Suzuki SX4 Crossover

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The 2008 SX4 Crossovers are out! Test drove one last weekend and liked it very much. (Note that the new sedan is called the SX4 Sport - confusing with the 2007 SX4 hatchback having a version called "Sport") So far, it seems as if both and only have invoice pricing for the sedan and not the 2008 SX4 Crossover.


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    > That sounds like a good deal. I've been researching the
    > SX4 for a couple of months now. How is the back seat room?
    > I'm thinking of test driving the SX4 for use as a daily
    > commuter but carpool with 2 other guys. Both are about
    > 6'2" and 200lbs. Will it be an agonizing commute?

    I'm 5'10" and there's plenty of headroom and good legroom up front. But with the front seats all the way back, my legs touch the seat in front if I'm sitting in back, so 6'2" 200lb. guys probably won't do well in back, or in the back of any car in this class, for that matter...

    > Also I'm curious about the armrest. Is it a storage
    > armrest?

    There is a small space, good for maybe a pen/notepad and some mints. I think there are some 3rd party armrests that have some CD storage.
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    Went to by my very first new car on Halloween night, and ended up with this little car- and have not been dissapointed! Now granted, I am only 4'11" , but my 6'3" husband can fit in it too. The back seats aren't really made for the long haul for adults, but my grandkids can fit just fine. I think its a very zippy little thing that is great for around town- and also on the interstate. The first weekend after I got it I went on a 300+ mile trip and actually had to watch my speed, that's how smooth it was. We have also already had a few snow storms, and the AWD is great! (and you're talking to a woman who lived in Buffalo for many years!!!) I think this car is a keeper... :)
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    I'm glad you dig your little critter of a Suzuki. I'm interested in it too, but I'm curious: Did the warranty of this machine turn you on to it also? How was the dealership, and your saleperson's attitude in the transaction? Probably all good, I suspect. Nothing like the bad attitude one can get at a Honda or Toyota dealership, I'm sure. Know what I mean? It can be like they're doing you a favor with anything involved with their machines. They figure that if you don't buy another will. Indifference! Bummer!! Oh well...

    I've seen a few of the AWD SX4 liftbacks in my neck of the woods, so to speak. It looks like a winner. ;)

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Peace<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
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    Yes,the warranty was a factor, as was the AWD.(Living in the snow belt) I really did the research, looking for initially a 4WD, but wanted to keep the $ down.( I did drive the Grand Vitara but the seat did not fit me comfortably.) Plus, we don't do the "long hauls" like we used to, so this little critter suited me well. (With gas prices as they are!) I also know what you mean about dealerships! I sent my husband to check out a Jeep Liberty before looking at Suzuki and they could of cared less about even talking to him. Amazing to me, considering the price of vehicles these days are the same as I paid for my first house (way back when) but I could at least live in THAT purchase!!! ;) Anyway, our Suzuki dealership was VERY accommodating and still is (checking back with us, etc.) So lets hope it stays that way!
    Happy Holidays to you too! :)
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    I'm glad for you! My Lady and I have 5 vehicles on our list to check out, with the AWD Suzuki SX4 within that small group. I see that even at Jeep the salespeople can be tuned out, as you said about your husband's experience. Wotta shame, don'tcha think? The turn off he experienced at Jeep turned into a blessing though, with the purchase of your SX4, so a lemon becomes lemonade, if you get my drift.
    What color Suzuki did you go for? I don't mean to intrude, and I mean no harm in asking. I would go with the copper Lady loves that color.

    Many thanx for responding. I appreciate it. I didn't think you would.

    Take good care, Mr. & Mrs. . .

    Happy Trails-

    Peace!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
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    As for color, I must admit I truly liked them all-but NEVER owned a black vehicle, so thats what I ended up with. (Though being from the real muscle car era, I don't think its a true black, has more metallic in it) I looked at the white, but with our four seasons here in Pittsburgh, that was out! I didn't want blue, the red would have been hard to match if ever needed touched up (too many bodymen friends over the years telling me stories) the silver one I test drove ALREADY had noticable scratches inside the external door handle, so it really was between the copper and black (black winning out) I do plan on getting alittle graphic something on the sides, just to jazz it up alittle! I think its a great car for the money.My husband asked if I loved it--I said I really liked it--but if he would put a '69 Camaro Z/28 in the driveway, now THAT i would love!!!!!! Just remember when you test drive, its NOT a camaro or mercedes -- but then they aren't AWD and under $16K either...
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    Gotcha! I hear ya...

