Toyota FJ Cruiser Fog Lights

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I am preparing to order a FJ Cruiser. There is an option "FJ Cruiser Fog Lights" - part#LF10. There is not a picture available. Does anyone have information on this option?


  • batman47batman47 Member Posts: 606
    I do not know where you got the part number LF10. I have the Toyota FJ brochure and I don't see in the FJ any place where to put the fog lights if any. The only way is perhaps to replace the front bumper for another one.
  • mbruchmbruch Member Posts: 1
    I have bought a Toyota Fj cruiser and I wanted to know how can I disconect the lights? If anybody knows the answer, please write me.
    Thank you
  • smilezsmilez Member Posts: 4
    Don't know what brochure you have, because they offer two different places for the fog lights, three actually. On the bumper, on the optional brush guard and on the optional roof fairing. But looking at the date of the post, I'm guessing you've already figured out what you're doing.
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