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Chevrolet Malibu Fuel System/Fuel Pump

Hello friends, I am new to this area, I ask for your understanding, as I dont know the " ropes " yet. my question is,,, what is the average life of the electric fuel pump, on a 00 malibu? I had one replaced at around 60,000 mi, a real spendy job at that,,, Thanks


  • It should last you at least to 200,000 mile mark. I bet they replaced your because the strainer was clogged. I have a 00' Malibu that had fuel pump problems a year ago. I pulled the tank myself after having the dealer take a look at the car and I found the strainer in the tank was clogged up and wouldn't let any gas thru. Here is my story: _roughly_and_slowly_dies.shtml
  • 2003 Malibu. Had to replace the fuel pump at 61,830 miles. Changed fuel filter @ 30,000 miles later. Car now has 110,000 miles and am told the fuel pump has failed again. Shouldn't fuel pumps last longer than this?

    Also was told that the intake manifold gasket was leaking coolant on the front and back (external leak). After searching this forum, it looks like this might be a common problem. Is there more to come on the top & bottom?

    Any thoughts?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    After market pumps can be a problem, go with Delco.
    Not sure your gasket question, but get them replaced.
  • I have a 2003 Chevy Malibu with 76,000 miles. The fuel sensor needs to be replaced (as verified by a dealership test). The dealership cost is $540. (The high price is due to the labor involved in dropping the tank.) A local garage will replace the entire fuel pump for $500. They say GM pumps have a "gold" metal that gets eaten away by gasoline. They say a Carter pump is better, cheaper, and will last longer. My questions: Should I just replace the fuel sensor, since that's the only problem right now? Or should I replace the fuel pump while the tank is dropped, with the assumption that the pump is nearing the end of its life?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    As a DIY I would just replace the sender. You are not doing the job so I would go with replace the pump. If it was my car I would put in another Delco pump. I can buy one for my truck for $228 and $12 for shipping.
    I once had a sender replaced under warranty on a Chevy Cavalier, the wait was less than 1 hour.
  • jingles99jingles99 Posts: 13
    Only 50000 miles, 2003. From what I have read in these forums and else where this is a common problem with this pump. Cost me $400 bucks to have a new pump put in. Of course they had to drop the tank, etc. Pump cost just under $300.
  • A class action lawsuit is nearing settlement in CA for the intake problem. I believe that it covers 2003 models as well. I had mine done three times.
    Look up Gibbs LLP in San Francisco.

    Malibus are junk. GM does not stand behind their product and that is a shame. I have always bought GM and this was my last one.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Be sure you don't run the car with very little gasoline in the tank.
  • i'm a mechanic,and i found that IT IS A REPEAT PROBLEM w/ the intake gaskets. they are made of plastic. i just purchased a '99 malibu (3.1) for wife. the 2nd day i had it, it started leaking coolant from back of int/gasket. before i got it home,it started leaking INTO the i found that "fel-pro"makes a replacement kit,that is better(and more exp.too!) ,than factory. i put a set on mine, so far so-good. car only has 157xxxmls on it. you really must fix leak asap, or you will KILL the engine. good-luck; rick.
  • i just put int/gasket set on 3.1. now at times the engine will just rev-up to 1800-2000 rpm for no apparent reason.i have to resart car to get it to stop. it didnt do this before i put gaskets on intake. any clues out there??? thanks; rick-st.lo.,mo
  • can you tell me more about this "suit" going on w/ the int./manifolds? i have the same thing!!! need any info out there. thanks; rick
  • I did a search and found this:

