2007 Hummer H3 Shaking at 45mph.

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I have a two week old Hummer H3. I took it in to the dealer this past Monday because I noticed that when I'm driving at 45mph the steering wheel shakes like the front wheels are out of round. The dealer changed out the wheels, checked the front end and did everything possible. Unable to find the reason for the problem they drove a brand new Hummer H3 off the lot, had the same problem with the shaking at 45mph and stated that the shaking at 45 was standard because of the 4 wheel drive. I'm no mechanic but this sounds a bit strange, can anyone provide some insight? My Hummer H3 is a 2007.


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    Thats bull crap and he knows it. I have a Colorado 4 X 4 and it is smooth as glass all the way up to 90. I have had over 20 4X4's and never had this problem.
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    I guess, not defending them but would have to witness the vibration. They do have a small amount of vibration especially if it has the Off-Road package due to the extra knobby tires. If the vehicle sat on the lot for any length of time, that will cause flat spots to develope in the tires. But if they changed the wheels, should fix that issue unless from another vehicle sitting a long time on the lot. Did it shake like that when YOU TEST DROVE IT????

    Has it gone off road yet & maybe gotten mud on the inside on the wheels?
    By what are you calling steering wheel shakes? Like I said before, I would have to see it whether or not to defend them or to defend you. If it is severe, most shops do a Road Force Balance which if it does have flat spots, it will pick it up & say it is not adjustable at all & the tire(s) will have to be replace.
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