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Hyundai Entourage Strut Defect

asvwasvw Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Has anyone else had any problem with a Strut defect on their 2007?
Since we bought the van in March we've loved it for prety much everything but have had a few issues, the sliding side doors also seem to have a glitch, not always opening properly seeming to get stuck but now we've had the van back in the garage for a "clunking" sound it made on right turns, comes to find out it is a strut defect but we're wondering why it isn't a recall.


  • platzplatz Member Posts: 2
    thank you for that information. I have started to hear that noise. I also bought Entourage in March and have had it break down due to NO RECALL on fuse box is defective. Car will just die. Major blind spots. Shift box is blinding to driver and passenger. Tires do not stay inflated. MPG is 14 and 16 on HYWY now after it has been repaired. I only got 19 on HYWY to begin with. You mentioned that to sliding door is having problems. Mine did that and stopped with the fuse box was replaced. Only it's starting to do it again, so i'm wondering if they replaced the fuse box with a box that should have been recalled. Have the looked into. I also found that i have to turn the power off to the doors for a day and then they start to work properly for a while. Did your Entourage register as a KIA like ours did? When we called the dealer becasue of registration issues, the dealer could not find our vehicle in their inventory etc and it took them a couple of days to get back to us.
  • mknightmknight Member Posts: 57
    I hadn't noticed the registering as a KIA. You can blame the VIN number used, and perhaps R L Polk which supplies a database called VINASSIST that lots of state DMVs use to auto-fill make & model information from the VIN.

    The first 3 letters of my VIN are KND which comes up to Kia Motors Corporation, multi-purpose vehicle.
  • mikefromnmmikefromnm Member Posts: 2
    I have called my state (NM) to ask about the registration showing KIA instead of Hyundai. This is good to know. I didn't think about the Vinassist issue. My only concern is for legal matters as my title says Hyundai, vehicle is a Hyundai, but the registration says KIA (explain that to the cop).
  • redshoe9redshoe9 Member Posts: 16
    We drove our van from Chicago to Arkansas, noticed on the way home that any time we turned right/left of went over bumps in the road that the underside of the car made this huge crunching sound. I even thought maybe somehow branches or something were stuck in the tires. It's loud enough that it sounds like the car is going to break in two. It that what you mean by struts?
  • asvwasvw Member Posts: 2
    They were not 100% clear when we took the car in however it had something to do with the struts and stabilizer. The parts had to be ordered in and it is a defect. It took almost two weeks for our dealership to fix out van and they gave us a PT cruiser of all gas guzzling, no guts things to replace our nice roomy van. The inconvenience was high especially since we were spending the same amount if not more on the PT. Definitely get it in and get it looked at. IT should be 100% covered given it is a defect.
    Good luck!
  • entourage2007entourage2007 Member Posts: 4
    Your sound, sounds like a CV joint issue I had in mine.
  • 23elijah23elijah Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problems with my van. But the dealers here in Texas say that they can not duplicate the problem. I have been in at least 10 times for this problem and no luck with the two dealers in my area..
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