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1997 Metro 3 cylinder hatchback top speed?

jonibug2000jonibug2000 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet
find the top speed it will do ? My hubby got a speeding ticket today...the cop said he was doing 91 on the freeway! I was there...he was doing 68. I want some info to back up it's top speed cause we are fighting this in court!! So...where can I find what it's top speed is ?


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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I don't think any "theroretical" top speed for a Metro is going to help your case, but I've seen top speed estimates of 89-93 for a 3 cylinder Metro, so depending on wind conditions and road grade, 91 seems possible.
    So now you're down to your claim that the car was going 68 vs. the measurement of 91 by the police. An inaccurate speedometer could be involved, but that's not anything that helps since it's your responsibility to have a functioning speedo.

    The last line of defense is trying to prove some kind of error in the measurement of your speed on the part of the police. Either an error in procedure, or an error in the calibration of the instruments used to measure the speed. But that's a longshot if you ask me.
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I was visiting a friend's tire shop/garage today and asked a couple o fthe techs about top speed for the Metro. One had actually had a Metro up to about 95, and another said he wouldn't be surprised if it would hit a limiter that GM sets at 108.

    You might want to visit the Traffic Laws and Enforcement Tactics discussion as well.
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    plzionplzion Member Posts: 7
    my 93 Metro 3 cylinder & 5 speed easily does 100 mpg at which speed it shows about 85 mpg w/stock size tires. I actually have measured the speed with a stop watch many times on trips using the mileage markers including those that are certified to be accurate for the distance on straightaways.

    I hope that you talked to the court attorney and settled for his offer, or you will just be shafted on your car insurance.

    The Metro can go faster, but I haven't bothered to top it out.

    Once it shows 70 MPH on the speedo, it is likely close to 10 MPH under actual speed (this is actually very common in vehicles) the variation gets more extreme the faster you guy.

    The car is faster than many realize.
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    plzionplzion Member Posts: 7
    I've checked my speed many times via timing against the mileage markers as well. I've shown 105 mpg showing about 85 mpg on the speedo.

    The car was not floored, and certainly wasn't at the top speed. No wonder things seemed to zooming past along the sides of the interstate.

    It is not gutless like the 70's Japanese economy cars or the VW Diesels that I've owned.
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    mljwiremljwire Member Posts: 7
    Do you have access to a GPS? Even a simple hand held GPS displays your speed quite accurately. My 95 Geo 3 cylinder 5 speed speedometer is real close even at 65 to 85 MPH. Also it will do 90+ MPH easily, may take some time to get there, but it will definitely do it. I am always holding my tong while others with no idea trash this car only to ride in it later and I have to show them it is actual a three cylinder. Maybe with gas prices they will bring it back to life in the U.S.
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    billjenkinsbilljenkins Member Posts: 1
    I found this and had to register and account. Anyone who thinks a stock Geo Metro with a 1.0L 3 cylinder can do "108 by limiter" is OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MIND.

    On a flat surface with zero or tail wind, you may get 80-85 TOPS. Once you start going into any kind of a head wind, you're going to never see 80. Mark the same for an incline.

    Under most circumstances, floored...my metro can do 80 but that's it. I think some people are nuts out there. I just had it floored yesterday and it managed only 74...and it takes a LONG LONG time to even get it there.
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    plzionplzion Member Posts: 7
    You likely need a valve job. Also Automatic or 5 spd. Also, which model do you own? Mine is not the ultra high mileage XFi, nor is the most powerful LSi. How many miles on yours? I've timed mine using the odometer/speed checks on the Interstate. I do know the actual speeds and the actual speed variations on the speedometer, as I stated previous. Two people can own the same car, and yet it may perform differently based on a variety of factors including how the engine the was broken in, etc. Even my gutless high air drag 70 Datsun 1200 could top out at 105mph. Breaking 100 mph in any economy is unremarkable. I've even done it in VW Diesels (down a mild grade).LOL
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    zendenzenden Member Posts: 62
    My GEO Gives 64 MPG all of the time at 58 MPH; up to 49 MPG City; it will hit over 85 MPH any time in 4th gear, and I have no Idea how fast the top end is If I where to guess I would say around 105 to 110
    If you can only hit 74 MPH then you could try setting the ignition timming up to 7 degrees BTC rather then puting down the people that are telling you the truth.
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    J_B_GJ_B_G Member Posts: 1
    I have regularly done 110MPH+ in my 92 GEO metro, it cruises best about 85-90, the only criteria keeping the speed down is the fact that Geo's have a single core radiator, and the temp will keep climbing the faster you go for extended periods. I had the same prob with my 86 Chevy Sprint, and the only cure is to either slow down in relation to the ambiant temp, or add another radiator from another sprint or Geo in front of the existing one and "T" the hoses using copper pipe fitings. It's fixes the problem as the prob is with flow/quantity, not cooling ability. I'm 6 foot and weigh approx 200 pounds, so if your Geo won't break 100MPH on flat ground using a 5 speed manual trans, you need a tune, or a new engine. Also,, I have never had mine "shut down" from a speed cuttout, though I had an F150 do that at 105mph, then start back at 100. RADAR DETECTORS ARE LEGAL IN CA, buy one or get outta my way!!!
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    mightymetro98mightymetro98 Member Posts: 1
    The guy you talked to has a close estimate. I drive a 1998 Chevy Metro and I hit 112mph in 4th gear. People bash the Metros because of their small engine and good mileage but they are surprisingly fast for a 1.3 4cly.
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