Ford Expedition Cruise Control Problems

gworleygworley Member Posts: 4
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want to know coponents of 04 expi cruise control and were to start troubleshooting was told could be the relay cruise hasnt worked from day 1 im 2nd owner


  • shradashrada Member Posts: 1
    I'm new, but looks like a great sight.
    Last week, had the cruise control on at 60mph, suddenly the electronic screen flashed "check electronic throttle, then the Exp slowed until it came to a stop. The cruise control would not disengage, and the gas peddle wouldn't move it. I turned the engine off and restarted, and the car ran fine. Anyone experience this at all?
  • aleccarmaleccarm Member Posts: 1
    Hi Shrada,
    I also have the same problem. It happen to me two years ago and then again today. I brought it to the dealership a few years ago and they said that nothing is wrong. the truck still run today but the engine check light is on. What did you do. Please reply
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