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My mechanic says my 98 safari front shocks are leaking. Can I fix this in my driveway? Short on cash and experience, am I getting in over my head?


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    Replacing one's own shocks can be a very tricky and frustrating task. Especially on older vehicles that are over rusted and while working on them, one gets "tons of rust and junk" into one's eyes. A few scraped knuckles from slipped wrenches and some curse words from a hack saw that won't fit into postion. Been there, done that many times and don't want to do that again.... Too many bad experiences and improper tools.

    For your situation.... Take a good look behind each front wheel. If you have 2-ton floor hack and axle stands to take the pressure off the shock, you are one task closer to completion. If you can get a 6-point box wrench around the rusted shock bolt nuts, you are another one step closer to completion. And if you can break the nuts free without the need of using a hack saw (to cut the darn thing out), you are another step forward. If things look too rust or things look difficult(for your technical skills and personal comfort level), then walk away. Get your technical neighbor or technical skilled friends to do it - if you feed them free beers. If they can't or won't do it, looks like your local mechanic is your 4th choice.

    Hope this helps - some how....

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