Ford Explorer Cruise Control

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I have a 1997 Explorer XLT. Th cruise control switches (on steering wheel) need replacement. I located replacements, but can't figure out how to install them. I think the air bag cover needs to come off but not sure how to do that either.


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    You can try to buy a 2 day online subscription to They have Ford service manuals, and a 2 day subscription is very reasonable. Not sure how many years they go back, but check them out.
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    disconnect battery,remove the two screws holding the air bag on,unplug it,turn airbag upside down,remove the four screws holding the back of the airbag togeather,then remove the switch. this is from the ford tech disc I have from ford..althou I have never seen one go bad,the clock spring and the GEM module is what useally goes bad that would effect the cruise..
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    Mahalo (Thanks) for the reply.
    It works OK, but the surface is badly deteriorated and damaged. Does the horn/bag cover just pry off exposing the screws? I bought the vehicle used but in pretty good shape otherwise. (41k miles)
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    The manual I have (for my 95 Ford Explorer) says to disconnect the batt. and on the side of the steering wheel are two plugs that cover the two bolts that hold the airbag module in place.

    I need to replace the RSM switch on my cruise control. I got a switch on Ebay but it has 6 pins and my switch has 7 Do you know how to determine the if the 6 pin switch will work?

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