Airbag trouble code

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I'm new here and I was wondering if one of you grease monkeys could offer me some help. I'm getting an airbag trouble code of 32 it's something about a Safing Sensor Circuit-High Resistance. What exactly does that mean?


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    It's usually the wiring harness under the driver's seat. I think it's yellow.
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    I checked that and it seems plugged all the way in. the wires look good. Should i start testing voltages.. can i safely check that without the airbag deploying on me?? :confuse:
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Could be the wiring harness or the clockspring. Probably best to let the dealership at least diagnose it for you.
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    hmmm a clock spring... would that have anything to do on why my steering wheel controls are behaving strangly. up is down down is down on the volume. have to turn the cruise off to set it and what not.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Bingo - clockspring.
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    I'll install a new clockspring and let you know how it goes.. is the repair manual a dealer part only also?
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    I think the factory manuals are available from Helm. You can get less detailed cdroms from ebay pretty cheap but they may not have everything you need.
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    I have a similar problem with my 2002 LS. I am getting 3 blinks followed by 6 blinks. code 36?
    What is a clock spring?
    Thank you
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    I'm getting code 32. I have no steering wheel feature issues and the yellow plug seems to have all it's wires intact. What's next? (grin)
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    2006 Suzuki Forenza airbag light says it is turned off..then the dashboard airbag analog light came on..what is up ??
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    I had the exact same problem on my 2001 LS. Blinking code 36. Corrected the problem myself. Look for a yellow connector under the driver's seat. Very thin wires go into this connector. Because of the driver's seat moving constantly upon entry and exit the thin wires constantly flex at the connector. One of the conducting wires inside the insulation will fracture setting a code 36. The wires remain connected to the connector by the wire insulation and look normal. To check have someone start the engine while you push the wires into the connector to form a connection. If the code 36 does not flash you found the problem - a broken conductor inside the insulation. To repair just bridge the connector on both sides with a piece of wire and butt splices. Repair completed. A little awkward working under the seat from the back although it can be done. I removed my driver's seat to completed the repair properly. Cost of this repair - short length of wire and two butt splices. ED1945
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