    U bet...

    Black is mystery and drama. Metallic Black only makes it more so, IMHO...
    Good choice!!! ;)

    Happy Trails...

    Peace<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
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    I just took a test drive in the new 2008 SX4 today. I loved it, but I'm curious, I live in a very hilly region in Upstate NY. Some of the grades are quite steep and there are times in the winter when I couldn't get up them even with a 4-wheel drive. The problem was the 4-wheel was a 2002 Kia Sportage, no power and extremely lightweight. Living in Pittsburgh, I thought maybe you encounter a lot of hills there and could give me an idea of how it handles them. Thanks for your input.
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    Yes, we do have a TON of hills in Pittsburgh! Unfortunately, so far this year we haven't had hardly any snow! (And trust me, I lived next to a ski resort outside of Buffalo/Erie for 15 years-so I know what kind of snow you are talking about!!!) But I did make it a point to go out in our inclement weather a few weeks ago and came up the "back way" to our house on top of the hill and never had to use that little button between the front seats! (that was with ice under snow covered roads) I tell my husband that is because of those damn 16" tires- its the only thing that keeps it on the roads- ha! Of course he holds on to that "Oh SH*T" handle on the passenger side when I take him out - a rookie that never went 4 wheeling!!!! I would suggest taking another test drive on one of those hills when you DO have some snow; I sure wouldn't buy anything that didn't work for me up in your neck of the woods. Although back when I lived up there my best car was a VW rabbit- the thing was a TANK and I NEVER EVER got stuck!!! and look how little those things were- and only FWD! Good luck and let me know how it goes! ;)
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    What is your opinion of the quality control of the interior? I went for a road test..saw the plastic around the seat looked like it was ready to fall apart..decided against it;how do you feel about how it is put together? I have a Prius and an Odyssey and the interior on both are flawless !
  • squirteesquirtee Member Posts: 15
    I have not compared its interior to anything else- except my other vehicles-but I have no problems with mine. (yes, pretty basic -even in my opinion) But I think of it as this: its not a Escalade either! I still think its a good value car for the money- especially when I'm not sliding around the hills of Pittsburgh in the snow and that I can pass a gas station more often than not!
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    I recently purchased the 2008 SX4, and wow, what a vehicle. It's quick, good on gas, and the AWD is amazing. I live in Michigan, and it takes on the snow and ice like it's on dry pavement. It's a very nice car, and I plan to keep it for quite awhile.
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    I purchased my Copper Red SX4 last April. And I must say this car is one of the best purchases I have made. I live in the Lake Tahoe area and I commute over a 7200 ' pass every day. This car handles the road with no problems. We had some real icy roads the other day and cars were sliding all over the place--the SX4 handled great!!! I would recommend this car to anyone who needs an affordable AWD. Sure it's small, but with gas prices the way they are, it's perfect. I would put this car up against any high priced, gas guzzling SUV any day.
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    That is really, really good to hear! It's always so hard when making a decision to buy a new car, but having the security of going up and down hills and great handling abilities is very important to me, and so far this is the only vehicle I've seen that matches all my needs (plus great gas mileage!). Did you get the touring or convenience package? Do you like the copper color? I'm having a hard time deciding. I liked the silver, but I liked the copper too!
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    I purchased a manual sunlight copper SX4 sport. I test-drove both the manual and automatic and really preferred the control of the manual, plus the manual is $1000 cheaper. I also never thought I would of liked the keyless entry and start. I would definitely recommend the sport over all the others since you get so much more for not much of a price increase.
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    We're considering a SX4 Crossover, and would like to know what RPM the engine turns at 70MPH with the 4-speed automatic and the 5-speed manual transmissions. So, SX4 automatic and stick owners please let me know!

