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Tire Cleaners

jauto98jauto98 Member Posts: 77
Hey people. Thought I would start a topic on tire
cleaners. What is the best product to clean and
make the tires nice and shining. I've used many
products, from foam to gels and I can't seem to
find one that shines well and stays shiny. I've
used a product, though I forgot the name, that
claims to "last weeks, not days", but it just
doesn't give that great shine as say what armorall
makes. So any comments would be great to direct me
to find a product that shines and last for a
while. Thanks


  • tonewheeltonewheel Member Posts: 47
    The biggest mistake people make is not properly cleaning the tires before applying tire gel/polish. Before you wash the car, first clean the tires. Spray a soaking spray of Westley's Bleche-White on DRY tires, let it sit for 10 or 15 seconds, then scrub the tires with a wet, synthetic bristle brush. Hose off. After the car is washed, I use Meguiars Endurance, which is a gel. Lasts about a month. The spray products are OK, but it gets everywhere and doesn't last long.
  • btroybtroy Member Posts: 92
    I agree, it's such a hassle. I was at a classic auto show recently and someone had a booth for something really different. This product put a shine on the tire that was supposed to last, I think 30K miles or something like that, and not attract dirt. It was also bone-dry and hard and smooth to the touch. It was similar to a varnish that you would find on wooden furniture (but probably a different furmulation). I wish I could remember the name, but I can't. It looked like the wet stuff and had a high gloss and a low gloss version.
  • jauto98jauto98 Member Posts: 77
    wow, wish I could get a product like what you explained that would last 30,000 miles. Bet it cost a lot for what it claims to deliver. Wouldn't it be great if all tires where made to shine forever... that would be cool. Oh well, guess I have to go and scrub my tires to accomplish a great shine that will last. Thanks people... keep this link up... I like to hear more of what people have to say
  • dgowerdgower Member Posts: 1
    Is Bleche-White safe to use if you have chrome plated aluminum wheels? Seems I remember it is pretty caustic stuff, and overspray would get on the wheels.
  • cook301cook301 Member Posts: 9
    Yes if left on too long it will remove the clear coat and it will discolor the metal surface. Also use caution when using cleaners that are for brake dust. Same results.
  • toad10toad10 Member Posts: 12
    Its been awhile since I've used those products but a tire guy tod me that most of those products cause tire cracking and thus shorten the life of the tire. He recommended using Vaseline or equivalent. Take it for what it is worth but Vaseline is a lot cheaper than the sprays.
  • sunfire99sunfire99 Member Posts: 6
    I use Turtle Wax, it's made to use for tires and it's great! The shine lasts several days, but it doesn't last as long on the back tires.
  • luckyjdrluckyjdr Member Posts: 10
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    I tried the endurance and wasn't impressed. It didn't last long at all and the applicator sucked. I prefer black magic's silicon spray. It lasts at least as long as endurance and smells just as yummy :)

  • palletmpalletm Member Posts: 1

    I learned that silicon based sprays can cause your tires to crack (especially if your car is not driven for long extended periods). That is exactly what happened to my father's Cadillac, which he drove sparingly.
  • joe166joe166 Member Posts: 401
    I expect that any car that is driven sparingly can get cracked tires. I think the main objection to silicon spray is that if you use it regularly it can saturate your brake pads and that is not good. I used a silicon based spray once and noticed diminished braking ability for a few stops until it burned off. I don't need that. I think keeping the tires clean is better. I have now used Zaino tire dressing and it is about the same as the others just not as shiny.
  • jdonneejdonnee Member Posts: 56
    I've been using Stoners for about six months and I would say that it is a lot better than what I could buy in the store.
  • bdstriebdstrie Member Posts: 18
    I'll tell you, I keep my car as clean as possible (wash it 2-3 times a week), but no matter how dirty my car gets between washing, if the tires and wheels are clean, the car looks clean if the tires and wheels shine.

    I've got a 99 Grand Prix w/ polished aluminum wheels, and I've tried almost everything on the market. I hate the greasy look, and wanted something that I didn't have to keep applying after every wash. I've been VERY pleased with Meguiar's Endurance. It goes on easy (I use an Eagle One applicator instead of the Meguiar's one), and it's not greasy.

    Best of all, I only have to clean my tires every other week or so, even with all the washing I do.

