2003 Yukon Denali xl I just purchased has a sound like a tin can

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I just bought a used denali and the muffler is very noisy and when I accelerate slowly or come to a stop I hear like chains dragging. I keep telling my husband, but I think he thinks I am nuts. It is so annoying. I am hating all the noise it makes. It sounds like its coming from the muffler and on the left back side as well. Any help for this pregnant mom of 4.


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    Are you saying that only you can hear these "chains"? When you husband drives it there is no noise?
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    I suspect hubby may not hear as well as Susan. There are many possibilities including loose or worn exhaust system, defective brakes or suspension.

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    Thanks for replying. He did say that he found that the sheet metal shield that goes over the muffler had a crack in it. I feel as though when the car is hot the noise is less.
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    That's possible. Thermal expansion would change some of the mechanical characteristics of loose, cracked or worn components.

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    If you have an extended warrantee it should be covered, other than that you may want to take it to the shop. You may also have a 902 day guarantee from the dealership.
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    i bought a used 2003 yukon and while driving down highways if i hit a small bump or pothole the whole truck jumps to the right and i feel i lose total control of the truck.brought back to the dealer who couldnt find anything wrong and just told me to adgust tire pressure which i did.this has happened quite a few times.i dont really drive the truck to much because of this.any ideas what this could be?has anyone else complained of this?are there any recalls on this truck that could cause this?
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    Is it annoying that he thinks you are nuts or that you hear chains dragging?
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    We purchased a 2003 GMC Yukon SLT and got it back from the dealer for some minor bumper repair. Now, the truck is not going faster than 15 mph no matter how much we accelerate and the dashboard said "reduce engine speed" . Also, the truck is now idling hard. Does anyone know what this could be ??
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    You found it! My 2003 did exactly the same thing. Temperature may have played a role, but I'm not convinced it only occured hot - happened on mine on cold start-up, usually in gear. We put it up on a lift. The rear of the muffler shield was cracked on both sides of the muffler. We put the 'ol screwdriver to it and bent the shield upwards - no more sound, for a while for at least. Best fix is to take the muffler off and weld the shield, I suppose.
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    I have a 2003 Yukon Denali XL the wipers will not shut off. I had to instruct my wife on how to pull the fuse to get them to shut off. When I got home I disconnected the wiper motor and they stayed off once I re connected it until I tried them out then they wouldn't shut off again. I wired in an external switch for now so my wife can drive in the rain. Also I have had the speedo go crazy a few times it will suddenly read 120 when I have the cruise control set at 80 and when stopped it will still read 85. After disconnecting the battery for a few minutes it will reset. I was wondering if anyone else has run into these issues ?
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    i have the same problem i have a 01 and i dont like drivin it. any luck fixing yours please let me know tanx
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