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GMC Envoy XL Power Windows

roadhoggroadhogg Member Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in GMC
The odd time when I start my truck my right rear passenger window will go all the way down (As soon as the truck starts). Now sometimes I can put it up right away and sometimes it sticks down for as long as it wants to. Anyone have any idea whats causing this, I am hoping to fix it myself to save a bit of money.
Thank you!


  • ronmronm Member Posts: 6
    On my '03 XL the right rear window recently stopped working properly. Gets stuck, etc, but doesn't automatically go down on engine start like yours does.

    I had the left rear window fail when the car was about 2 years old. :mad:
  • 38883888 Member Posts: 1
    front power windows doesn't work, or when you open the front doors the dome light doesn't come on. when you shut the key off the radio doesn't keep playing until you open the door. the window lock button that keeps the back windows from not working doesn't work. but the back windows work fine and also works the dome light fine.
  • pmahfoodpmahfood Member Posts: 1
    I am replaceing the driverside motor/ regulator, and wanted to know if anyone
    had instructions on how to do this job.
  • carproblem1carproblem1 Member Posts: 1
    My drivers side panel for my window is not working and I have looked at the fuses but I dont know which one goes to this panel nor if that is the problem can anyone that has had this problem help? I have a 2002 Envoy
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