Isuzu Trooper Power Retractable Antenna

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I just purchased a '94 Trooper. It has a great Sony CD head unit & a factory Power retractable antenna that stays up all the time. Why would the antenna not retract? Does the retractable antenna have only one power wire from the radio, or is there a second wire from the battery. Does the antenna have a separate fuse from the radio? Any help is apreciated.


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    yeah i have a 94 and had taken out my factory radio to put in a new cd player and the antenna wires are separate from the other ones. i had to make sure my antenna was down before installing the new cd player. the only way to control the antenna is with the factory radio. id sell ya mine but i think i trew it out-sorry
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    Thanks for the info in the Trooper. Has yours been a good vehicle? I just bought this one with 116,000 miles & it seems to be good. If you find your original antenna let me know & I'll buy it from you. Thanks, T.J.
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    yeah im quite sure i threw the original radio out in my recent move, but yeah my 94 trooper has 165,000 miles on it and it runs quite well. it definatley is a vehicle that will need your attention and upkeep but if done, will serve you well. this forum is an awesome place for any problems you ever have with it.
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