectors, etc.

    I definitely wanted the GT, but I hated the ride with the 20" rims. My dealer was willing to switch out the tires at no charge. (Of course I was giving him the more expensive tires, but since other dealers had refused to make the switch, I jumped at the chance.) I just returned from my first long distance road trip, and the ride with the 18"-ers was very smooth--much smoother than the ride when I test-drove the 20"-ers.

    By the way, it took a lot of detective work, but I did manage to find a 2008 GT in Platinum with a Sand interior and a Blind Spot Monitoring System.

    Hope this helps!
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    If you go to the Mazda website and search their inventory, you will find at least two Galaxy Gray cars with Sand interior
  • c_rexc_rex Posts: 14
    Which dealership(s) were these at? I did a fairly exhaustive search in at least 30 major cities this morning... couldn't find that combo. Dealer says 90 days to wait for a custom build from the factory. :cry:
  • lch77lch77 Posts: 53
    one in CT, the other in MA, The Mazdausa.com website allows you to search dealers' inventory. It's not perfectly accurate, but it allowed me to pick a dealer that had my choice colors in stock.
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