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    :) Just purchased an '08 SX4 and love it! It handles well, goes through the snow great....and climbs hills with a lot of guts. I hope to have this vehicle for a very long time!
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    I just drove to work this morning after an ice storm, (when even getting out of my driveway can be a challenge) but the little SX4 acted like it was a sunny day in Florida!!! I really am impressed with this little car ! ;)
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    I purchased a 2008 sx4 1-22-2008. 1. In 5th gear the rpm's are 3,000 @ 70 mph on a 2008.
    2. The 2007 sx4 5th gear is lower, so the rpm's are 3,400 @ 70 mph.. The 2008 sx4 automatic in highest gear(4th) was 2,600 rpm @ 70 mph.. The transmission had to down shift constantly when changing speed, the engine would then increase to 3,500 to 3,600 rpm's. I didn't like it. The "convenience package" is well worth the $500.00. The mileage has been 27.4 mpg @ highway 70 mph.
    Go drive one, it's a real sleeper. David
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    I agree! I finally bit the bullet and bought the SX4 crossover (white, don't ask, I just couldn't decide) and I love it! I've driven in some bad, ice packed parking lots, and we had a little snow the other day and it handles wonderfully. Definitely a 5 Star! I still have a little trouble on the hills, but if I put it into 3rd as it slows down, it gets it's momentum back and climbs through with a lot of guts! I'm really, really happy with this it's fun to drive! Gas mileage open road has been about 30 mpg.
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    How did you buy a sunlight copper SPORT model when they only sell that color in the CROSSOVER version! Are you someone posing as a suzuki owner?
  • erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    Probably meant the crossover since it was called sport in 07. Suzuki needs to do a better job naming their cars!
  • nryan1nryan1 Member Posts: 5
    I agree. The names are confusing. Also the packages. You have to read them really carefully to see exactly what you're getting. I still love the crossover though. It's the best winter vehicle I've driven in a long time!
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    Hello All,
    I am leaning strongly towards getting the Cross Over SX4. However I am unable to locate any modification parts for it in North America. I am eager to find a lowering Kit, Has anyone gone to this extent to modify their SX4? And if so where did you source your parts.

    Kelton :D
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    Hi All,
    I am no car expert but I know quite some about cars. Putting aside what this little xover is made of it is almost a perfect car for the general car buying populace. YOU JUST DON'T FIND CARS AS GOOD LOOKING AS THIS ONE THESE DAYS. So many good features in and around it for a car of this size. I noticed the improvements from last year's model. I believe this is almost a perfect car because one (just one) good component is not there, the overdrive in the AT, :cry: . Would it make a good big difference? I don't know, I would need to be argued on this. If people mentioned about rpm in recent posts, then there is a legit concern here. I hope I am making no sense here because I like this car so much. I would buy one with my whole heart. Gas mileage,- I wouldn't care, pulling the differentials while 2 wheeling, - I wouldn't care either. AWD is nice even though it's not needed where I live. Someone please justify this NO-OD thing. It bothers me when the engine revs mad without overdrive. Is OD out of date already as those high end makes and models now use + and - signs in their gears? I am just so OD'd. By the way it should be a very safe car for it has quite a number of airbags.

    Happy Xovering.
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    I am about to have a remote starter installed in the crossover and wonder if anyone else has had the same kind of work done! Does it effect the smart key aspect that's already installed,and does it require having the wiring harness being cut to install the new equipment? My wife is worried that this may cause problems afterward and may void the warranty currently in effect! We have already had a problem with the fob not locking the vehicle from the outside once! It returned to normal and we don't know why it failed in the first place! Has anyone else had any problems with the locking mechanism?
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    What are the differences between the 2007 SX4 and the 2008?
    I notice there are two topics of discussion.
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    ;) If you are smart...DO NOT !!!! If you are under warranty and installer goofs..then dealer can say go back to installer and have him pay $600 for the electronic control module that he fried. Do not let dealer do the work unless he guarantees that Suzuki will stand behind his work and you get a letter stating this from Suzuki because dealers are going out of business left and right. By the you feel that Suzuki gave the interior a cheap look? Let me know :)
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    There is another blog going on about that, but let me just summarize:

    The AUTOmatic transmission actually turns lower RPM @ 70mph than the Manual WITH Overdrive... just under 3000. It's all about gearing. While no rocket, it's not gutless, either. My wife "LETS" me drive sometimes, and I've never been disappointed.
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    Let me start by thanking all of the previous posters who related their experiences with their SX4 crossovers. I read them all before deciding to buy one. Now I can relate mine! Picked up my 2008 yesterday; had to drive an hour away to get one, but that gave me a nice drive home to test it out. Got the Touring package and manual transmission. For what I would have paid for a stripped down Toyota Matrix, I got ALL the goodies! Fit and finish are very good; a minor difficulty occurred during the dealer prep. They broke the hood prop, but have promised to make good on this small detail. The expressway drive home was smooth with no surprises, although I did notice that the higher profile (higher than my old '91 Corolla) did make it more susceptible to cross winds. I really appreciate the feedback on this site. It made my decision to purchase this car somewhat easier. I will update you on my experiences as I continue to drive, but so far I LOVE IT!
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    Okay, I've had my 2008 Suzuki SX4 Crossover with Touring Package and automatic transmission for about 5 months now, so I'm ready to post my full review:

    Pros: Looks, handling, AWD, comfort, visibility
    Cons: Cabin storage, gas mileage

    As background, I should point out that the previous cars that I&#146;ve owned and driven were a 1999 Mazda Protégé (manual) and a 2005 Mazda3 hatchback (manual). Over the years in my travels, I&#146;ve driven dozens of different cars as rentals.
    My car now has about 2,600 miles on it.

    The car handles very well, almost the same as my Mazda3 (which costs more and has &#147;zoom-zoom&#148;!). The higher seating position had made me leery at first of higher-speed turns, but I&#146;ve learned that it handles them solidly and surely. The steering is perhaps a bit off the sharp feel I had with the Mazda, but it still provides excellent feedback and control in pointing the car where I want it to go.

    It is a heavy car (heavier than my Mazda3, in fact), but acceleration is fine. From a standstill, I have no problems and it&#146;s even quite peppy. There does seem to be a range from about 40-60 where the car struggles a bit to accelerate, but once I reach highway cruising speed, I have no problem keeping up with traffic or passing. I&#146;m sure at least part of the reason is that the automatic is geared (at least in that range) more towards better gas mileage than brisk acceleration.

    The four-wheel disk brakes are excellent. I had to slam on the brakes a few times due to stupid drivers in front of me, and the car stopped quickly and with full control.

    Unfortunately, I&#146;ve not had an opportunity to test the AWD in adverse conditions. We had some snow and rain, but nothing very slippery. But knowing the AWD is there has certainly made me feel more secure in whatever driving conditions.

    The engine is rather growly when accelerating, but not unpleasant. Overall road noise is less than my 2005 Mazda3&#146;s was. Highway cruising is nice and quiet.


    This is a category in which the SX4 really impresses me. The tall stance, the wide windows all around, and the extra-large rear-view mirrors make for excellent 360° visibility. Much better than my Mazda3 hatchback&#146;s, or, frankly, any other car I&#146;ve ever driven.

    Gas mileage

    The only real negative is the gas mileage. Despite the rating of 21 city / 28 highway, I&#146;ve been mostly getting around 20mph, even with 50% or more highway travel. I drive very gently: never really floor it, and try to coast whenever possible. The most I&#146;ve gotten is about 27.5mph with almost all flat highway driving. The worst I&#146;ve gotten is 18mph. In watching the instant mph calculator on my dash, the car seems to be capable of around 30mph on flat highways, but if there is any hill travel involved that seems to suck a lot more gas. Unfortunately, I live in very hilly Seattle, so if I&#146;ve done a long flat-highway trip, just the few miles of hill travel getting home seems to ruin my overall mileage. In contrast, my Mazda3 would regularly get around 25mph in city travel, up to 32mph in mostly highway.


