Hyundai Santa Fe with Third Row Seats Where are they?

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I finally have my husband just about at the jumping point to trade in my 03 SF for a new one with 3rd row, since there is now a 4th child and I went to the dealer to look into it and was told they have none with 3rd row in their inventory and there are only about 17 of them left in the country. The salesman said they didn't make enough of them with the 3rd row to keep up with demand and he hopes they won't repeat that mistake with the 08. I don't want to have to settle for a Rav4 for more money when I want the SF with better features for less, but I need the 3rd row. Has anyone else encountered this or was the salesman telling me a story.


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    Don't know where you are geographically or what trim/color you are after, but I was at my dealer for an oil chg (in Nevada the other day and there were lots of 07's WITH 3 Row ROW SEATING).In fact the ones I looked at ALL had it!

    Funny, when I bought last Feb, I wanted an SE WITHOUT 3rd row and had trouble...but I wanted the touring PKG so I bought one anyway! My salesman had the opposite story...that's what they do......

    SEND OUT A FEW "FEELER" EMAILS TO CLOSE DEALERS AND SEE WHAT IS REALLY OUT THERE. the internet and your phone make it easy!

    I find it hard to believe there are 17 of them around the country, but who knows until you make a few calls! Start close by and expand your shopping radius if needed. Suggest you forget about you particular dealer's inventory...He wants to sell his inventory first of course!

    Also look at new inventory at close to your dealers via the net....that will get you started and dealers are not shy about shipping long ways

    You could also possibly call Hyundai USA and see if they can help...if there is purchasing $$, they can usually find you a car!!
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    the dealer i went to didn't have any mitsubishi outlanders with a 3rd row - that's how we ended up with the santa fe! I think it was a better choice...
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    Yeah, the saleman tried to talk me into a Veracruz. We bought my 03 used SF from the same guy last summer and he knows we are from Wash DC.I guess he figured he might be able to talk us into a Veracruz. We're in West Texas right now and the demographic here just isn't as much the Veracruz type as DC. KWIM? I had to tell him several times we don't want to spend the extra $$ on a Veracruz. I don't know if we can get as good a deal on the trade-in at another dealer as we might at the dealer where we purchased it, just 15 months and 6500 miles ago. It's in the exact same condition as before (although the 5yr/60K warranty is up now). I'm really not good at this sort of thing and got totally burned when I bought my 2000 Ford Focus (worst buying choice of my life--I got screwed on financing b/c I didn't know better, didn't haggle on price, and spent over 7K in repairs on the $15.5K car in 3 years -- none of it covered by the completely useless "warranty"-yes, I'm bitter). any other tips y'all cn give will be a huge help to me. I want the touring pkg with heated seats,moonroof, rear vents and 3rd row seats. If I can't get the heated seats/moon roof, I'll settle for just 3rd row.
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    Only tip is to follow the info in the Prices and buying experiences section in this forum, the $$ Edmunds guides, and the fact the fact that the dealer wants out of the 07's...use your telephone and i bet you find pretty much what you want I bet.

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    Ya know, back before I became a Mommie and was just a salesperson and single girl working hard to pay her mortgage, I busted my butt looking for new customers and new ways to find new leads. One would think a smart car salesman would be watching these boards. I guess it's different with cars. We'll see how things as we get closer to end of the month crunch time.
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    What part of the country are you in?
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    West Texas, almost New Mexico.
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    Sorry, I don't have any west Texas inventory info. Fitzmall in Maryland has at least 7 2007 Santa Fes with 3rd row seating either in stock or in transit, though. Here's a link:

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    Yesterday I was getting ready to go to the dealer (Whitby, Ontario) to order an 09 Santa Fe Limited with the 3rd row. "Sorry, no longer available". WTF?!

    Is this going to happen in the US as well? I JUST read on some site that 40% of SUVs are ordered w/ 3rd rows; so how could they cancel it? Anyone want to sell me theirs? What the heck do I do now? They obviously don't want my money. Economy must be too good...
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    Ever sit in a Santa Fe with 3rd row? Maybe 40% of SUVs, but certainly not 40% of Santa Fes. If you're set on a Hyundai with 3rd row seating, I recommend you look at the Vera Cruz. Same basic vehicle, but stretched enough that the rear compartment is useful, and not just a torture chamber for anyone over four feet tall. ;)
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    denvertrakker said "Ever sit in a Santa Fe with 3rd row?"

    Yes, my wife and I got in it at the same time, then me and my senior mom. Absolutely enough room for us. We were very impressed. And even if it was tight, having the option to use it 1-2x/mon would far outweigh any lack of space.
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    I believe the 3rd has been removed for 2009 model year. So if you're looking for a 3rd row, you have to get the leftovers 2008s in the US
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