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Lexus GS Brakes

sorrellshomesorrellshome Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Lexus
I have had to replace my front brakes twice now. Both at 15,000 miles. Has anyone else had this problem??


  • I have the same issue with My GS300 2006. My disk brakes where completely destroyed just a few miles before the 30'000 Km standard service. No warning sign on the dashboard. Lexus replaced the front brakes. Now, 7000 km after, there are abnormal signs of early wear. I went back to the dealer and he is not willing to comment it nor letting me know if Lexus is aware of such issue on a large scale.
    Do you know if we could find web sites where defects are reported or when cars are called back?
  • The Lexus dealership would not do anything for me so I had the brakes taken care of at another shop. I will see how long they last from them. I have been emailing Lexus about the issue and they just sent me back to the Dealer. I am not giving up with Lexus I have been emailing them again. They should have designed a brakes system that last longer then 15,000 miles. Like you said and NO warning. I had to replace the rotors also. My Honda would start making a nise when it was time to replace the pads. I amreally frustrated with this problem. Just start emailing Lexus about you disappointment in the brakes.
  • Has the issue of premature brake pad wear been satisfactorily addressed by Toyota? 15000 miles is ridiculously short pd life unless the car is tracked. Presumably this refers to the front pads only?

    I have been leaning toward a GS350 but will not buy one if I am not satisfied that brake pad wear is comparable with other luxury cars.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    If you had gone to the Lexus dealer they offer "low dust" pads that last much longer than the normal pads. The Infiniti G35 has the same problem with short brake pad life. The designers use soft pads to maximize the stopping power.
  • Thanks for the info on the harder pads. M-B used to use softer pads and rotors to make the brakes quieter. Supposedly they grip better when cold too. It doesn't seem like good customer relations to install a wear item with such a short life.
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