    I know most of you are as finiky as I am with your cars, and I suggest giving it a shot.
  • zim5zim5 Member Posts: 5
    Greetings. I recently purchased a new minivan
    and I am trying my best to make it look a bit
    sportier. I like the wet tire look and have been
    using the STP "wet look" spray product, but now
    I feel that I might be damaging my tires by using
    these products. I've heard good things about
    Meguiars Endurance and I was wondering if Meguiars
    would eventually cause my sidewalls to dry out.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  • gladicheckedgladichecked Member Posts: 93
    is that it does the prevents the rubber from drying out and also from discoloring. I just tried some myself, and it was easy to apply and looks great. They say it lasts a lot longer than other products...we will see.
  • gladicheckedgladichecked Member Posts: 93
    Meguiars does not boast a "high gloss" finish. The product is actually called a tire "protectant". I have never found a "high gloss" spray that hasen't come off on the fenders/lower panel, attracted dust, and worn off within a couple of weeks...less if it rains or I wash the car. I have only had the Meguiars on for a couple of days, and it has not rained, but it has not come off on the car or attracted any dust so far.
  • rea98drea98d Member Posts: 982
    If you have whitewalls that have become discolored by years of dirt, one thing I found to clean them is Spray & Wash (yup, the same stuff you use in the laundry). It doesn't leave a shine, but it does make the whitewalls white again.
  • mike543mike543 Member Posts: 2
    On my 2000 BMW 528i, I use Meguiar's Hi-Tech Wheel and Tire Cleaner. After that, I highly reccomend Meguiar's Endurance Gel (never high-gloss.) It lasts for a month, even when it's raining. The main part I like about it is the easy to use applicator. It's not messy, and doesn't stain my driveway. I've tried Black Magic's sillicone spray, Meguiars Natural Shine, Mothers Preserves, Eagle One Tire Dressing, Blue Corals, and Armoralls. Overall, Endurance is the best product I've ever used.
  • lawaialawaia Member Posts: 3
    I've pretty much tried them all....but nothing comes close to 3M Tire Cleaner. You need to check with your local 3M office for who distributes and sells this product (you won't be able to buy direct from 3M). This stuff kicks butt!! After spraying this stuff on your rims and tires, wait for a couple minutes then go over with a scotchbrite pad on the tires and a wet sponge on the rims. You'll be surprised how clean your rims and tires become. Good stuff and worth the money.
    Just my 2 cents..
  • gladicheckedgladichecked Member Posts: 93
    I just applied Meguires Endurance Tire Gel for the 2nd time (see post 19&20). After 5 weeks water was still beading on the tires when I washed the car. I probably didn't need to put any more on, but wanted to get em glossing again. I'm pretty impressed with the product.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Member Posts: 1,265
    It works the best if you have the time to due the following:
    1.Apply a thin coat on clean tires. Let dry for at least 6 hours.
    2.Apply a 2nd thin coat and let the Endurance tire gel set up over night. I will always look for something better,...But Endurance does a very nice job and lasts longer than anything else I tried.
  • snarmansnarman Member Posts: 4
    has anyone heard of puting nitrogen in your car tires instead of "air"?supposed to help the ride and durability of the tires.feecback?
  • armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    I have used both, Endurance just doesn't seem to give the right "look" but may last longer. Stoners is the best of the sprays that I have ever used and now available at stores, previously available only from them at www.stoners/com
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    comes in two versions. High-gloss which a don't like, and a Natural-gloss which has a matte finish. I now find a new dressing that is sort of a dye. It's called Forever Black and lasts for about half a year. It came with an applicator.

    NOTE: Make sure the tires are cleaned first, or you are just covering over the dust!
  • adc100adc100 Member Posts: 1,521
    Air is mostly nitrogen anyway. It is slightly lighter than oxygen, the other major element in air. Nitrogen is inert and doesn't react with anything. Therefore you would get no degredation inside the wheel. But elastic properties of all gasses are the same. Bottom line sounds like an old wive's tale and beside- you will have more leakage with nitrogen as it is slightly less dense. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  • alanmakcaalanmakca Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone know how to get rid of that "browning" effect of some tire "protectants"? I've used armour all junk in the past and now the sidewalls have an very unpleasant brown discoloration.

    I've heard of using nitrogen in tires..but only for specialized applications such as extreme hazard vehicles where oxygen could pose a fire hazard. I believe that racing cars (F1) use nitrogen as well...
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