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2004 Town and Country - Turn Signals that activate the wrong side

crockettcowboycrockettcowboy Posts: 3
edited October 5 in Chrysler
I have a Chrysler Town and Country Van 2004, Most of the time when I use the RIGHT turn signal, the LEFT indicator light on the dashboard activates. Also, the turn signals sometimes turn off after about 5 seconds of functioning.


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I see you posted previously in the T&C Electrical discussion. If you don't receive a reply soon, you might try posting in the Electronic Gremlins in M&R.

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  • scotabroadscotabroad Posts: 2
    Assuming that the switch is wired correctly with the previous problem. Not sure if this helps but I worked on a 99 T&C where the left turn signal would not work at all. Solution was to disconnect the main wiring from the body control module and then reconnect. During my investigation I had found no power coming from the BCM to the switch. As these vans get older, it maybe a requirement to disconnect and reconnect the BCM as corrosion may build up on the connections affecting the signals to the BCM. However caution will be needed when doing this so as not to trigger the air bags.
  • Turn signals work most of the time then won't work at all...or turn the left one on and the right one works and vise versa...andyone else with this issue?
  • this his happening to my 01T&C. Did you ever get to the bottom of it?

  • was my multi-function switch that can only be purchased at the dealer. $75.00 for the switch and $127.00 in labor. They have to drop the stearing column down to get to the switch. Hope this helps.

  • Don,
    thanks, before I got your reply, I stopped by Autozone and they could order the multi function switch for $50. It be here till tomorrow. They way you make it sound is that I should let a pro install it. I am pretty mechanical but not a pro. Whats your take?

  • Steve, mine is an 06 that's prob why they don't carry it at Autozone or Advanced. I tried NAPA and they told me it was dealership. They had to drop my steering column to change mine. Your's may not have to...if you can check a book on it's installation or call your dealership they might be able to tell you. I do know alot of stuff goes through that switch.

    Good luck with it,

  • krl2krl2 Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 T & C van 77,000 miles, & the turn signals just started going crazy. sometimes works ok. sometimes not at all & sometimes I turn on the right & the left comes on. Driving me crazy, my mechanic says he never heard of such a thing, & of course it won't do it when he looks at it He thinks maybe I drink a lot, or something. Glad to hear others having same problem. Now, just to get it fixed ???
  • lrw65lrw65 Posts: 2
    I have the same issue with the left turn signal not working. Now, i work on cars, but right now my brain is frozen on what a BCM is.
    Also, I have already replaced my turn signal switch and when I took the cover off i found a plug that was not plugged in to the socket on the steering wheel. AS I have no idea what it goes to, I have not plugged it in. Any ideas?
  • seemattseematt Posts: 1
    You need to replace the multi-function switch. Cost is $87 (August 2012) from dealer, or at, they also have a simple video on how to do it. Don't need to drop the Column. Disconnect the negative battery terminal though before working on it. 2006 T&C LX
  • elmozoteelmozote Posts: 1
    I have an '06 that had the same prob. Had the dealer fix it for $200 a few years ago, and it promptly failed again. Grrrrrr!

    But good news! These switches apparently fail because they have excessive lube inside that interferes with the contacts. Not to hard to fix yourself. Five screws. First remove switch per this video: (Note, you only have to remove first screw from underneath the plastic covering, not all three. You can then open it wide enough to remove the switch). One you get the switch out, you'll need a small star-shaped screw driver to open the back of the switch. When you open it up take a picture of what's inside because you'll need to get all the pieces back the right way. And don't change any switch positions until you get it back together. Anyway, once you get it open, wipe off the circuit board with paper towel, and then use the corner of a paper towel to remove as much of the goo as you can from the contacts. You can just pull out the contacts with your fingers -- they're designed to slide and their not attached in any way -- to get the lube behind them. Took me about :45 .... woulda been much quicker if I hadn't had a dickens of a time getting the first screw out. Worked for me, saved me $200 and the hassle of taking it in to the shop - not to mention the fact that they'd install a new one with the same problem.

    Oh, PS, somebody said you should disconnect the battery first ... Prob'ly to make sure you don't set off the air bag by accident.
  • crystal89crystal89 Posts: 1
    edited February 22
    I have a 2007 town and country with the same issue. Thanks for posting. I will be doing that!
  • I have an ‘05 that when I turn on my right turn signal, my left flashes! Has almost caused an accident a few times! I agree with the « drunk » comment.. lol, but it is dangerous at times!! Also when I try to turn on my windshield wipers, sometimes the bright lights come on instead. Also, the back passenger door does not lock/ unlock automatically, only manually. Only 75k miles
  • Maybe they need a recall 
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