What would you buy? New Altima, Used Avalon, used 330

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What would you buy?

A used avalon limited with nav 2006 aprox $26,000

a brand new 4 cyl nissan alt with nav- XM, backup camera, $27,000

A used 2005 lexus es 330 with nav and levinson stereo price $26,000


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    Tough call here.... don't know much about the new Altimas. However if I had to choose between the AV and Lexus I would take the Avalon.

    The reason I say that are
    #1 its newer
    #2 its bigger
    #3 it has the 3.5L engine and has 60 or so more HP than the Lexus and will get better FE.

    The Altima of course being new will have a better warranty and being a 4cyl should be a little better on gas.

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    You need to list the mileage for those used cars. It's diff. to make a suggestion w/o that.

    Also, you need to know that when you buy a used car, you don't really know what had happened to the car. I usually just get a new car especially if the price is not much diff.
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    I had a '05 Avalon and own an '07 Altima, however in the V-^SE with premium package. The Avalon is a more elegant car, gets very good mileage, and has a powerful and responsive engine. It also is large. Back seat is huge with reclining seats. Mine was an XLE, so it was trimmed out very nicely. The JBL Synthesis system was the best car stereo i have ever had. It stckered at the time for about $34K. The downside was it lacked in steering and i always felt like an old man in it. Kinda like a fuddy duddy, if you get my drift. So I turned 50 years old this year and decided, with my wifes blessings that I needed something with some sexiness........enter the '07 Altima SEV-6. TOTALLY different cars! Handles superbly, very quick and the CVT tranny is awesome. The Bose system is great, and it gets good mileage. I feel younger in it for sure, and get manny compliments about it. Both are very reliable. Frankly you can't go wrong with either car, and i can't speak to the Lexus.
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