Volvo XC90 vs Mazda CX-9

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with the attractive lease of the Volvo, I am now looking at both vehicles. Any comment out there, pros and cons of either? I like the lines of the CX-9, and it felt "peppier" in the test drive, but the Volvo is a Volvo.......... Bob


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    I bought the CX-9 on the last day of August b/c I wanted to take advantage of '07 close out deals. We test drove the XC90, XC70 and the MDX. The CX-9 won us over after the first test drive. Volvo put together a good offer but the drive was way to sluggish and the features were bland as compared to the CX-9. My brother owns the Volvo XC90 and has not been very pleased with the quality. Tires seem to wear prematurely. I would not say "Volvo is a Volvo". I think they have really fell behind in reliability. Others have cuaght up in safety. look at the new crash test ratings on the CX-9. they are 5* front and rear. Rollover and stability control are standard. I believe Mazda has proven the CX-9 to ba a gem in the CUV race. We absolutley love this car.
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    I am deciding btw these two cars as well. Would be interested in any add'l input from those who have driven both. I'm somewhat frustated as the lease payments i'm getting from Volvo are much lower than on the Mazda yet the NSRP is higher on the Volvo. Not clear why i'm paying $50 more a month for the Mazda...
  • My Mazda dealership keeps telling me there are no special lease rates on the CX-9 at this time. I want a 36m/12k lease . I am already leasing TWO Mazdas, you'd think they'd want more of my business! Anyone hear of any good leases deals on the CX-9???? Thanks, Bob
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    As I understand it there are 2 factors accounting for the more attractive Volvo lease plans...

    1. Volvo is offering handsome kickbacks to the dealer. They can be as high as $8K. This is putting money in the buyers pocket resulting in lower cost financing/leasing. Also, Vovlo does work through third party banks frequently that offer better rates than they may get through their own bank.

    2.. Supply and Demand - I believe Vovlo manufacturing and importing has far exceeded purchasing. Therefore, Vovlo is more willing to negotitate. Last year, Mazda manufactured only 25,000 CX-9's. This year they will manufacture 40,000. Therefore, they are not as apt to negotiate as favorable of a deal even though the sticker price suggests the Volvo should lease higher.

    I leased the CX-9 after testing both (my wife had her heart set on the XC90)however quickly fell in love (and preferred the feel) of the CX-9 after a first test drive. Absolutely no regrets. Actually, enthusuastic about our decision. We managed a great deal on our end of year CX-9 Touring. Ended up bettering the good deal Volvo was offering.

    Good luck
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    I'll be testing the Mazda CX-9 (and CX-7) this Thursday. We're also test driving a used Volvo XC-90's (2006 V8) to buy. That said I'll have to check into a lease of a new Volvo after reading this. I assumed the Volvo were a bit too high priced to consider. I'll post here when I've done that.

    In looking on Edmunds though the TMV for the CX-9 is very close to MSRP. I'm guessing the dealers wont be anxious to offer a good price?
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    I, too, narrowed it down to these two. Lease prices were close enough not to be a consideration.

    In the end I chose the CX-9 because you can't find an V-6 XC90 with Xenon lights AND the second and third row seats are roomier. I'm 5'-9" and fit comfortable in the Mazda but do not fit in the Volvo. My daughter, who is 14 and 5'-1" says her knees touch the second row seats when she is in the third row of the Volvo.
  • Coasterbob,
    It's 3 yrs since your mazda cx9 purchase vs. volvo xc90. Any regrets? Thoughts on the same decision in Oct. of 2010? Did you consider acura mdx at any point?
  • What did you end up buying back in 2007? Regrets? Would you do the same now?
  • I just traded in my 09 XC70 for an 11 XC90 on Saturday.

    I looked at:
    MDX - not for me
    CX-9 - even less for me
    X5 - great car, but no value when compared to the XC90
    Q7 - great car, but no value when compared to the XC90

    I dont have the XC90 yet. As one other comments, you cant find a car with Xenon lights. I dont want it without, I'll take the R-Design or V8 if I have to, but I do not want halogen lights.

    I ended up buying a XC90 for next to nothing in my opinion. Free 5 yrs of service, thanks I'll take it. The leases on the Q7 and X5 were in the high $800's when properly equipped. Hard to justify with the price of the XC90 being las low as it is.

    I'm not a Honda product fan, the interior of the MDX was too spaceship like and I couldnt look at that plastic wood dash everyday. It also just felt like an less substantial car while driving. After the test drive, I thanked the sales guy and left. Not the car for me.

    The CX-9 was the bottom contender, looked at it based only on price.

    Did I make a good choice? Who cares. It will be covered for 5 years and looks decent.

    I spent 15 years of my life in the wholesale car business, I get cost minus some if not all holdback, so I'm not concerned about what I'm paying or if somone is getting a better deal. I think beofre you comment about cars on these forums, people need to know what you are used to driving and what you think is a lot of money. I couldnt imagine buying a Mazda CX9 becuase it has 1.3" more legroom in the 3rd row.

    My mid-size 3rd row car shopping comments:

    Many people are positively charged up over the MDX. I'll pass, just not what Im used to driving.

    The Audi and BMW guys have some nice cars. But I couldnt justify spending the extra dough to get the product. I have 5 cars for 2 drivers. If this was my only car, yes, I'd go for a X5 V8 loaded or a Q7 S-Line. Those were both impressive drives.

    Mazda - Im sure its a nice reliable for someone.
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