Land Rover Disovery Electrical Problems

where does the ground wire from under passenger side foot well attach to ground stater on 1995 discovery one???? thanks Patrick


  • dclickdclick Member Posts: 1
    I've replaced battery after battery and alternator as well...still can't find the cause of a rapid battery drain. When reconnecting I hear a high-pitched whine (like a motor or some unit operating in engine compartment). Any suggestions on a common short-circuit area to check?
  • nexus66nexus66 Member Posts: 1
    Hi - I own a Discovery II 2004 HSE - and just go the same issue. << Battery was totally drained today on December 30th. I went to a store and turned off the engine but kept the headlight and blinker on while double parking 5mn awaiting in the car...and the car will not start i.e., battery went dead. I could hear that noise. Someone jumpstarted me and it went ok - I am bringing the car in but I WOULD BE VERY interested to know the outcome of your problem.

    thx in advance
  • emmaannaemmaanna Member Posts: 1
    The battery keeps going dead. The battery is new and alternator is ok..

    Jumping it off starts it.
  • torinotimtorinotim Member Posts: 1
    99 landrover discovery 1 4/8 4.0 i replaced the fuel pump, now have no power. checked 1 fuse underhood and 1 in dash. is there a relay?
  • hal9khal9k Member Posts: 1
    Possible help with your "dead" battery problem. I had a like problem. The dealer was never able correct. They replaced the battery and alt. several times. In my case, When the vechile was new I removed the original rear air shocks replacing them with coils and HD (Old Man brand) shocks and coils front and rear. Shortly afterward I began having dead batteries. The dealer was still at a loss.

    My solution, I had the dealer DEprogram the rear air suspension programing, END OF PROBLEM.

    I would seem the computer kept trying to pump air in the nonexistent system. May this will help.

  • lardsavidlardsavid Member Posts: 1
    my sun roof doesn't work rear windows out, today i turned on my heater and my speed indicator went up and down . abs and yellow car going down a cliff light is on
    not to mention the alaways on check the engine......any ideas
  • kevin01041961kevin01041961 Member Posts: 1
    Hi i have a Disc 2 auto td5 which at first defaulted into 3rd with flashing lights, after having the xyz switch it still does it but now no flshing lights defaults into 3rd. i've had it in 4 garages who tell me no fault shows on the pc and it still does it

    any help
  • yeskey81yeskey81 Member Posts: 1
    As of 2-28, I am having the same problem. If the problem occurs when I am in motion, the engine will rev up 200-300 rpm then go back to its previos rpm, very easy to go un-noticed, untill the lights start flashing and the car becomes slugish. If the problem happens when I am comming to a stop, the engine will stall and won't restart untill I pull all the buss fuses for the engine and aux and then put them back in. Then it runs great, until it happens again, so far only when the engine is hot. Have you had any luck with a fix or should I just go directly to the 20lbs fix-all sledge hammer.
  • 98_ponderosa98_ponderosa Member Posts: 1
    Hi, 98 Discovery outside four corner indicator lights flash when LH/RH turn signals used, rear lights don't work, and brake lights don't work. Swapped out rear light bulbs and brake light bulbs and brake switch working fine: problem persists. Do you know what that black box is in the RH rear light compartment that the lights connect to? Thanks!
  • lacey8lacey8 Member Posts: 1

    i own a 2000 landrover discovery was driving to work one morning and truck began to loose power then backed fire finally came to a stop and never started again. would turn over but not start. i changed to crank sensor, spark plugs wires and plugs, mass air flow sensor, still no start just turn over. so i just let it sit in the garage for a year cranking it now and then. with in 2 in a half years of sitting i finally put in a ingition coil still no start up also replaced the starter and bought new battery. now it turns only a quarter turn on attempting to start it. it has been sitting in garage since winter of 2010. what could be the issue. the local machnic tells me to bring it in he will have no problem getting it going but im afraid of his price.

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