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Lincoln LS Tires

john204john204 Member Posts: 2
I have a 2000 Lincoln LS with about 75,000 miles.

I am on my 4th set of tires. The first last about 35000, the second about 10000 Firehawks, the third about 14,000. I have a set of snow tires as well. I do mostly city driving and I am average driver (no speeding or fast starts. When I pull into my garage, I frequently smell rubber. Any ideas? I love the car but the tire wear is disturbing.


  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Member Posts: 5,411
    Get a 4-wheel alignment & ask the shop to record what the settings were prior to adjustment. Potholes & such can really tear things up.

    I've used up 3 sets of tires & the set I've got on now has lots of life left in it -- 122K miles.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • keystone2k9keystone2k9 Member Posts: 25
    Anybody know what my PSI should be?

    I've got a '00 LS V8.. Never really found exactly what the PSI should be as I bought my baby used at 38K in '03. Now it's sitting at 85K.

    Any insight much appreciated!
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    It's on the tag in the driver's side door jamb. The factory recommendation is 30, but most people run 32-36 (or even as high as 40) depending on tires and personal preference. If you have Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires you should run at least 34 to prevent premature wear on the center strip. As long as you're not getting more wear on the shoulders then they're not overinflated.
  • keystone2k9keystone2k9 Member Posts: 25
    My tires just say "Continental"
  • bonniesboytoybonniesboytoy Member Posts: 11
    It's in the very very fine print around the inside edge of the tire, next to the rim. About 8 inches to the left of "CONTINENTAL". My P215/60R16 state max inflation 44 PSI, I usually run them 38 to 40 cold..Hope this helps..!! ;)
  • john204john204 Member Posts: 2
    I believe that I have fixed my problem. $2600 later. The ball joints, one bearing and the front sway bars were off. The car's alignment would change when there was weight put on it. No rubber smell anymore. The steering is back to orginial and hopefully the tires will go to a normal life
  • bd927bd927 Member Posts: 2
    im looking for 20x8.5 wheels for my lincoln however the tires that fit without raising the car and keeping at factory height are low profile tires 225/35/20 which i dont want my question is one how much of a difference would it make if i put a bigger tire and secondly having a tire that small what would my ride quality be?
  • jokersmithjokersmith Member Posts: 12
    i have 20X8.5 with 245/35 R20. No rubbing and they fit awesome. The ride is not much different then the stock set up.
  • bd927bd927 Member Posts: 2
    i was told that i have to be careful with railroads, bumps etc how much of a concern do you have?
  • jokersmithjokersmith Member Posts: 12
    oh hell yeah, i am always watching the roads, especially here in michigan, where the roads suck.
  • delservicedelservice Member Posts: 1
    noticed this when car was in driveway went to local ford dealer had checked he rotated tires said he ran alignment found no problem that uneven tire wear was normal with the Lincoln ls I don't buy this three of the tires look new this one is really worn on inside
  • brucelincbrucelinc Member Posts: 815
    ......that uneven tire wear was normal with the Lincoln ls

    You are correct not to buy that comment. Have someone else check out the alignment/suspension. I have had excellent even tire wear with my LS and so have many others.
  • queenginaqueengina Member Posts: 2

    I just bought my 2005 Lincoln LS back in March. This past weekend I brought it to get the tires rotated since I had already put 9,000 miles on the car. The technician told me that all of the tires are dry rotting and the tread is gone and I should get them replaced before the winter comes (I live in Massachusetts)

    I would like a good tire that is decent in the snow and wet grounds and can at least get some good milage out of them before being replaced. Any suggestions?

    Also....should I contact the dealership who sold me the car? I bought the car with 21,700 miles on it. I believe the tires are the original tires on the car but the tech said the rot is so bad it doesn't happen like that overnight. I already had a problem with this dealership and had to bring back the car 5 times to be serviced because of bad brake pads and rotors (they gave me a car to drive away that needed all new pads and rotors, so much for inspecting the car before giving it to me!!)

