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Cadillac DTS Humming Noise

I own 3 Cadillac DTS 2007 models and they all have the same annoying humming noise!!! The noise starts when you shift from Parking to Drive or Reverse. Only in Neutral is there peace and quiet. When you turn on the A/C the humming gets louder. When idleing you feel your bake pedals vibrate. I have taken these vehicles to the dealer, and he checked out my cars plus another 4 cars from the lot (1 is an '08 model) and they were even louder then mine. I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. *Make sure your radio is off so you hear the noise*


  • Bendo;

    Jack Here. I own a 2006 DTS and think I have the same problem that you are experiencing. After the vehicle warms up, there is a high-pitched shrill (sounds like crickets to me) that comes and goes as you throttle down. It's more noticeabe at a harder throttle, but then again it is not always constant. It drives us crazy when we are on a road trip. It's like taking a constant hearing test. I had the car back to the dealer-they havnt heard of this before-I find that hard to believe that I have the only DTS Cadillac with this problem. I would like to talk to you if possible. Maybe we can get something done about this.
  • I have a 2006 DTS the noise I hear sounds like an olld 8 track rewinding, it happens between 42 mph and 46 mph below or aboce that I don't hear it.
    I have test drove a 2007 and a 2008, the 2007 was louder and the 2008 was very quite. The dealership keeps telling me that don't know what it is and can't fix it. I called Cadillac about that and another problem and they told me to take it to another Dealership. Going next week, will give you an update if it gets fixed.
    Janice :confuse: If you know anything aboubt a noise coming from the front end that sounds like a rubbing/grinding please let me know, they can't figure that one out either after 8 times and now tell me that they won't try to figure it out any more. :lemon:
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    I would keep all the paperwork on all the trips to the dealerships you made with this problem, then look into the lemon-law. I believe if the dealer can't fix the problem after four times (may vary by state), you might be entitled to a new car or a GM buyback. Anyone know how to begin the lemon-law process?
  • jack211jack211 Posts: 6
    I am happy to say that Cadillac FINALLY fixed my problem with the high pitched noise six months ago. There was a service bulletin out 6 months prior to that--Mmm Go Figure...The car is an absolute pleasure to drive and have had no more problems. They rerouted some kind of cable under the hood that was routed the wrong way that was to close to the fire wall.

  • texasjimtexasjim Posts: 9
    "On some 2007-08 Cadillac DTS vehicles equipped with 4T80E MH1 transmission, a ticking/fluttering noise can be heard in the vehicle at highway speed.

    The noise is generated by the modulation of the TCC solenoid. Movement within the solenoid excites the shift cable, resulting in a low level, high frequency noise that can be heard in the passenger compartment

    To correct the condition, install a solid lead clamp mass damper to the cable. This has been shown to significantly reduce or eliminate the noise."
  • I have 2006 cadillac dts that when I press the gas it sound like snoring or mmm.
    Around the left side of the engine bay. Is there a way to fix the problem.
  • bob247bob247 Posts: 8
    Several of the problems I had or am still having the dealer tells me they haven't seen that before. Think this is just a pat answer.
  • hook35hook35 Posts: 5
    I have a 2008 DTS that also has the humming/grinding/rubbing noise on occasion. I, at this point can not duplicate it at will. It does it more often on hard throttle, but can happen just in normal driving. Of course it can not be diagnosed at dealer, when it doesn't happen all the time. Please post results, if cause is found by anyone.I will do the same, if I find the cause.
  • i'm also the owner of a 2008 dts with a high pitched humming noise between 15 - 30 mph, you step on the gas to hear it and as soon as you let off it goes away, very annoying, also if anyone out there has a problem at about 45 mph, it feels like it won't shift and gets somewhat sluggish, it's a weird problem, also very annoying when you're cruising just around 45 to 55, i'm sure telling the dealer will be a waste of time
  • bendo42: I have the exact same problem. Although my noise does go away completely if shifted into park or neutral. The noise doesn't happen if the A/C is off however. Have you found a solution yet?
  • hook35hook35 Posts: 5
    Re: bendo42: I have not heard the noise this winter. However I have not driven the car very far, only short trips. I am wondering if air vents are part of the problem, it happens more during A/C temperature changes. It is also possible if it's the cable as mentioned above, it has moved. No real solution here. See what summer brings.
  • dlj8815dlj8815 Posts: 1
    The transmission works perfect. I tested the lock up; rpm's go up when brake applied at 60. My mileage is down, 20mpg, new irridiums, new O2, new cat. MX4 tires, The tranny appears to be hot after long trip,not positive. Codes come on when ambient temp is cold, stay off when warm outside. Sometimes come on immediately, sometimes won't come on for days. New fluid and filters in tranny. synthetic and Lucas. Before I drop the cradle, any help is greatly appreciated!!
  • bascherbascher Posts: 2
    Not sure if you are still active in this discussion but thought I would ask anyway - By chance do you happen to know the TSB for this service issue? I have a 2006 with many issues that the dealer cant seem to fix but this is one that I need to solve. At highway speeds (60-70) i get i high pitched vibration or humming noise that sounds like its coming from the windshield and I believe it is the shift cable. My mechanic is wiling to take a look at it but asked if I had the TSB #
    Any additional info is greatly appreciated
  • hook35hook35 Posts: 5
    I no longer know what the TSB is. I found the windshield noise by excess speed one day. They resealed a part of the windshield and it stopped. For a Cadillac these cars are not as flawless as I would expect. Good luck with the service.
  • bascherbascher Posts: 2
    I appreciate the response but do not believe it to be a windshield issue with my car. The intermittent humming i am getting I believe is from a shift cable inside the engine compartment and whats strange is that I can go weeks with out hearing it then all of a sudden its a daily thing when i am at highway speeds. If anyone happens to know more, TSB (Tech Service Bulletin) or how to address this cable, please let me know
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