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OBD on 1998 isuzu trooper reads nothing...

sashaivanasashaivana Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Isuzu
I have 1998 Isuzu Trooper, and few days ago i got reg. renewal papers, and "smogtest" was required.
So, i took it to the "smog" testins facility, and when they pulld the cac is to have it tested, they turned it off in order to hook up cables to OBD. After they did that, they could not start it back up becouse my battery died on went and bought new battery, got back to the testing facility, they hook up again, and my OBD was drawing blanks...everything was erased out of it (due to the battery being dissconected)...
And i got rejected on the test, due to "lack of info's in the OBD...They told me that i need to find "drive cycle" for my trooper, and that would fix my problem (like it needs to be driven under certain speed for a certain time under certain conditions...etc).
Does anyone knows anything about this, and where i can find the "drive cycle" info...

Please help !!!
Thank you.

Sasha, Phoenix, AZ


  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    I don't know the particulars about your model BUT I will venture what I know: That there is a default program that is factory set for each ECM/PCM and will run the car. As the car is driven, the computer "learns" timing curves, shift points in some cases, and emission related settings. I have never heard of a specific number of start/stop cycles for the computer to go through. It constantly monitors and updates the data as you drive. It may matter a lot how many cycles it sees if the engine is borderline in the emissions area, but generally if it is bad it will set a code and you will get a CEL or MIL light. As long as you don't see a light and have driven it through a few start/stop cycles, I think you should be all set. Maybe someone else out there has more detail, but hope this helps with background. OOO (one owners opinion)
  • Light came on & had the OBC read, was told fuel mix was lean and to change oxygen sensors. Went to repair shop and ask to have sensors changed. They read the OBC and said the sensors were OK. Told me I don't drive enough to heat up the engine. I drive about 4 miles per day: could this be the probem or should I look some place else?
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