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Gina in Boston
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    You can try but after 6 months and 9000 miles they aren't going to be too eager to replace those tires. They will say any damage was caused by you. Didn't the LS come with Continental tires, and they weren't very good? Is that what you have?
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • queenginaqueengina Member Posts: 2
    I don't know what kind of tires they are, I'll have to look. But they look bad, and they are all dry rotted. Dry rotted tires don't happen over night. I have already had problems with this car since the day I bought it, and the dealership has to keep replacing things on the car. I had to have my attorney called and threaten them with the Lemon Law.
    I don't want to go back there anymore so I would rather just buy 4 brand new tires, especially with winter coming.
    What kind of tires do you suggest?

    Thank you,

  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    If price isn't an issue - Michelin Pilot Sport or MXMH4s depending on whether you want sporty or touring. There are a lot of choices on the lower end. is a good resource for comparing tires and tire survey ratings from actual owners.
  • idacatidacat Member Posts: 1
    I hope someone who has this problem will benefit from my post. I have an 11 year old LSV8 with 97K miles. Yes it is getting up there but it's a solid car and has served me well; I was not intending to trade it in. One day a couple of weeks ago I noticed a subtle squeak or squeal when doing the sharp turn out of my driveway, and when turning going at very low speed, as when looking for a parking space in a crowded lot. It was definitely not metal on metal or, it didn't sould like it, and, it wasn't loud but I took it in to the dealer later that day thinking it was maybe a minor power stearing issue, no handing problems, no symptoms other than the sound, which it has not made since that day.
    Well I got my eyes opened, especially re the Ford/ Lincoln dealer. The diagnosis: needs new ball joints, both sides, and new tie rods. The dealer estimate, which I got in writing, was $519.side for the sealed (and therefore unmaintainable) ball joint, and $ 120 each side for the tie rods; plus total $500 for labor and a necessary front in alignment, another $75. I thought this insane and figured it was time for a new car,but first I Googled the issue and found many, many references to a much less (and better) fix using regular old fashioned ball joints; the parts at a tenth of the price of the OEM dealer parts. I did some calling around to friends and found one who had a friend who had could recommend an "exotic car" ( the frame and suspension are Jaguar)mechanic who looked at the car yesterday and will replace the ball joint assembley with the servicable (not sealed)ball joints with which Jaguar had replaced sealed ones years ago; he's done this in several LS's and Jaguars using not no name generic parts,,,,,,but Jaguar parts. He was also under the impression that Ford/Lincoln had been switching these ill conceived parts as they presented using the Jaguar parts.
    A beyond aggravated me found out from the Ford/Lincoln service department and found that this was indeed the case BUT the customer had to suggest the use of aftermarket parts. So my car goes into the Jaguar mechanic Monday. I'll get my oil changed at Ford/Lincoln, it's actually less expensive than the quicky lube places and WM, and in my experience they have not tried to railroad me in to unnecessary stuff, which the quicky type lube places HAVE.
    I have not had much beyond routine maintainance done on this care yet, but from now on I will absolutely ask questions first.
  • LincolnFan1LincolnFan1 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 04 LS V8 that has developed a serious road wander issue. When I purchased the vehicle it passed a Maryland State Inspection (the toughest inspection of any of the 4 States that I have lived in). A few months later I had to replace the two rear tires due to multiple nail holes. I purchased the same size tire as required by Lincoln. There are not the same brand as what was on the car. This is when the problem started. At 40 + MPH the vehicle will change lanes on you even when you are holding the steering wheel straight. I have had the front end parts all rechecked and everything is reportedly within spec tolerances. I have had (3) alignments where on one, the tech stated that he thought the frame was (off center). Again it did not wander until the back two tires were changed. The front tires both have very good remaining tread. Any suggestions. Every repair so far on this car starts at $500 and climbs exponentially in cost from there. I cannot afford to play the lets replace this item and see if that works, plan.
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