    The front seats are very comfortable for both short and long trips (the longest trip I&#146;ve taken so far was about 3.5 hours each way). Lateral support is very good. The rear seats are comfortable as well, and are high up, which gives the back seat passengers good visibility and improves their leg room. The fabric isn&#146;t as nice as the Mazda&#146;s, but it is quite nice for this class.


    I like the dash very much. The controls are large, easy to read, and easy to use with just a quick glance. Much nicer than many of the overly-busy dashes I&#146;ve seen on other cars. I&#146;ve heard complaints from others about the steering controls not being lit. This is a minor point for me, since after a few weeks, I learned which controls were where, and can use them by touch. The raised bumps on these controls make this easy once you&#146;ve learned the placement of the controls relative to the others. The one slight negative is that the dash computer (which shows time, temperature, and mileage info) gets washed out and unreadable when the sun is at certain angles.


    The interior doesn&#146;t have many nooks for storing items, and I miss having a door for the CD compartment under the radio controls. The glove compartment is on the small side, but adequate for documents and small items. An arm rest is not standard. The optional dealer-installed arm rest is well worth it, both for somewhere to put your arm and the small storage compartment inside (big enough for a notepad and pens; not CD&#146;s)

    The rear storage is fine for several bags of groceries. I like the square shape of the opening, and that the rear hatch doesn&#146;t need much clearance to be opened. The sculpted handle is a nice touch for easily shutting the hatch without getting fingerprints on the outside. The fold-down seats are easy to use and open up a lot more space, and being able to fold the seats up against the front seats makes for an even more convenient space. It&#146;s nice and square, so fitting boxes, etc. is easy and makes the best use of the space.


    I love the European styling of the car. From most angles, it looks really sharp. A few of the rear angles make it look a bit bloated, but that hard to avoid all-around with such a tall, yet short car.

    My car is the Sunlight Copper. I like that it&#146;s a different color from most other cars, but not so bright that it stands out too much. Depending on the type of lighting (for example bright sun, cloudy day, street lights) the color ranges from deep red to orange to a deep copper.
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    Thanks for such a detailed and informative review!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Your mileage isn't so bad, considering where you live...and the fact that you have an AWD car. Find any other AWD that gets better mileage. Plus, your mileage should improve after 5,000 or so miles.
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    Nice review. Interesting comments on mileage. Looked at the Suzuki last year but bought a Subaru Forester instead. Was disappointed with the SX4 mileage. I'm getting 22-26 mpg with my Forester.
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    I know that the SX4 Crossover has three drive settings: it can be switched from 2WD to AWD to 4WD. I have a question about the MPG when using 2WD only -- it would seem that when using this setting, the MPG would be much better than posters here have been reporting. Any thoughts on why the reported MPG is so low when most of the posters state that they hardly ever use the AWD or 4WD settings??
  • The Suzuki gets better mileage than the Forester, Your mileage figures back that up.
  • Like all AWD (and 4WD) vehicles, the Suzuki has the extra weight of the AWD system. Even more a factor is that the driveline components that allow the rear wheels to engage are all spinning (except for the driveshafts for the rear wheels when in 2WD mode). Thus--again like with all AWD systems, you have some driveline efficiency losses from rive components spinning while they essentially do nothing. This is a price of having the benefit of AWD.

