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Hyundai Veracruz Suggested Improvements

posystmposystm Posts: 34
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
Maybe someone is listening...

These observations are from my new 2007 VC SE, so I don’t know if the Limited or 08 addresses some of these suggestions.

1. Headlight Switch- Too easily get turned from "Auto" or "On" down to the next position when making a right turn. On the trip home it happened several times when using the turn signal for a right turn, I'll have to be more careful. Maybe a firmer rotary switch or dash mounted.

2. Front cup holders- Awkward position to get your Joe from. Would be way better forward of the trans selector.

3. Visor indent- add an additional indent on the inner part of the headliner

4. Automatically lock doors and arm the alarm without remote.

That’s it for now, after only one day of ownership I love the car but these things jumped out at me.


  • #3 bugs me a little too. I read recently that the '09 Veracruz will change the indent to the right side, that's the natural location for most people to reach for it. Not like it's going to help us '07 owners any! ;)
  • I do not care for the car automatically unlocking when I put the car in park

    There are times I put it in Park but still would like to be locked in, I have to remember to manually lock the car.
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTPosts: 61
    Unlocking the doors when put into Park can be disabled by your dealer...
    Mine is set to lock when removed from Park.
  • I had my 2007 reprogrammed to automatically lock at 15 mph and NOT unlock when placed in Park (they do unlock when you take the key out of the ignition and apparently there is no way to stop that).
  • I am 6'1" tall and I have had a touch time with adjusting my front driver seat position. I purchased the VC GLS (cloth manual seats) in July '07. We only have 5000 miles on it and I absolutely hate the driver seat position. Unfortunately, when we went to first buy it, our local dealer had no other VC models in stock.

    I so wish I bought the power seat option.

    I am completely unable to find a position that is comfortable, except by pumping the seat all the way down. Even then, my legs and thighs are way out front of the seat. I always feel that I am sliding forward.

    I called Hyundai consumer affairs and they would not do anything because, as my service advisor said, the seat is operating as designed. I would even pay to have the seat swapped for the power one, but they would not do it.

    I am very, very close to trading this in for another non-hyundai vehicle. The difficult thing is that the car is for my wife and she likes it. SHe only wishes I bought her the Lexus RX model, but we do not have the cash for anything like that.
  • Owned my '08 VC SE 2WD for 4 months now. Some minor things could be changed:
    1. The blue background on the instrument gages is difficult to read in the daylight. When direct sun hits, the background goes off-white and is much easier to read. However, at night the blue is just fine.
    2. The arm rest in the doors could be extended more so that the grab handle is more natural to reach. This would require the relocation further forward of the window and door controls.
    3.. The peddle for the parking brake digs into my shins. It doesn't need to be that low. Or how about a separate break handle next to the shift lever?
    4. The suspension makes a "thump" sound when going over small road irregularities. Sounds like weak or no dampening, but that's not the problem, as the ride is fine. The sound needs to be isolated or eliminated.
    That's about it - after 5,600 miles were very pleased overall.
  • kdmsmkdmsm Posts: 5
    Do something about the sensitivity of the keyfob with the tailgate!
  • srr3306srr3306 Posts: 12
    I cannot find out how to open the windows remotely from the outside using the key fob. I have the proximity key feature. No mention of this in the manual. My other vehicles all have this feature. Anybody have some info here?
  • Sorry, the Veracruz does not offer remote control operation of the windows, regardless of trim level or options.
  • I've owned my GLS 2WD for four days... So far I've found the amenities totally awesome, the performance to be okay to good, and only a few sour points.

    1. Roofrack siderails should be standard across all trims! What are you going to do with seven passenger seating when you can't carry anything for them?

    2. Parking brake - digs into my shin, and I've forgotten it was on a few times - good thing it beeps to tell you. Still, not a good place for it.

    3. why does it have to be sooo wide? It's just the front wheel wells too...

    4. Hyundai needs to make less black and sliver and more in actual colors.
  • ejcaljouwejcaljouw Posts: 1
    I requested my dealer to order and install Hyundai's running boards for my 2008 Veracruz. They did, but for all practical purposes their useless. They are too close to the body of the vehicle to safely put your foot on them. They should extend out from the body an inch or two more. The dealer agrees but says that's the way they were designed and they know of no modification to improve the problem.

    If anyone has some suggestions I would be happy to hear from you.
  • doctorstidoctorsti Posts: 9
    I think there is no excuse for why the auto headlights don't turn on when the auto wipers turn on. Is this not a pretty common practice in most every country? I love the auto light option and I love the auto wiper option but I don't love how they don't work together better.
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to have the memory seats change position when the car is off. My wife and I had a Lexus RX330 as our last car and the feature was available. It is a hassle if she has been driving the vehicle and when I return to the car to get in I must turn the car on and then push number 2 for the seat to change to my preferences. She is very short so i can't get my legs into the car until i change the position and having to turn the car on before changing from position 1 to 2 is a pain. Does anyone know if this can be changed by the dealer?
  • The seat should move all the way back when you shut off the ignition.
  • Take the light or reflector out of the rear bumper. I know that today's bumpers aren't really meant to bump anything, but what kind of idiot designer puts glass/plastic lens in the bumper?
  • Most likely the same "idiot" that designs bumpers for a "small" car company named Toyota. Have you checked the new Highlander and Corolla?? C'mon, it's a reflector- if you back into something, you've got a more expensive repair to worry about.
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