    You'll have to read the details. It only applies to certain vehicles and not all leaks.
  • 05malibu05malibu Posts: 1
    Hi All - First time here, but I need help. I have a 2005 Malibu and I have approx 43k miles on my car. Today my baby is at Chevy getting another Fuel Pump. Yes! Another. I had one put in before the Manufacturers' warranty expired (36K ?)and now I'm told the same thing...."it was a faulty fuel pump".....What do I do? I don't know what I'm supposed to do to prevent this from happening! I use Chevron and Shell gasoline and rarely let it get below 1/4 tank.
  • bbrillbbrill Posts: 5
    Hello, you must have a intake air leak,,,, also form my past experience DO NOT use the stock gasket,,,, are you changing gasket due to water leaking? its a problem with these engines, mine happened twice, first time ruined the engine, second time right after installing new eng, the gaskets are worthless, and chevys update to it is no better,, Fel-Pro puts out a problem solver gasket, it was on back order when I was looking for one, but I found one in Mich, a eng rebuilder had some, so far its holding,the gasket looks so much better than the orig, hope this helps,,, but you are pulling in air somewhere I think for a runaway idle...... Brad
  • bbrillbbrill Posts: 5
    The original intake gaskets, as well as the " updated " one from chevy is no good, I found, Fel-Pro, makes a problem solver gasket, so far its holding, as I had two original ones fail, and a ruined moter becasue of this,
  • bbrillbbrill Posts: 5
    SOme say orig, Delco Pump others say carter ???
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I would say a bad batch of fuel pumps. What reason did the dealer give for such poor service?
  • At the time of my last posting, we had taken the car into a garage. They said the sputtering the Malibu was doing was due to the fuel pump failing (diagnostics). They replaced that, fixed the gasket leak, replaced spark plugs, and also replaced the thermostat. Since then we've drivien it @ 1000 miles. The other day as I was sitting at a light, the sputtering returned! It feels like something is missing or skipping - like it wants to stall but doesn't. It'll kind of sputter or jump a few times and then run fine. Previously it would do this randomly while driving as well as while idling. Any ideas????
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    When was the throttle body cleaned last, intermittent ones are not easy to diagnosis.
  • camoguy1camoguy1 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Malibu, 2.4L with 95,000 miles on it. I recently had the fuel lines changed on it. When the car was returned I filled the tank, and almost immediately the car started experiencing some hesitation while accelerating. This occurred while the tank was right full. As the level of fuel decreases, the hesitation seems to disappear. At 1/4 full tank the car ran perfectly. Once I filled the tank, the problem came back. The mechanic inspected it, took out the fuel pump and ran a pressure test on it. He determined the fuel pump was faulty so he replaced it. Filled the tank and it seemed to work fine. I just filled up the tank today and the problem is back! New lines, new pump, and new tank. Mechanic drove the car while it was experiencing this problem, ran multiple scans on it and everything came up clean. Determined it is not the ignition control module (already changed that a year ago). Does anyone have any similar problems? Suggestions?
  • Waited too long and can't find posts about the gm fuel gauge sending unit. Previously posted about switching from chevron to shell and the gauge did'nt ding and go to low warning. That was an aberration. Continue to have the problem. Remember that one poster just doesn't fill up the tank completely and doesn't have the problem. Noticed that while driving for some time after the fill up, or after using some amount of gas, the problem goes away. One time while driving after a fill up saw the gauge move to half then creep up to full. The sickening part was finding the tsb posted somewhere and discovering that our 2006 H3 was in the list for this multi-year gm issue.
  • I had to have the intake manifold replaced on my 2002 malibu and am interested in the class action lawsuit please contact me regarding this
  • have a 2005 malibu that has just started a rough idle or missing in the engine. more noticable while in gear.will do it sometimes and then it won' will start and go away within the cycle of a stoplight.any suggestions would be helpful.i think it is water in gas tank.please tell me if i'm wrong.
  • my malibu has just started running rough or missing.most noticable when in gear.RPM'S go up and down when stopped in will do it one day and not the will also go away and come back within the cycle of a stoplight.i think it might be water in the gas tank.i cannot feel it above 1500 rpm's. :mad:
  • ccrowccrow Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if water in the gas tank was the problem? I am having the same issue. HELP!! Any insight is appreciated.

    have a 2005 malibu that has just started a rough idle or missing in the engine. more noticable while in gear.will do it sometimes and then it won' will start and go away within the cycle of a stoplight.any suggestions would be helpful.i think it is water in gas tank.please tell me if i'm wrong.

    Replying to: ahinson (Sep 29, 2008 1:34 am)

    my malibu has just started running rough or missing.most noticable when in gear.RPM'S go up and down when stopped in will do it one day and not the will also go away and come back within the cycle of a stoplight.i think it might be water in the gas tank.i cannot feel it above 1500 rpm's.
  • caveycavey Posts: 2
    I replaced the pump and then found it still didn't work. Upon inspecting the electrical system again, which was also done before hand... the pump began working. After a few days there was a knocking or clunking sound from the rear of the vehicle when the car was turned off. This was also present before the replacement. Now the pump no longer works again. The relay was swapped out and there appears to be no problem in the electrical. I have not confirmed power through the relay from it's source as I have no diagram yet.
    Has anyone experienced this yet?
    I am going to the dealer later to get a wiring diagram for the relay source ... there has to be a problem in the power source of some kind.
  • caveycavey Posts: 2
    I found the problem ... it had a small amount of corrosion in the main body harness.
  • tjcotjco Posts: 5
    i have 2001 malibu LS with the infamous 3.1 V6. i bought it with 55,000 mi. and now has 135,000 mi., i dealt with the passlock ignition problem long ago, $500 and a new ignition and all is well. Was having lack of power problems, took to chevy stealership and paid $350 for "pressurized fuel system/fuel injector cleaning" which helped for about 2-3 weeks then performance got worse. i had the catalytic converter repalced and immidiately the car had more power and response than it did when i bought it and kept getting better. then other problems arised, including the "wont idle down", car dies while driving, ran out of gas with little more than 1/4 tank of gas, and most repeated is randomly have to start car with foot on gas pedel, especially at higher altitudes, recently the car will NOT start unless given gas, also will not idle on it own, she runs fine and drives fine until you take your foot off the gas then it will either struggle to to stay running and die or dies instantly.
    did fuel pressure test with adequate results, repalced EGR valve, no effect. replaced MAF sensor which just recently caused check engine light, (check engine light never comes on), no effect. did cause check engine light again after resetting ECM. i did have bad alternator, repalcement of it, no effect. i did get it to stay running for about 5 mins on its own, after starting kept at 2000 rpm for 5-7 mins but ended with same results,
    Now i do have the famous manifold gasket leak. just cant afford $700-$1000 repair right now. also have done recent tune-up, new spark plugs/wires, repalced TPS sensor and IAC valve within last 12-15 months ago. im out of money and paitence, any help will be appreciated
  • I have a 05 malibu and i put gas in it and it runs rough for a few minutes then it levels out and runs good until i gas up again. it is setting a evap code for a unpuged condition. for the fiurst time sence this started it ran rough yesterday when I first started it I changed the gas cap like it said it needed.any sujestions
  • tjcotjco Posts: 5
    remove The IAC valve, clean carbon crap off it (carefully), put it back in. if that doesnt work try replacing it they are only like $20 or so. That single handedly fixed my problem.
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