    Again, the Suzuki gets the highest mileage of any AWD vehicle for sale here in the USA. Nothing else does as well, although the small Subarus (and Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe) can do low to mid -20s when driven judiciously. If you want AWD and Honda Fit type mileage, you are not going to find it. But the Suzuki gets very good mileage. Between 65 and 70, you can get 30 mpg on the highway.
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    hello Kelton i have a 2007 sx4 xover sorry before i continue i live in australia, But i have just lowered it by 1 1/2" and put 18"x8" wheels with 225x40x18 tyres the car now handles like its on rails. I have heard of guys in the USA who have lowered there SX4's so springs must be available. I hope you can get some you wont regret it. Cheers Terry Ps if you have a look at ROAD AND RACE on the net they have TEIN spring and dampener kits.
  • erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    Really? You have a SX4? Not according to Perry99's review. My guess longterm is Suzuki gets slightly better mileage overall. Not enough to justify lower hp and much smaller size. Subaru has a lot more room. Suzuki is better looking though. Hate the SX4's HUGE A-frame blind spots.
  • perry99perry99 Member Posts: 43
    But the Subaru is a lot more expensive. I'm sure that there are many who could swing the Suzuki, but not necessarily the Subaru. The A pillars do create a blind spot, but it's never caused a problem for me.
  • erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    In my neck of the woods the X model was heavily discounted. Suzuki has lost all but two of their five dealers so the prices weren't as good. Subaru just made more sense for me. I really would like the Swift if Suzuki ever brought it over.
  • allyct19allyct19 Member Posts: 2
    I also hate those huge blind spots!! What I'd like to know is how I can increase acceleration? :blush: :shades:
  • yannisyannis Member Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    just thought I'd sent you my comments. I've had the SX4 with the ESP for over a year
    now and I live in Canada, pretty cold place in the winter (lots of -40DegC days).

    1. As a car the SX4 is ok if you are not too demanding. Acceleration is bad and it is pretty noisy. I like the AWD and ESP options, especially in snowy conditions. So far the SX4 in AWD mode has been fantastic.

    2. Dealership sucks. The guys don't know much about the car it seems. The ESP model comes with a keyless fob and the dealership thought I had a Vitara! They
    actually called me the first time I took it in for service to ask me where the Vitara is!

    3. Mileage is not good at all for a car that small. I drive about 150Km every day to work so I have to fill the tank every two and a half days! I get about 7.9litres/100km (29.7 mpg)
    and when I use the AWD I get more like 8.3 litres/100km (28.3 mpg)

    4. All of the sudden this winter the car wouldn't start when it was too cold (below -8degC) . It starts when I boost it, but that's it. Apparently the battery is OK, but again the dealership is pretty useless. They are expecting me to tell them what to do . Go figure. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I'll have them check the starter next time I take it as well as the alternator, but that's all I can think of.

    Overall, I am pretty disappointed with the car's tech support. The car itself is middle of the pack. This year Toyota is coming with an AWD Matrix. Maybe consider that instead.

  • Your car should start no problem in any amount of cold. Ask to speak to the regional service manager, and keep taking it up the line if need be.

    BTW, your mileage is great! You have a relatively heavy AWD vehicle. If you wanted a high mileage small car, you should have gotten one with FWD only. It gets the best mileage of any AWD vehicle. The AWD Matrix does not get the mpg that the SX4 does.
  • Anyone know the on sale date for the 2009 SX4 crossover?
  • dagreldagrel Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone test driven the front wheel drive version of the SX4 crossover (yes, the hatchback) yet? I didn't think that the front wheel version was being sold in the US but apparently it is in limited numbers per the Suzuki website. Looked up local dealer and they do indeed sell the front wheel drive hatchback/crossover although they list the same weight for both the fwd and awd models which I doubt is the case. The fwd apparently is rated at 2 mpg better on the highway. I would think that the exclusion of the awd drive components would reduce weight somewhat.
  • everydrivereverydriver Member Posts: 3
    Hi. I just test drove a Touring II MT. I really want to like the car and there is a lot to like but I drove it up a fairly (not ridiculous) steep road and it felt like it was struggling the whole way, is this normal or was there maybe something wrong with the vehicle I had? My Element goes up the same hill like it isn't even there.
  • I have a Touring II manual transmission and hills are NEVER a problem. Did you possibly have it in 5th when you thought it was 3rd gear, or something like that?

    I find that it has lots of torque. I can run around town in 5th gear much of the time with really low revs and it doesn't lug at all, and this saves on gas mileage. I am really impressed with the level of power, given the weight and hp. Not only that, but with the warm weather and manual transmission driven conservatively, I am getting around 30 mpg. Can't complain about that in any AWD vehicle.
  • everydrivereverydriver Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. And funny that you should mention the 5th gear thing because I had to check while driving because that's what I thought because it was that bad. Unfortunately it wasn't in 5th.
  • I don't get it. Test drive another one. No hill climbing problems here.
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